Mines Of Dalarnia: Journey of investing with zero capital to earn $4,000

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Mines Of Dalarnia, a genre of intergalactic adventure game in the universe, where players can put effort to mine mineral resources. As a Free To Earn game, all players will be able to participate in the world of Dalarnia. So how to make money in Mines Of Dalarnia effectively? This article will help you find the answer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal investment journey with 0 VND capital when joining the game from the Testnet version to master the basic actions in the game, then joining in Top racing events for players who can exploit the most minerals; Summarization of Top racing events + Daily Testnet versions daily gives 150 DAR.
  • Until the Mainnet version, players get 2 Pickaxes (Pick) + 1 set of Armor (Armor) => Total of 3 items after being sold to earn $ 4,000 profit.
  • How to make money in the game:
    • $DAR is the main token used to perform all tasks in the game => Use $DAR to rent land.
    • Collect enough materials to make Ozymodium items to bring to the marketplace to sell for high profits.

1. Personal journey: “How to invest 0 dong to get 4,000$?”

I have been following the project since the early days when it just released the Testnet version and see this as a project with an extremely enthusiastic team. From the Testnet version, there are Top racing events for players who can exploit the most minerals. As a genuine gamer, it is very quick to start getting used to the basic operations until mastering the operations in the game.

When I was familiar with the actions in the game, I participated in the Top racing event and was in the Top 2 and was rewarded with 100 DAR. Combining playing the Daily Testnet versions at that time will be rewarded by the game publisher Mines Of Dalarnia as a reward of DAR Token.

In summary, participating in the Top racing event + playing Daily Testnet versions daily, I have collected 150 DAR.

On February 28, 2022, the Mainnet version was released, applying the playing experience from Daily Testnet to the Mainnet version, I have dug a lot of minerals, the rate of 1 day I participate in 37/45 mining times.

* Results obtained within the first 2 days of Mainnet

  • 2 Picks
  • 1 set of Armor

Put the above 2 items on the Marketplace to auction 1 item with an average value of ~ 6 BNB/item (this is the value of the item in the early days of the game’s launch).

=> Total of 3 items after being sold gives $ 4,000 profit.

Currently the game is in the process of stabilizing the price of NFT items in the game, the price has decreased a lot compared to the early days of Mainnet, so you can invest a suitable amount for choosing and buying NFT items to buy NFT items to be able to start participating in the game.

Link to buy NFT items: https://nftrade.com/assets/bsc/0xa1cb40dcd114a06bc484880c1cf57a6b1b42950b?traitIds=

2. How to earn money in the game

$DAR is the main token used to perform all tasks in the game.

  • Use $DAR to rent land, then dig to collect minerals in that land to bring to the market.

how to make money in mines of dalarnia 1

  • Each day has 45 energy to enter the Land to dig minerals; each dig costs 0.5 to 2 $DAR depending on the type of soil you dig. The more valuable the type of Land you buy, the more production you can mine in that Land.

how to make money in mines of dalarnia 2

  • Collect enough materials to make items => bring them to the market to sell (Tip: try to save enough materials to be able to craft Ozymodium items that will be more valuable)

how to make money in mines of dalarnia 3

Above, GameAZ has analyzed how to make money Mines Of Dalarnia to help you know how to invest effectively through the experience of the Players team.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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