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GateGame is a platform for converting traditional games to NFT Games on the Blockchain. GateGame is not only responsible for enabling Blockchain for traditional game themes, but also for publishing NFT games to the market and providing the best strategic direction to assist the project reach users swiftly.

With the potential of GateGame, numerous fascinating game projects, such as Metabot, Heroes Origin, and The King of Fighters ARENA, will be produced and released in the near future, attracting a significant number of users. However, the operations before playing the game on this platform will be challenging.

Keeping this in mind, Harry from GameAZ will give detailed instructions from A to Z so that new users can quickly start using on GateGame.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to get a Master ID GateGame account in 3 easy steps.
  • Four-step guide to purchasing NFT Game products on GateGame.
  • Instructions to locate the desired game on the Gate Game platform => Download the video game => Access the game => Create a gaming account => Start playing.

1. Instructions for obtaining a Master ID from GateGame:

Master ID is used to handle all aspects of the player’s account, including as deposits, withdrawals, and account activity history.

gategame master id

Displays the value of assets owned by NFT as well as items acquired in-game or from GateGame.

master id statistics of assets owned by nft

List of games that players are currently playing and are excited to play when they are released.

list of games the user is playing

And possessing a Master ID GateGame is one of the initial requirements for entering the GateGame realm. Players must complete the following three steps:

Step 1: Sign Up

Visit GateGame website: https://gategame.io

Look to the bottom left tab and select “Register

Step 2: Complete personal details

Include the following information in the “SIGNUP” field:

Username, Email address, Password, and Referral code (if any).

The interface will then prompt you to access the Email address you just used for registration in order to authenticate and activate the account.

Step 3 Activate the account

Using the Email address provided during step 2 of account signup.

After activating the account with your Personal Email, your Master ID GateGame account is activated and available for use.

guide to owning gategame master id step 3

If you are having trouble enrolling for a Master ID GateGame account, please review the information at Here

2. How to purchase NFT goods from GateGame:

Once you have a Master ID GateGame account, you must purchase the game’s NFT item before to playing.

I will provide an example of how to purchase NFT things in the game Metabot. For other games, you can participate in the GateGame universe in the same manner.

Step 1: Log in to your GateGame account

Enter your “Email” and “Password” to sign in to your GateGame account.

How to purchase NFT goods from GateGame step 1

Step 2: Access to GateGame Marketplace

After logging into your GateGame account, select “Market” from the homepage interface.

Purchase the NFT of the game “Metabot” by scrolling down to its location.

How to purchase NFT goods from GateGame step 2

Alternatively, users can directly access Metabot Marketplace on GateGame using the link https://gategame.io/en/market p11193.html.

Step 3: Buy Robot

At the Robot purchasing interface, you can select the Robot type that best suits your needs (Tank, Assault, Healer, Controller, Sniper).

=> Select “Buy Now” to purchase the desired Robot.

How to purchase NFT goods from GateGame step 3a

When clicking Buy Now, the interface will display an input box for the amount = BUSD => Select “PAY BY BALANCE”.

Note: Players need to deposit $BUSD into GateGame account before making payment. How to deposit $BUSD into your account, you can read the article [Basic] GateGame: Instructions to connect wallet and top up BUSD.

How to purchase NFT goods from GateGame step 3b

The screen shows “Purchase completed“, indicating that the robot was successfully purchased; click “OK” to finalize the transaction.

Step 4: Verify the acquired Robot/Pylon/Personnel

To examine Robots or other NFT things acquired:

=> choose “Account“, then choose “Profile

Robots and NFT products purchased will be displayed in Inventory.

How to purchase NFT goods from GateGame step 4a

Purchasing Pylon and Personnel is comparable to purchasing Robots through GateGame Marketplace or Metabot Marketplace within GateGame.

How to purchase NFT goods from GateGame step 4b

Purchased Pylon and Personnel are displayed in the “Profile” view when the purchase is complete.

For more details about each A-Z operation to buy NFT, readers can read more at https://gameaz.com/en/basic-metabot-instruction-for-buying-nft-items/

3. Select the desired game:

Once you have a Master ID GateGame account and the NFT item for the game you enjoy playing, you will be able to do so. The next step is to locate the game on GateGame’s game list and download it.

Games on GateGame are listed at https://gategame.io/games.

Because I purchased Metabot NFT in the preceding steps, I will now look for a Metabot game to play.

choose the game to play

Click on the “Play” of the game Metabot.

Press the play button to start the game

Currently Metabot is launching Beta version on Android operating system, so we will choose to download the Android version.

choose the operating system the player uses

In the future, all games on GateGame will be released on many platforms, including iOS, PC, and Apple Store.

Install the Metabot.apk file on your Android device or Android emulator on your PC and launch the game once it has been downloaded.

4. Sign up for an in-game account

When logging into any game on GateGame Universe, users just need to utilize the email address associated with their Master ID.

The password for each game will be set independently but connected with the Master ID GateGame account, so the entire process is similar to traditional games and incredibly user-friendly.

Step 1: Access Metabot on your phone

Step 2: Register an account to log in Metabot

Select “Register” to create a login account in Metabot. Mobile browser will instantly redirect to the account registration page.

Sign up for an in-game account step 2

Step 3: Log in to your Master ID GateGame account

Enter the Master ID account information for GateGame that was registered in step 1. Enter your email address and password in the “Email” and “Password” fields at the top of the page, then click “LOGIN

Sign up for an in-game account step 3

Step 4: Set the login password

Each game will require a unique password that the player must establish. Set a password to enter Metabot in the “Password” section and revalidate the password in the “Retype Password” section, as seen in Metabot below.

=> Select “REGISTER” then.

Sign up for an in-game account step 4a

Sign up for an in-game account step 4b

The system notifies you to register an account to successfully log in to the Metabot.

Step 5: Log into the game

Then, return to the phone’s Metabot login interface. Log in using the information you just registered in step four (Email Master ID GateGame and Password Metabot).

=> To login and play Metabot, click “Sign In“.

Sign up for an in-game account step 5

For more details about each A-Z operation to buy NFT, please read more Here

To find out what the Metabot game is, you can read all the information at Gamepedia Metabot on GameAZ.

GameAZ has compiled comprehensive instructions for users to rapidly begin using the GateGame platform. The preceding information should make it easy for you to begin playing games on GateGame Universe.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]  

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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