[Pro] Hero Blaze: The journey to recover money after 3 days

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Three Kingdoms is a role-playing mobile game based on BNB Chain and integrated with P2E. Surely you are also wondering about the investment capital and the rate of return on profit from the game, right? Let’s follow GameAZ to follow the Hero Blaze investment journey from GameAZ gamers.

1. Investment journey in Hero Blaze 

Today, I will share with you the journey of investing in Hero Blaze: Three Kingdom game. Hero Blaze is a Free-to-Play game and does not require NFT to be able to earn money from this game. Hero Blaze applies the IAP (In-app Purchase) form to gamers who want a better experience and achieve high ratings.

1.1. Investment

I decided to buy Special Benefit packages from Vip 0 to Vip 2 (total of 3 packages):

VIP 0: 22,000 VND

  • 10 pieces of General Quan Vu 7*
  • 20 experience books 5 *
  • 1 silver key

vip 0 trong hero blaze

VIP 1: 22,000 VND

  • 10 pieces of General Quan Vu 7*
  • 20 experience books 5 *
  • 50,000 gold

vip 1 trong hero blaze

VIP 2: 109,000 VND

  • 30 pieces of General Quan Vu 7*
  • 60 experience books 5*
  • 100,000 gold

vip 2 trong hero blaze

2. ROI in Hero Blaze (Return on Investment)

2.1. Total investment assets in Hero Blaze

In total, I spent 153,000 VND to buy the 3 packages above and did not buy any other packages.

After purchasing, I will have:

  • 40 pieces of General Quan Vu 7* => Can be upgraded to 7* Red (default is 7* gold)
  • 100 experience books 5 *
  • 150,000 gold
  • 1 silver key

2.2. Specific ROI for playing Hero Blaze

I spent 153,000 VND ⇔ 6.5 USDT ⇔ 30.5 tokens $MUDOL2

Based on


Profit (month)

ROI (%)

ROI (Day)





15 ngày




The ROI above I calculated is an extremely terrible ROI, but in fact the token price is quite good at $0.21.

However, to combat inflation as well as the “Pump & Dump“, the development team only allows us to withdraw when there are more than 500 Stones in the account and the limit is only 250 Stones per day; not to mention there are both Exchange Rate and Exchange Fee.

ROI when playing hero blaze


Every day, I spend from 3 to 4 hours to focus on completing the game activities and upgrading the strength of the squad. The strength of my squad reached the threshold of 160,000 Power and reached the top 1001-1500 of the ASIA 01 server, so the reward I received was extremely attractive like the ROI table above.

If you want to learn more about the experience of investing in Hero Blaze to generate income, please see the article Hero Blaze investment experience in the next series.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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