[Pro] ELEMON: Investment journey & Payback after 5 months

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Through the detailed instructions and reviews about the Elemon project, in this article, I will share with you the journey of investing in the game and

I’m Steven – let’s learn the experience of playing Elemon from A – Z.


  • Profit in the game up to $20/ day.
  • Instructions on how to play PvE and Guild mode.
  • Frequently asked questions and tips to make a lot of money from the game.

1. ROI

Since Elemons on Marketplace trades in BUSD, I will give the number in BUSD instead of Token like in previous posts.

I spent 3000 BUSD to build a squad with a fighting force of 22 million. With a squad of Elemons S and a gold aura or more, I put it into the game’s farming system, one day will earn 80,000 Elcoin Tokens (equivalent to 20$ / 1 day).

On average, it took me about 5 months to recover my capital and start making profits.

2. Gameplay farming

A new account can only have 3 slots to put Elemons into the farm. There will be unlimited Elemons you buy.

Note: PvE competition will automatically open more Farming system slots

In the game, there will be an Elcoin self-farming system. That is, the player will use his Elemons to put in each slot in Farming, and will consume the energy of the Elemons. In about 4 hours, players should return to recharge energy for Elemons, this will cost Elcoin but not significantly.

Note: Elemons with higher rarity will cost less energy, Elemons with stronger combat will earn more Elcoins. It is recommended to build a squad of Golden S and Aura Aura or more to optimize strength.


3. PvE

To start PvE requires 3 to 5 Elemons or more. Players should choose Elemons with wide-area skills of S level or higher to pass the stage more easily. A map will have many stages, to go through the end of each stage is through a map, through the map will add 1 Farming slot.

To know which Elemon has a wide-area skill, players need to carefully read the information of Elemon.


Passing a PvE stage will earn 5 Elcoins, it takes about 15-20 seconds for the easy stage, and 30 seconds or more for the hard stage. Calculating, if you work hard to play PvE a day, you will get about 2000 levels, with 10,000 ElCoins, minus the energy maintenance fee, about 8,000 Elcoins.

Note: Upgrade Elemon to make skills stronger, and go faster (refer to 2.6 Level 2 Elemon).

4. Guild

Creating a guild will cost 250,000 Elcoins, and a newly created guild will get 30 slots for players. Upgrading guilds costs Elcoin but in return, the Elemons stats of the people in the guild will be increased.

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Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you conduct additional research before investing.

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