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If you are one of the veteran gamers participating in the rank climbing in Gods Unchained, it is not strange with the God of Death card deck, right? This is one of the potentially powerful decks of cards with a relatively low cost to help you easily win in rank matches. Here are instructions on how

1. The outstanding power of God of Death – Malissus

Malissus is the God of Death, having the remarkable power to revive creatures from The Void.

  • Give you a creature card that has no souls (also known as zombie cards) then destroy it. Summon 1 creature card from your Void with a Mana cost of X + 1 or less. X is the cost of the creature card originally destroyed.
  • Give an enemy creature card Burn 2, then inflict 2 Dame on your opponent’s God, then your God.
  • Give an opponent’s creature card that has no soul. When that card dies, Afterlife summons 1 stat 2/1 Ghoul card with no soul.
  • Grants you a creature card that permanently +1/-1 and is drained for leech for the rest of your turn.

2. Assess the strength of the card set overview

This is Steven’s own experience, so you can refer to it and not necessarily build it. However, I have tested many different squad combinations and found this to be the squad that can optimize the power of the “God of Death” card set.

  • With the God of Death card set, when you know how to play and maximize your strength, you can climb Rank to reach Mythic rank.
  • In this set of cards, there are very rare cards, so you need to invest a little capital of about $ 50 to own all the cards suitable for this god.
  • The Card Set – God of Death takes advantage of the Frenzied effect to trigger side effects in each card. Especially the ability to summon a large number of Zombies with high defensive attack ability makes it difficult for opponents to attack their God => This is the outstanding strength of the God of Death card set.
  • The required cards in the God of Death deck: Necroscepter, Corpse Explosion, Arch of Amenmose, Netherswarm Lord.

3. How to Build a set of cards in God of Death

Here is information about the cards that you should choose to complete the God of Death card set:

3.1. 1 mana card

  • 2 Blight Bomb cards: destroy enemy Creature cards with HP < 3 or = 3.
  • Undeath Roach: has Afterlife effect (after death), if your character has Frenzied (Madness) will trigger respawn and return to the deck in your hand.
  • Wild Hog: Because of the high Dame attack power, there are very few champions with 3 ATK that the card has only 1 mana but has Confused Confused effect. When confused, there is a 50% chance this card will attack its own random card.

3.2. 2 mana card

  • Living Container: soulless. Roar: destroy the enemy team’s frenzied. If the enemy card is in the void it will grant you 2 extra attack points
  • Mark of Death: Upon death, summon 1 zombie card with HP 1 Dame 1

3.3. 3 mana card

  • 2 Necroscepter cards: used to summon zombies after your 1 turn and if Frenzied is available, this zombie will get +1 HP and +1 Dame. As soon as zombies appear on the table, the opponent will lose 2 Favor points.
  • 2 Bronze Gate cards: this is a card used for defense, when the opponent attacks, it will be forced to play this card first, has no attack power, the defense index is Armor 1
  • Mutual Hatred: destroy 1 opponent’s Creature card with 4 Mana or less. Immediately after the amount of Dame you hit your opponent will heal your card
  • Outnumber The Living: Summons the number of zombies according to the number of cards dealt by the enemy, default ratio is 1:1 If Frenzied is available, it will Summon 2 zombies at a ratio of 2:1 (the opponent outputs 1 card, then I summon 1 zombie, with Frenzied, 1 card opponent summons 2 zombies).
  • 2 cards Cursed Obelisks: This is a support card located in the backline (Backline), with no attack ability. Has the ability to summon 1 zombie at the end of your 1 turn. If there is a Frenzied, will summon 2/turn

3.4. 4 mana card that you should choose

  • Void Flash: toptionally choose to destroy 1 enemy Creature card, in exchange for sacrificing 1 card of your choice.
  • Dust to Dust: Destroy all enemy cards with less than 3 Mana.
  • The Older Ritual: Convert 1 of your cards to a Netherspawn card with Dame 6 HP 6
  • Singsong Satyr: has a Roar effect: as soon as a card is dealt, +1 Dame to your Creatures card.
  • Decaying Rhino: This card has high body HP 6 Dame 5, at the end of your turn, if you have no Frenzied effect this card will be deducted -1 Dame.

3.5. 5 mana card that you should choose

  • 2 cards Raise Dead: summons cards in void
  • 2 cards Ray of The Disintegration: destroy 1 enemy card & your God suffers -2 Dame
  • 2 Netherswarm Lord cards: after your turn grants +1 Dame and +1 HP to all your zombie cards. If you have a Frenzied effect, you will gain 1 extra draw.
  • 2 Corpse Explosion: This card destroys 1 of your own zombies and deals 1 Dame to the enemy God. If I have Frenzied, I will deal 3 Dame to enemy Gods

3.6. 6 mana card that you should choose

  • 1 Vampiric Skull: Upon spawning, summon 1 Creatures card in your void that will cost 3 mana or less when dealt.
  • 1 Arch of Amenmose card: this is a card placed in a back support position (Backline): When 1 Creatures card that is not your zombie dies, it will immediately summon 1 zombie with Dame 1 HP 1. If positioned. Attack will immediately summon 3 Dame 1 HP 1 zombies.

4. Tips to win

  1. Try to get the fastest Frenzied to activate the ability to summon zombies => Strength of this deck.
  2. Corpse Explosion: Use this card to inflict more Dame on enemy Gods fastest.
  3. At the beginning of the game, you should use the Soul Burn card to get Frenzied => summon many zombies by combining with the Necroscepter card
  4. Find a way to get a Necroscepter card to create zombies, combine Cursed Obelisks, when using Soul Burn on your opponent’s God and yourself to have Frenzied activate the effect to summon 3 zombies.
  5. During the first period of your God match, you will often lose blood due to having to receive a lot of Dame to get Frenzied points, don’t worry much, because after having enough Frenzied points and summoning zombies, when you attack the enemy or get beaten All attacks will restore God’s health.
  6. Take advantage of cards that respawn from void to regain your destroyed cards.
  7. If the enemy team is too large, summon cards that have the ability to wipe out a large number of enemies on the table and combine using Soul Burn + Frenzied to revive the number of dead zombies => Turn the game upside down, your team The number will outnumber the enemy.

Through the analysis of how to build a God Of Death squad, you must have gained more knowledge about how to arrange the deck effectively as well as how to deploy it turn-by-turn, right?

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