[Basic] Star Sharks: Instructions for installing, connecting the wallet and buying NFT

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Star Sharks.Warrior is the first game launched under the Star Sharks ecosystem – a project with a strategic investment of $ 1 million by Binance Labs. This article GameAZ will help newcomers know the steps to install the game on PC/Mobile devices, then connect the Metamask wallet with Star Sharks and guide players to buy NFT Sharks on the marketplace.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A to Z with me!

Key Takeaways:

  • Guide players to download the game Star Sharks.Warrior to the device through the link https://StarSharks.com/go/api/web/apkurl?platform=android
  • Guide new players on how to connect Metamask wallet with Star Sharks through the following steps: Login to the website; Select Wallet; Confirm the connection; Allow the game access to the Metamask wallet; Signature confirmation; Complete the connection.
  • Details how to get NFT Shark through the Marketplace and open Mystery Boxes.

1. Instructions for installing Star Sharks

Step 1: Visit Star Sharks homepage: https://Star Sharks.com using your PC/Android Mobile device.

Step 2: Select “Download” to download the game Star Sharks.Warrior to your device or download it via the link https://StarSharks.com/go/api/web/apkurl?platform=android

how to install star sharks step 2

Currently, Star Sharks.Warrior has only released the Android version. Hopefully in the near future the publisher will integrate the IOS Mobile version to be able to reach the majority of players.

2. Instructions for connecting the Star Sharks wallet

To use the Star Sharks Marketplace, you need a MetaMask wallet connected to the BNB Chain network.

Step 1: Open Chrome browser to add MetaMask extension to your browser.

Instructions for connecting the Star Sharks wallet step 1

Step 2: Use your Metamask wallet to login, this will help Star Sharks scan the wallet for the link.

Instructions for connecting the Star Sharks wallet step 2

Step 3: After completing the wallet setup, go to the Star Sharks homepage and click on “Connect Wallet”

Instructions for connecting the Star Sharks wallet step 3

Step 4: The screen will display a small window

Instructions for connecting the Star Sharks wallet step 4

Click “Sign” to agree to connect the wallet.

Note: In case you need to switch networks, please convert to the BNB chain.

Step 5: After completing the wallet link, the interface will show your wallet address on the top right corner of the screen, so we have completed the steps to link the wallet.

Instructions for connecting the Star Sharks wallet step 5

After successfully creating a linked wallet, go to the marketplace to shop and build yourself a team of sharks to prepare for the battle in the ocean.

3. Instructions for buying NFT on Marketplace

Visit the Star Sharks Marketplace page

You can own sharks in 2 ways: Buy directly through the Marketplace and Open Mystery Boxes.

3.1. Buy directly through the Marketplace

You choose through the Star Sharks Marketplace page, select the “NFTs” section => Use the available “Filter” filters to save time => Choose fish and buy fish to your liking.


  • Buy directly need to pay with $BNB
  • The price fluctuates depending on the type of fish; the current floor price is about $0.015 BNB/fish (Updated on 12/08/2022).
  • The direct purchase price will be higher than the shark in the Mystery Box, but you will be able to choose the fish according to your needs and preferences.

how to buy nft on marketplace

3.2. Open Mystery Box

Step 1: Before buying Mystery Box, you need to own a $SEA token.

$SEA is currently trading at:

Step 2: At the game’s marketplace page, select “Sale” and select “Mystery Box” to enter the interface to buy Mystery Box.

Open Mystery Box step 2

Step 3: You can use 500 $SEA to open a Mystery Box to own a shark.

Open Mystery Box step 3

Open Mystery Box step 3a

Step 4: The interface will display a small window. You click “Confirm” to agree to the transaction and then you will receive a Mystery Box as soon as the payment is completed.

Open Mystery Box step 4


  • Pay with $SEA (in-game token)
  • Cost 500 $SEA/Box
  • Random shark spawn rate
  • The price is cheaper than buying fish directly, but the ability to produce “genuine” fish is low.

Once you have your own shark squad, get ready to enter your match.

Open Mystery Box step 4b

Hopefully, the above basic instructions on how to install, connect the wallet and buy NFT to log in to Star Sharks above will help you log into the game more easily.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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