[Pro] LimeOdysseyM: Investment journey and 45-day paypack

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After two detailed LimeOdysseyM tutorials and reviews. The content of this article is about the investment process and payback after an average of 45-60 days.

Here are the Lime Odyssey M investment journeys and how to make a profit from LOM that I went through.

I’m Steven, let’s find out how I played LOM from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Starting capital as low as $50 with average playtime 2-3 hours/day
  • Focus your time on PVE mode to optimize payback time.
  • Real combat experience through: Gameplay mechanics, NFT item rarity, Upgrade Gems, Skill stat information.
  • Instructions for playing LOM and the rewards received through 2 modes PVE and PVP

1. Calculating ROI when investing in Lime Odyssey M

LOM’s current “Earn” mechanism is that you will have to pass each Stage in a Chapter. When you win each Stage, you will have the opportunity to receive NFT items at a certain rate, then you can bring those ITAM Games’ NFT Marketplace to buy/sell or stake the items. That NFT receives the $LOM token and sells it for a profit.

To be able to start the game, (at the time of writing on May 15th, 2022) you only need a starting capital of $ 50 equivalent to nearly 300 $ITAMCUBE tokens to already own an account including NFTs of good suitable type for gaming.

You buy NFT by going to ITAM Games’ NFT Marketplace then connect to your personal Metamask wallet and start trading.(Instructions on how to create a Metamask wallet and add tthe BSC network, everyone can see HERE)

For payback, you need 45 – 60 days with an average playing time of 2-3 hours/day.

Calculating ROI when investing in Lime Odyssey M

2. Real combat experience

2.1 Gameplay Mechanism

Currently the game is opening 2 modes PVE and PVP. The current game modes all have an auto feature.

When starting to enter the Stage, you only need to choose the character who want to pass this Stage, and pre-install the skills + equipment for your core; After that, the game’s Auto mechanism will automatically control the character to destroy monsters, combine automatically using skills, automatically pass each round in a Gate until it is completed and have a random rate of NFT items as rewards.

2.2 NFT items

Currently, NFT items are classified by rarity, divided into 5 levels from low to high: C < B < A < S < SS.

The rarer the item, the higher the power, increasing the chances of winning at the Gates, and also increasing the rate of getting extremely rare NFT items.

NFT items that can be obtained include: Weapons, Gloves, Hats, Shoes, Pants, Armor.

You can upgrade your equipment with Gems and Gold, there are 5 types of Gems:

  • 4 types of Gems used to increase NFT item stats: Red Gem, Green Gem, Blue Blue Gem, Purple Gem
  • 1 type of Lucky Gem: to double the chance, the rate of getting NFT items when completing the Gate.

NFT items

2.3 Upgrade Gems Information

  • To upgrade Weapons and Gloves, use Gems: Red, Green, Purple.
  • To upgrade Hats and Shoes, use Gems: Green, Blue, Purple.
  • To upgrade Pants and Armor using Gems: Red, Blue, Purple.

To earn Gems in addition to receiving rewards in PVE mode, PVP can also be obtained through the operation of Splitting non-NFT items to receive Gems. When Separating an item, the item will disappear.

Details of the type of Gem obtained when Separating Non-NFT items:

  • Splitting Weapon or Gauntlet => Red Gem.
  • Splitting Hat or Shoes => Green Gems
  • Splitting Armor or Pants => Blue Gems.
  • Purple Gems are only obtained when Separating items with rarity of A, S, SS.

2.4 Skill

You need to choose a skill before entering the game, each skill has a unique power, depending on the unique characteristics of the monster in each Gate so that you can flexibly choose the right skill, the ultimate goal is to win.


When passing the Gate, to increase your chances of winning, you can also use PET.

PET helps you increase damage and heal. To upgrade a Pet you use Gold.

Currently, the publisher has only released 1 PET, Teddy. In the future there will be many more PET types with different indicators and support buffs will be released.




Currently in this mode, there are a total of 9 Chapters opening; a Chapter will have a different number of Stages ranging from 5-15 Stages. Depending on the Chapter, there will be a different number of Gates.

PVE mode has a regulation that the first 2 Stages in each Chapter will not receive NFT items but only Non-NFT items, players must pass the first 2 Stages to reach the new 3rd Stage to have a chance to get NFT items. Non-NFT items you split into Gems are used to (items with SS rarity default to NFT items):

To pass a Gate you need a Key aka Dungeon Token.


Up to 1 day you will have 15 Keys, every 1 hour you will receive 1 more Key. When you run out of Keys and don’t want to spend 1 hour waiting, you can Stake your NFT items to receive Keys or you can buy $LOM tokens on Dex (Pancakeswap) and use $LOM on Shop to buy Keys

To receive $LOM without spending money on Dex exchanges, you can Stake NFT to receive $LOM.


  • Gems used to upgrade.
  • NFT items and Non-NFT items.
  • Tickets to participate in PVP mode.

join the battle in lime odyssey m 1join the battle in lime odyssey m 2


This mode you will participate in a battlefield where you have to fight other player characters to compete for high rankings in the rankings.

To participate in PVP mode requires a Ticket. Tickets are earned when successfully passing the Gates in PVE mode.

  • Weekly Top 300 Ranking players will receive $LOM reward
  • Equipment enhancement gems and Lucky Gems (losers or winners receive; the higher the rank, the more Gems you will receive when you win)

pvpjoin the battle in pvp

The above is the actual experience of the Lime Odyssey M investment process through which to summarize things to note for those who are interested in or invest in this game. Hopefully, it will help you to add more knowledge for investing in LimeOdysseyM.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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