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Probably need not introduce much about King of Fighters, this extremely popular fighting game series has been published by Netmarble with the name The King of Fighters ARENA (KOF ARENA). 

KOF ARENA is developed on the Blockchain platform, so items such as: Controller, Boxer Card are NFT assets owned exclusively for players that can buy/sell transactions for real profits. Besides, KOF ARENA also builds an economy with many currencies serving many different functions to deflate for the main token $FCT Token.

Here is some information about the in-game economy of KOF ARENA provided by Harry from GameAZ to help you understand this operation.

Key Takeaways:

The King of Fighters ARENA has an economy system divided into 2 types:

  • Currency used for direct in-game transactions through the Shop: $FM Token, Diamond, Black Diamonds, Mystic Cubes.
  • Currency used for exchange on Blockchain platform: $FCT Token and $MBX Token.

Each currency will have coins that hold different roles and functions such as: Used to upgrade Boxers, buy products or as commissions when converting between currencies.

When NFT transactions on The KOF ARENA Marketplace provided by MarbleX will incur a fee of % calculated on the total value of the transaction.

1. Direct in-game trading currency:

Fight Money – $FM Token: 

  • Players can earn $FM by playing matches with a connected NFT Controller.
  • The token is used to upgrade Martial Artist’s Mastery; Controller Durability Upgrade and Repair; Unlock Sockets and Minting functionality.
  • The token can be $FM exchanged for $FCT Token (Requires Black Diamonds – Black Diamonds to redeem).


  • It is used to Summon Fighter Cartridge and buy Packs in the store.
  • Diamonds can be exchanged for Mystic Cubes – Used to upgrade Mastery for Boxers.

Black Diamonds (Important in-game currency with many uses):

  • $FM Tokens can be exchanged for Black Diamonds in the Black Diamond Exchange Store.
  • Use as cost when exchanging $FM Token => $FCT Token.
  • Can be used to upgrade Controllers and Open Mystery Box instantly, skipping waiting time.
  • Minting Black Diamond Exchange Controllers
  • will be limited by a player’s Rank during the Season.

Mystic Cubes (You can think of it as a boost currency):

  • Diamonds can be exchanged for Mystic Cubes at the Mystic Cubes Exchange Store.
  • Used to upgrade Mastery for Fighters, upgrade Mastery for Teams, and upgrade Gem rank of Player Account.

2. Currency for exchange on the Blockchain platform:

Fighter’Club Token – $FCT Token:

  • The currency that bridges the $FM Token with MBX and is used to regulate the circulation between in-game currency and tradable currency on the Blockchain.
  • can be earned $FCT through reward sharing for owning the NFT Fighter Card.
  • Players can trade or store $FCT on MarbleX Wallet.

Currency for exchange on the Blockchain platform

The algorithm for the $FM to $FCT is built to adjust to the $FCT and is limited to being able to generate a fair value for the $FCT Token.

$FCT token is built for players who actively play KOF ARENA. Players who constantly strive for high achievements will earn more money than those who play for the sole purpose of Earn $FCT.

KOF ARENA deploys using $FM as repair and upgrade of NFT Controller, Mint new NFT Controller and more to combat the effects of token inflation. So players who aspire to be tournament champions and players who want to maximize their in-game earnings by climbing the leagues will be encouraged to spend $FM through the Mastery system, which helps preserve the value of $FCT Token.

MarbleX – $MBX Token:

A cryptocurrency with a detailed development schedule is being offered and built around it by MarbleX – Netmarble Group’s Blockchain Game Ecosystem – Korea’s largest mobile game developer and company.

3. Fee for trading NFT in KOF ARENA:

NFT holders can trade NFT on the Marketplace provided by MARBLEX. Fees may be incurred for transactions made on the Marketplace.

When making transactions on the Marketplace, a fee of 5% of the total transaction value will be charged in $MBX Coin.

Transaction fees when using Marketplace are used by the issuer for the following functions:

  • 50% of the total fee will be Burned to deflate the economy.
  • 50% of the total fee will be used for system maintenance and upgrade activities.

4. Mystic Cubes Exchange Shop:

Mystic Cube Exchange Shop allows players without a Controller to earn Mystic Cubes, a currency needed to upgrade Martial Artist Mastery.

You can exchange Black Diamonds and Mystic Cubes here.

Details of the exchange system Black Diamond and Mystic Cube:

4.1. Black Diamond Exchange:

  • Players can exchange $FM for Black Diamonds.
  • The number of Mystic Cubes that can be exchanged will be determined by the Black Diamond.

4.2. Exchange Mystic Cube:

  • After the Black Diamond exchange time is over, the Mystic Cube exchange time will open.
  • You can exchange Diamonds for Mystic Cubes (Diamonds can be purchased in-game).
  • Only the allowed number of Mystic Cubes based on the Black Diamond exchange limit.

4.3. Things to keep in mind when exchanging:

  • Exchange rate $FM => Black DiamondBlack Diamond => Mystic Cube will follow a set rule.
  • The above exchange is done directly in-game, so there will be no additional fees.
  • The limit on the amount that can be exchanged is based on the player’s Seasonal Tier.

Based on the information about the above information provided by GameAZ, hopefully through the series of articles on the basic features of The King of Fighters ARENA, you will have knowledge to understand all the features of KOF. ARENA.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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