[Basic] Mones: Instructions for Account Registration, Setup, and Wallet Connection

by Trung

Coming to the new generation of the NFT game genre – Mones, you will experience the completely new Play – Own – Earn mechanism, replacing the old Play-to-Earn system. Surely there will be players who are still new to this genre, so the GameAZ team will help you from the very beginning, starting from installing this game.

I’m Harry – let’s learn from A – Z!

Key Takeaways:

1. Instructions on how to install the wallet Metamask (Optional)

For the game Mones, you are not required to use Metamask to experience the game. Metamask will only be a bridge for you to transfer or withdraw accounts such as equipment, heroes, or $MONES tokens from the game or into the game to help you exchange on the Marketplace.

You can download Metamask at one of the following links: Chrome | iOS | Android

Specific details on how to install Metamask wallet, you can visit the article Link

2. Instructions on how to prepare to play Mones

2.1 Install Mones

Currently Mones applies to both Android and iOS operating systems, so you can download the game at the following links:

For those using a computer, you will need to download additional emulators to be able to install Mones on your computer.

2.2 Register a new account

There are currently 2 ways for you to register an account to play Mones.

2.2.1 Sign up on Mones Marketplace

Step 1: Access the link Mones Marketplace, select Login; then link your Metamask wallet.

Step  2: You will be redirected to the Create New Account page, or you can click https://marketplace.mones.io/create-account and select Create Account.

Step 3: Enter Username and Password, then select “Create Account”.

2.2.2 Register an account directly in the Game

After you have downloaded Mones (as instructed above), install it and create an account as soon as the installation is done.

Note that if you created an account in the previous game, you can still link your wallet to the following account on the Marketplace page above (Instead of choosing Create a new account as above, choose Link Account)

3. Instructions on how to prepare Hero

3.1 Buy on Mones Marketplace

To own Heroes, everyone can buy them on Mones Marketplace or buy Mystery Chests to randomly unlock Heroes from the Mones INO event (ends 31/07/2022).

3.2 Transfer Heroes into Mones

Once you own Heroes from the Marketplace, you need to go one more step before you play which is to transfer those Heroes to the game.

Step 1: Access the web https://marketplace.mones.io/game-gateway

Step 2: Select Deposit/Withdraw.

Step 3: Select the NFTs you want to transfer or withdraw and then confirm the transaction

After successfully completing the above steps, you can completely log in and experience the game.

Above are the steps to prepare for this Mones game. We hope this will help newcomers no longer be surprised to get acquainted with this game and don’t forget to follow the next articles of GameAZ to find out more about Mones.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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