[$$$] Gods Unchained: Instructions to build a God of Nature

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Gods Of Nature is one of the decks with a pretty unique strength related to random damage. This can be considered as a deck that surprises many opponents when participating in rank climbing. So how to build Gods Of Nature decks cards effectively. Let’s follow the detailed analysis of GameAZ below.

1. The outstanding power of God of Nature – Aeona

Aeona is the Goddess of Nature, whose outstanding power is to summon unique creatures from nature.

  • Forage: Remove 4 random cards from your Void, if your Void is empty, add a random Nature card to your hand.
  • Flourish: +1 Dame grants 2 random creature cards.
  • Leech Life: Deals 2 Dame to a random enemy creature. Heal +1 for your God.
  • Animal Bond: Randomly summon a Badger with stats 1/2 or Eagle 2/1.

2. Overview the strength of cards

This is Steven’s own experience, so you can refer to it and not necessarily build it. However, I have tested many different squad combinations and found this to be the squad that can optimize the power of the God of Nature’s card set.

  • Building this deck of cards, we use mostly magic cards to be able to win at the highest Rank.
  • Card sets are collected and collected mostly for free with some cards received from opening the Box (Box received each time you level up). Or to save time and build a squad faster, you can go to the market to buy Box for about $ 30 / Box.
  • Important cards to have in this deck: Wildfire, Skeleton Heavy

3. How to build a set of God of Nature cards

1 mana card you should choose

  • 2 ShieldBearer cards: +1 HP and +1 Mana for any 1 of your cards
  • 2 Vangurad Axerwoman: Blitz moves as soon as cards are issued (only hits enemy champions, not GOD)
  • Wiccan Trapper – Nightleaf Trapper: minus -1 enemy’s durability, has a very good attack coefficient
  • 2 Athenian Archer: deal 1 Dame damage to 1 enemy card
  • Wild Hog: Because of the high Dame attack power, there are very few champions with 3 ATK that the card has only 1 mana but has Confused Confused effect. When confused, there is a 50% chance this card will attack its own random card.

You can freely choose other cards as long as they belong to the Wild deck to build a play style suitable for Gods Nature.

2 mana card you should choose

  • 2 Skeleton Heavy: Good card stats but only costs 2 mana is 2 Dame and 4 HP (Important card required)
  • Faeflame Blade: When playing cards will immediately deal 2 consecutive hits to the enemy and have a Roar effect that causes the enemy to fall into a state of confusion.
  • 2 Black Jaguar: Good card stats but only costs 2 mana is 3 Dame 3 HP and +1 extra healing.
  • 2 Canopy Barrage: Deals 4 Dame to 1 random enemy enemy.
  • Guerilla Training: after one turn of your attack, will grant 1 of your heroes +3 Dame

3 mana card you should choose

  • 2 cards Lighting Strike: deal 6 Dame to 1 enemy’s strongest Creature champion, if the champion is still on the table, it will be burned for an additional 2 Dame, there is a certain chance that your card will be hit. mistake

4 mana card you should choose

  • 2 Wildfire: inflict 1 Dame on enemy Creature champions, then increase +1 HP, +1 Dame, +1 Regen (heal) to Wild champions (This is an important card that must be included in the God of Nature deck)
  • 1 Bladefly: when playing cards will summon 2 dragonflies with 2 Dame 2 HP
  • Jump On: grants 1 friend +3 Dame and deals Overkill damage (if the damage you deal is greater than the health of the Card you destroy, the remaining damage will be random to GOD or enemy champions.)

5 mana card you should choose

  • Firewine: Grants 2 damage to all your champions and deals Overskill damage to all enemy champions until the end of your turn.

4. Tips to win

How to fight: Try to destroy, clear all cards on the enemy’s cards because this is a fast way to win quickly.

  1. This is a fast-paced game, you should build a squad of 1 mana or 2 mana, and the cards with 4 mana or more are the first cards that are not necessary, depending on the case.
  2. Use combo Bladefly vs Wildfire to become 6 and dragonfly will increase the rate of killing God quickly.
  3. Skeleton Heavy should try to summon this card because of its high HP >4. And it is very difficult for the enemy to summon any Dame > 3 card to destroy this card in a split second.
  4. Use Faeflame Blade to destroy to destroy the enemy’s card, but in exchange accept to lose some of your God’s health.
  5. When arraying takes over, issue a Guerilla Training card that adds 3 Dame after each turn to your champion cards.
  6. Mainly use Athenian Archer to destroy enemy cards.

Above, GameAZ together with you guys analyzed how to build the Gods Of Natures card set as well as how to deploy an effective squad. Build this deck and experience to win battles and earn money from this exciting game.

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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