[Pro] Metagear: Investment journey and payback after only 30 days

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Metagear is one of the rare NFT games with the participation of a famous Vietnamese production team, FPT. So how to make money Metagear effectively? How to optimize payback time from this game? This article will help you find the answer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fast payback rate only 31 days with starting capital 1000$ GEAR
  • Profit optimization in 2 modes Quick Fight & Campaign Mode
  • Team building tips:
    • Using a high-health Tanker formation with Snow 0077 Long-Range Gun combined with a slow effect will create a distance from the opponent to deal damage from a distance.

    • Using the Dame to squad combined with the Snow 0072 Melee Gun, the opponent’s health will decrease quickly thanks to the large number of bullets hit.

1. Real Personal Journey

The initial capital is 1000 $Gear. The $Gear is used to select the chassis and equip rare NFT parts to maximize the Metagear’s attributes. You can join the Free version to capture the NFTs and find the right items for the strategy.

After building a good Metagear vehicle, you participate in 2 current modes including Quick Fight and Campaign Mode.

1.1. Quick Fight Mode

Every day you participate in up to 100 battles with up to 20 wins. However, with the first time of launch, this number was doubled, i.e. 40 wins. For each victory, you get 10 Blue Shards.

Currently with a win rate of 80%, every day I will receive:



Maximum number of wins (1)

40 games

Winning Rate (2)


Rewards per win (3)

10 Blue Shards

Total: (1) * (2) * (3)

320 Blue Shard

1.2. Campaign Mode

This is a brother mode that does not need to consume energy. There will be 24 levels with 15 people participating in each level of battle. After 48 hours, the system will record and reward the players in the Top 6 rankings. In addition, you will be leveled up and receive an additional 10 Blue Shard rewards for each level.


Bonus Top 6


From 30 to 80 Blue Shard


From 40 to 90 Blue Shard


From 50 to 100 Blue Shard


From 60 to 110 Blue Shard


From 70 to 120 Blue Shard


From 80 to 130 Blue Shard


From 90 to 140 Blue Shard


From 100 to 150 Blue Shard


From 260 to 310 Blue Shard

With my Metagear car currently will fall into the Top 3, so I will receive 60 Blue Shard after 48 hours, i.e. 30 Blue Shard per day.

ROI Summary:

After participating in 2 modes, I earned 350 Blue Shard per day and after 3 days I would exchange 1 Blue Print Box with the ratio of 1000 Blue Shard: 1 Box Blue Print. One Box sold on Marketplace gets 100 $GEAR; after deducting 3.5% transaction fee, I get 97 $GEAR. After nearly 1 month, I will get a refund with the initial $GEAR amount.

Note: If you convert to $ value, you need to pay attention to the GEAR/USDT price at the time of buying and selling because if the price increases, you will receive that compound interest.

2. Reference lineup (buy on marketplace)

2.1. Squad 1: HP: 6340, Attack: 204, Mass:0, Kinetic: 0, Effect: slow

  • Crown Chassis (Rare): 600 HP + Opt extra 20% HP all -> get 720 HP
  • Crown Tire (Rare) 1: 1200 HP + Opt extra 20% HP tire -> get 1680 HP
  • Tsunami Crown (Common) 2: 1200 HP -> get 1680 HP
  • Gadget Crown (Common): 800 HP -> get 800 HP
  • Gadget Sub-opts increase Crown Spare parts 300 HP -> get 1200 HP
  • Snow 0077 (Rare) ranged gun: 170 damage + 20% -> Deals 204 damage + slow effect

Investment journey and payback after only 30 days

The goal of this squad is to maximize the amount of health, slow down the opponent. When attacking, the slow will distance the opponent to deal damage from a distance. In addition, when the time runs out, those with a high HP will survive the rotating mound.

2.2. Lineup 2: HP: 4560, Attack: 280, Mass: 0, Kinetic: 0

  • Dream Chassis (Rare): 900 HP + Opt for 20% HP -> get 1080 HP
  • Tsunami Tires (Rare) 1: 800 HP + Opt for 20% HP -> get 960 HP
  • Forest (Common) Tires 2: 1000 HP
  • Gadget Snow (Common): 800 HP
  • Gadget sub-opt increases Snow damage by 100
  • Snow 0072 (Rare) close range gun: 150 damage + 20% -> Deals 180 damage

Investment journey and payback after only 30 days

With the advantage of the Snow 0072’s rapid fire ability at close range along with the total damage done per shot of 280, the opponent’s health will decrease rapidly when in a position closer to his vehicle because The shorter the distance, the faster the bullet hits the enemy vehicle, so the number of bullets hit is higher.

Above, GameAZ has analyzed strategies to earn on Metagear for you. We hope that you can invest effectively through the experience of the Players team.

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Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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