[Pro] BOMBCRYPTO: Payback journey after 2.5 months

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After the previous detailed articles about BOMBCRYPTO, I will share with you my personal real experience when investing in this game.

I’m Drake, let’s find out how I played BOMBCRYPTO from A to Z!


Key takeaway

  • Initial capital of $ 200, payback in 2.5 months with $ 70 / month averagely.
  • Focus on Treasure Hunt mode to optimize payback time.
  • How to calculate ROI through the minimum requirement of initial investment which is 15 NFT Heroes.

1. Investment process to make money from Bombcrypto

After you create an account and successfully link the wallet, you will need to own the $BCOIN token to be able to buy characters. The cost to buy a character is 10 $BCOIN.

However, there are different rarity levels among the characters in Crypto Bomb and each character will give you different profits according to the levels below:

  • Common:  82,87%
  • Rare: 10,36%
  • Super Rare:  5,18%
  • Epic: 1,04%
  • Legend: 0,52%
  • SP Legend: 0,04%.

At the start of the game, your character will have to destroy chests to collect $BCOIN.

Because BOMBCRYPTO’s genre is Play-to-win, the more you play and the more chests you destroy, the more $BCOIN you will earn.

After owning your own character, you just need to click “Play” to be able to join the battlefield to explode rocks and chests.

2. How to calculate ROI

Here will be the process of calculating ROI when earning money in this extremely interesting game – Bomb Crypto.

If you have 200 USDT to buy Box and then open 15 to 20 heroes, on average,  you will sell and earn 8 to 10 $BCOIN (0.3 USDT) in a day.

After 1 month, you will earn 70 USDT and get your capital back after 2.5 months. If there is a house, the payback time will be only half with a capacity of 8 people.

Heroes’ Skills


First of all,  Strength is used to determine the power of the bomb that the hero can use. The higher the Strength value, the lower the number of bombs needed to explode the chest.

The second state is related to speed, which is extremely important for your heroes because when fighting monsters or bosses, players need high move speed. Moreover, the faster the bcoin mining runs, the faster the bombs are placed and and the quest is completed.

Stamina is the energy your hero has. With every point, heroes can fire 50 bombs per battle and the cooldown for that item is 0.5 per minute. When the stamina runs out, your hero will have to stop to rest and then return to play.

Bomb num is the number of bombs that your hero can fire simultaneously and the number of turns to place the bombs.

Bomb range is the value corresponding to the distance each bomb reaches. Since the map is divided into squares, the larger your character’s range is, the more squares your bomb will hit, and therefore, the more destructive its power is.

Hero level is equivalent to the number of skills. For example, a level-1 hero has 1 skill.


Here is my real experience of the investment process; thereby I recap some considerable information for those who are interested in or invest in this game. Hopefully, it will help you gain more knowledge to invest in the game.

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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