[Pro] Thetan Arena: Payback journey after 1.5 months

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After two detailed guides and reviews about the game Thetan Arena, this article will give you a whole new view of my investment journey with this game and how to do it. how to figure out ROI.

I’m Drake. Let’s just go from A to Z on how I invest and Journey Payback Thetan Arena after 1,5 Months!

Key Takeaways:

  • Initial investment of $1,000 with a payback period of 1.5 months.
  • Tips for getting the most out of “Earn”: Play before the beta, invest capital in purchasing Sale Boxes, and purchase champions of the Legend type to construct the strongest team.
  • Devote ample time to 4Vs4 and Solo-Dual modes in order to maximize profits. The distribution of free Heroes within the game.
  • Return on investment formula for obtaining gTHC via Battle Royale Solo & Duo mode
  • Answering questions such as “Thetan Arena event participation requirements” and “How are free champions distributed?”

1. Investment journey

From members of the GameAZ team, here’s how to invest and make money at Thetan Arena:

Beginning point

When I first began playing, I invested $4000 in the game by purchasing $THG. I spent a total of $100 in THG.

The first selling of boxes

In this first sale, I purchased 1 box and opened a Mortal-type Legend champion with a current value of $1000, but I decided to preserve it since I believed its value would increase further.


Mortal Legend

The next sale of boxes

In this sale, I purchased two Legend boxes and one Epic box, from which I obtained two ADC champions, Phoenix Legend and Benjamin Legend, along with one El Dragon epic champion. Then, I purchased one additional Common booster pack (equal to $200) and opened the Serp champion. I now control a total of five generals, including three Legendary generals and one Epic vs one Common champion.


Phoenix Legend


Shanna Legend

The remainder of the generals I choose to utilize in the game, with specifics according to the section on the actual combat below.

Realistic investment

Since Thetan Arena is a MOBA game, skill is a crucial component. In order to prepare for the official release of the game, I began playing the free version and honing my abilities a month ago.

Because each champion can only participate in three battles every day, you must strive for the maximum potential win rate (for NFT champions).

I lost a lot within the first five days because I was assigned to a team with poor abilities. After five days of establishing friends with skillful players, I’ve managed to construct a really formidable team.

Since the formation of the team, the win percentage has also greatly increased. I average approximately 70% per champion.

After a month, I concluded the sale of all champions and converted the proceeds to USDT, totaling $2500.

Following two withdrawals, I received a total of $5800, so my profit is $1800, or 31.03 % of the initial investment.

Note: To calculate a specific ROI for a champion, visit the Link, select a champion, and then copy the champion’s URL link to view the ROI data for that champion.

2. How to evaluate ROI

After each match, all NFT heroes are rewarded with gTHC. This prize is determined by the match’s success and the rarity of the hero and skin.


Rewards based on match results


Rewards in Battle Royale – Solo


Rewards in Battle Royal – Duo

Victory bonuses are provided to players when:

  • Success in team modes
  • Rank 1, 2, 3 in Battle Royale Solo

My investment and earnings journey from Thetan Arena is detailed above. Regular changes and updates to the Game’s gameplay mechanism necessitate careful consideration before making any investment decisions.

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Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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