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Infinite Arcade (IA) is a game ecosystem with over 200 games that is a play-and-earn platform, enabling Web3 capabilities for the casual gaming industry. Players participating in the game are not only entertained but also receive game rewards such as $TIC and $ARD tokens.

IA is powered by a game publishing platform called Coda, which works with over 15,000 game studios. So this not only gives IA the ability to have over 200 games on Arcade, but also the ability to design, develop games having rich features, and make the most of the IA ecosystem.

I’m Harry, let’s learn the outstanding basic features of Infinite Arcade from A-Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Infinite Arcade aims to build a future ecosystem for Mobile Game that allows developers and creators to connect with all players in the market. Any NFT creator can enter the market and NFTs act as keys to unlock the Play and Earn function.
  • The Infinite Arcade platform features a simple iOS and Android SDK that makes it easy for game studios and DEVs to integrate Web3 elements like P2E, community ownership, and tokenomics without the initial difficulty.
  • Infinite Arcade is on a mission to revolutionize the gaming industry with its Play & Earn economy, and offers a plan to create a sustainable economy through 5 mechanisms to burn $TIC tokens to reduce circulation in the economy.
  • Infinite Arcade built a Control Center that makes it easy for Managers (Guilds), Scholars to play games and review their earnings analysis.

main focus article features of infinite arcade

1. “Future Ecosystem” Platform for Mobile Game

Infinite Arcade (IA) is a platform that allows developers and creators to connect with all players in the marketplace.

Users can own a part of the ecosystem and profit from its development, as well as be rewarded for the time they spend in the game and contribute to the community.

Infinite Arcade plans to create a game network where gamers have an almost unlimited supply of games to play and earn.

Players, creators, and studios will be able to play, share and trade ecosystem games with each other without being controlled by a central management system, enjoying the freedom of earning rewards. reward tokens for playing.

Any NFT creator can enter the market

Creators can design NFTs that function specifically in specific games, opening up the possibilities for all game design developed on IA.

IA offers a Marketplace best suited for creators (artists and game studios) where they can create and sell NFTs that act as access tokens to Infinite Arcade. These NFTs bring profits to their owners through selling to traders, collectors, and guilds.

Initially, the price of NFTs will be set by the IA but in the future the issuer intends to give creators the ability to set their own prices. When valuing the Creator will need to think about a number of variables such as the uniqueness, enhancement, and ultimately the usability of the NFT.

NFTs act as keys to unlock Play and Earn functionality

NFTs will act as Avatars allowing players to join Infinite Arcade.

IA’s NFT will build on the Polygon blockchain because of the advantages of speed and low transaction fees. Polygon will be a cost-effective blockchain that is less congested when transaction volume is high. Along with that, using the Polygon network also helps reduce gas fees for players when earning token rewards.

The IA NFT platform will be programmed so that artists, designers and studios can come up with specific functionalities for the collections they want to bring to IA.

nft in infinite arcade

Infinite Arcade is Free-to-Play and Play-and-Earn

Infinite Arcade targets the world’s largest casual player segment on mobile devices with over 2 billion active players each month. NFT holders can opt into the game mode and earn money of regular games by connecting to a personal wallet.

Infinite Arcade players can monetize through traditional Free to Play (F2P) methods, allowing DEVs to tap into the established F2P economy, while allowing them to exploit a new model with economics economic superiority.

Infinite Arcade is designed to be the biggest game on Web3

Infinite Arcade gives DEVs a chance

Ham joins the existing community that owns and manages the largest arcade in the metaverse, through ownership of the Infinite Arcade governance token ($ARC). DEVs can still build and own their own community of gamers.

2. Simple SDK Toolkit Integration

simple sdk toolkit integration

SDK stands for Software Development Kit or Devkit as a set of software tools and programs used by developers (Developers) to create applications for specific platforms.

More specifically, the SDK provides Developers (DEVs) with a library of templates, sample code, documentation, etc. that they can add to their application or software.

SDKs are often classified based on the programming language used by the DEV and their respective characteristics.

The benefits of the SDK toolkit integrated into Infinite Arcade:

  • Infinite Arcade provides a mobile software development kit for the Unity Game Engine.
  • Infinite Arcade SDK is designed and built for game DEVs ready to integrate it into Infinite Arcade to reward users with $TIC tokens.
  • Currently,  it only supports Unity Game Engine, Infinite Arcade SDK’s interoperability design makes it possible to easily develop and publish additional SDKs for a variety of game engines.
  • Mobile game DEVs can access Infinite Arcade through a simple SDK for iOS and Android that makes it easy for game DEVs to integrate Web3 elements like P2E, community ownership, and tokenomics without the initial difficulty.
  • When launching their game project on Infinite Arcade, Studios & DEV will receive an easy SDK to enable Play & Earn in Infinite Arcade  without the need to redesign the game economy based on complex Blockchain technology. There is no intervention to change the original game structure and no need to spend a lot of time building a community from scratch.
  • The SDK is a core part of the system, responsible for establishing and supporting healthy, sustainable communication channels between the parties: Wallet supports Web3; Game Mobile has SDK IA implementation; dApps and IA game servers. The diagram in the image below will show the location of the IA SDK in the system.

benefits of sdk toolkit integrated into infinite arcade

3. Plan to create a sustainable economy

plan to create sustainable economy in infinite arcade

Infinite Arcade is on a mission to revolutionize the gaming industry with the largest Play & Earn economy.

And for the revolution to succeed, it is necessary to solve the problem of the economy to bring about a sustainable ecosystem. That means you need to ensure 3 things:

  • Manage the supply of the utility token $TIC;
  • Promoting the value of the $ARC token;
  • Make sure the NFTs have many uses to keep the economy moving forward.

Infinite Arcade has introduced 5 mechanisms to burn $TIC tokens to reduce their circulation in the economy, helping them maintain their value in the market.

3.1. Summon NFT

Infinite Arcade will give players the chance to summon new NFTs. After owning the first NFT, players can summon up to 5 more times by using the $TIC tokens they have earned.

That means that players can transfer value from $TIC tokens to NFT, and Infinite Arcade treasury will burn used $TIC, helping to manage their supply and maintain their value in the marketplace.

3.2. Buy Back

Infinite Arcade Treasury will allocate funds to stabilize the price of $TIC tokens by buying back a certain amount from the market to reduce the amount of $TIC in circulation.

This is a simple tactic that does not require any action from any gamers, Guilds or Scholars and will be taken only when necessary.

3.3. Lock $TIC

  • This is a tactic that the Arcadian community can take part in. Infinite Arcade will provide an opportunity to lock up some of a user’s $TIC tokens for a period of time and in return the user will be rewarded with $ARC tokens.
  • The more you lock and the longer you lock, the bigger the reward.
  • The way it works is similar to Staking, but instead of providing a $TIC based reward like interest, IA will provide other rewards to ensure that the supply is locked instead of continuing to grow or be sold.
  • By working directly with Guilds and Scholars, Infinite Arcade hopes to work with the Arcadian user community most effectively to ensure everyone reaps valuable rewards.

3.4. Paid Tournaments

  • Arcadian players pay to participate in tournaments with $TIC. IA will provide interesting rewards from that participation fee like $ARC and NFT. The $TIC fee will then be IA Burn.
  • This mechanism depends on the attractiveness of games in the IA ecosystem. With nearly 40 games already kicked off and a target of 200 by the end of the year, there will be no shortage of tournaments for players to use that $TIC.
  • Tournaments can launch individually on individual games, multiple games, or entire game categories.
  • There will be a tournament open to everyone and an opportunity for everyone to use their $TIC tokens to get burned and removed from the market.

Below is a picture of a Tournament that was launched on May 26. For detailed information about this Tournament, you can visit the LINK to better understand the rules of scoring and rewards.

Similar tournaments will also be held in the near future. Please follow Infinite Arcade’s official Social channels for the fastest information!

paid tournaments in infinite arcade

3.5. Lucky Lottery

Users will need to use $TIC to purchase Earning Tickets giving themselves a chance to win huge prizes.

  • This model works completely automatically, does not consume energy and players can still comfortably play the game while still owning Lottery Tickets.
  • The amount of $TIC that players use to participate in the lottery will be burned, contributing to a balanced economy.

As Infinite Arcade’s operating model evolves, new ideas for managing the supply of $TIC will always be suggested for more diverse uses and the introduction of new Burn strategies applied to the game world to bring about a balance in the supply of $TIC.

4. Control Center for Investors and Guilds

Control center for individuals and guilds in the infinite arcade

Infinite Arcade is designed for all types of investments, whether it’s an investment of time or an investment of money. That’s why there is a pre-built portal for Investors or Guilds who are interested in earning passive income but have limited time.

At the same time, IA has also made it easy for users who have little passion for gaming but still want to play entertainment and earn money.

The Control Center makes it easy for Managers (Guilds), Scholars to play games and view their earnings analysis.

4.1. Guilds

  • From the control center, the Manager can login with a personal wallet, track earnings per NFT, view all purchased IA NFTs and also see which Scholar wallet addresses earn rewards, helping the Manager easily manage payments.
  • Managers can play games in the Infinite Arcade ecosystem with these NFTs.
  • Some or all of those NFTs can be assigned to one or more Scholars. At any time, the NFT will not belong to or be transferred to Scholars; they will always exist in the Manager’s wallet. By default, all NFTs are associated with the owner address unless changed by the Manager.
  • The interface provides an intuitive journey for ]Managers to select and associate NFTs with Scholar wallet addresses. With our Affiliate Agreement, Managers can simply link the NFT to a Scholar of their choice.
  • Both the Managers and Scholars have the ability to unlink these links, so at any point, Scholarscan stop working with the Managers and vice versa.

4.2. Scholars

Once the Managers have linked the NFTs to the Scholar’s wallet address, Scholars can select NFTs to play in the game.

4.3. Summoning NFT

Users will have the ability to summon a new NFT as long as they have at least one IA NFT in their wallet.

By selecting the NFT they want to summon, the user will receive a new NFT and the original will not be affected.

An NFT can be summoned up to five times.

To summon, users will need to log into the control center and access the Summoning Room, where they can view the full list of NFTs in possession and the balance of $TIC tokens. The user can then select the NFT they want to use to Summon and click the “Summon” button.

This will create a transaction on the blockchain, costing a $TIC fee and a gas fee on the Polygon network ($MATIC). Once the transaction has been confirmed, the new NFT will appear in both the wallet and on the Summoning Page.

summon nft infinite arcade

4.4. How to get started

  • All needed for you to play and earn money in Infinite Arcade is to select game and download it in the Control Center.
  • Once downloaded, players can open the game’s settings screen and click the Infinite Arcade button to connect their wallet. Infinite Arcade uses Wallet Connect to help users use a variety of wallet applications, but we recommend users to choose Metamask because this Wallet application is currently the most popular application with the majority of users. Users must be connected to Polygon Mainnet, users may need to add this network to their wallet.
  • Once the wallet is connected, the IA system will perform an automatic search for any IA NFT that belongs to that wallet or is already associated with the wallet.
  • With at least one NFT, users will be able to play viable games with a play and earn model.
  • Rewards earned while you play the game will be visible in the game and upon claim will be transferred to your personal wallet.

rewards after playing games in infinite arcade

4.5. Reward

  • Earnings accumulated while you play with NFT will be sent to the Manager’s wallet.
  • The manager will be responsible for paying the previously agreed percentage to Scholar once the award has been confirmed.
  • Rewards will be sent on Polygon Network (Matic) platform to save gas and transaction costs for players.

*Note: IA publishers is not responsible for payments, so they are considered part of the agreement between Scholars and Managers in relation to the IA platform.

Are you ready to join GameAZ in the Infinite Arcade ecosystem? Hopefully, through these articles, you have been able to grasp the outstanding features of this vast game ecosystem.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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