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The Gods of Magics card deck is one of the outstanding magic decks with the ability to deal huge damage creating the ability to quickly stack damage to finish off the opponent. So how to build an effective God of Magic card set? Let’s analyze the gameplay of this deck with GameAZ

1. The outstanding power of God of Magic – Elyrian

Elyrian is the God of Magic. He gives his disciples the ability to use magic.

  • Deal 1 damage to the two enemies with the highest health
  • Foresee ability to foresee 2 cards about to be drawn and his God has a protective shield.
  • Deal 2 damage to an opponent’s creature card.
  • Digging a magic card out of your Void and rendering it lifeless costs only 1 Mana to cast.

2. Overview the strength of the card 

This is Steven’s own experience, so you can refer to it and not necessarily build it. However, I have tested many different squad combinations and found this to be the squad that can optimize the power of the Magic God’s card set.

  • Building this set of cards, we use most of the magic cards to be able to win on Rank Mythic.
  • Card sets are collected and collected mostly for free with some cards received from opening the Box (Box received each time you level up). Or to save time and build a squad faster, you can go to the market to buy Box for about $ 30 / Box.
  • The free cards of the Magic deck do not have high Dame generators, so we need to buy 6 Mana cards, have high Dame and if there are special skills, it will be extremely suitable.

3. How to build a set of God of Magic cards

Here is information about the cards that you should choose to complete the God Of War card set:

3.1. 1 mana card

  • Assistant Alchemist: every time you use it, deduct 1 mana from 1 card on your card. Condition: your mana each turn must be equal to or greater than the mana of your card minus
  • 2 cards illuminate: has 2 features, you can choose 1 of 2: 1 to foresee your undrawn card or inflict 2 Dame on 1 enemy card on the table.
  • Street Conjuror: has 3 HP 1 Dame. Special move that grants +1 Dame to other cards
  • Dryder Sailweaver: has 2 Dame 2 HP and has a shield that blocks enemy magic damage.

3.2. 2 mana card

Take 2 cards for all of the cards below:

  • Dryder Sailweaver
  • Starshard Bolt: Deals 4 damage to 1 enemy
  • The portable Fortress: Has a high HP of 6, positioned in front as a blocking armor and has no ability to attack, block damage to his cards.
  • Tracking Bolt: Deal 1 Dame to both enemies and yourself or 3 Dame to 1 enemy
  • Lambasting Wand: Deals 2 Dame to both God or enemy champions and has 1 durability deducted. Deals damage only once when the enemy attacks a card.

Note: if you can’t buy it, you can choose one with a good body like Skeleton Heavy (2 dame 4 hp)

3.3. 3 mana card

  • 2 cards Oni Spellsword: every time the team bugs, 1 card will increase damage or or choose other bodies.
  • 1 Bronze Servant card: immediately on card destroy 2 of your opponent’s spell durability.

3.4. 4 mana card

  • 2 Wyrmbreath cards: Deal 5 damage to enemies.
  • 1 Veteran Archer: instantly inflicts 1 Dame on 2 enemies and makes them invisible (immobilized) for 1 turn.

3.5.5 mana card

  • Crystal Rain: inflict 2 Dame on 1 enemy and foretell 1 of your undrawn cards.
  • Ratify: Converts any 1 enemy card into a mouse with 1 Mana and 1 HP.
  • Epiphany: Deal 6 damage to enemies or draw 1 more card.

4. Tips to win

  1. This set of cards is built for fast winning, you have to destroy all enemies as quickly as possible
  2. When exporting cards, you must combine combos against each other, do not make individual cards that will be easily destroyed.
  3. Choose The portable Fortress to shield your Dame champions. For example: Epiphany, Dryder Sailweaver, Oni Spellsword…
  4. Take advantage of the Assistant Alchemist card so that it only takes 2 Mana to output 3 Mana or a 1 Mana card to 0 Mana for the first turn to produce the most cards on the table. Then quickly attack the enemy.
  5. Combine illuminate vs Street Conjuror to cause Dame to kill enemy 3 Mana cards.
  6. Use this Tracking Bolt card to clear all monsters 1 Mana like a cat (1hp/1 damage) stealth

Through the article on how to build the God Of Magics card set analyzed by GameAZ, you must have gained more knowledge on how to arrange the deck as well as how to optimally deploy the power, right? Enjoy the power of this deck to win ranks and earn money from Gods Unchained.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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