[Basic] Town Star: How to play basically?

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Town Star is a game that offers a very smooth action and an intuitive interface that is easy to understand, on PC just using the mouse. This article is almost a reference set for all the necessary controls in the game. Below, the GameAZ team will show you how to play the basic Town Star for beginners.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn how to play the basics in Town Star!

Key Takeaways:

  • Instructions for buying NFT in Town Star to be able to start “Earn” are available through the Gala and Opensea Marketplace.
  • Beginner’s guide to basic actions in the game such as: Choosing the location of the Town; Basic control actions; How to get started.
  • Guide to basic building actions.

1. Instruction for buying NFT in Town Star

As you all know, to be able to both play games and earn money in the game Town Star, you will need to own at least one NFT item. So how can I own an NFT in this game? Let’s find out how to buy NFT in Town Star here.

Currently, Town Star has 2 ways for you to buy NFT items.

1.1. Buy directly from Gala’s Marketplace

First, you need to go to Gala’s Store page here to access Gala’s Marketplace.

buy nft directly from gala marketplace step 1

You will then need to find the Town Star in the Games vertical bar as shown in the picture to enter the Town Star’s Marketplace. Here will be a place for you to select and own the NFT items that people feel are most suitable for their play style.

buy nft directly from gala marketplace step 2

After you have selected the item you want, you just need to select that item and pay.

buy nft directly from gala marketplace step 3

1.2. Buy NFT on the Opensea website

In addition to buying directly, you can also own NFTs on the Opensea site here.

buy nft on opensea gala step 1

Similar to Gala’s Marketplace, here Opensea also divides items into specific criteria to make it easier for you to choose and decide with the only difference being that Opensea have a lighter tone than in Marketplace of Gala.

After you have chosen one or more NFT items for yourself, you just need to select those NFT items and pay to successfully own NFT from TownStar.

buy nft on opensea gala step 2

2. Instruction on basic actions in Town Star

One of the basic instructions on how to play Town Star is that you need to know how to choose the starting area, and how to perform basic actions in the game.

2.1. Initial location selection

The first thing players do when starting with Town Star will be to choose a location to place the town. This is very important to decide the strategy and future of the town. Currently, Town Star will have 3 ways to choose a location:

  • Forest: Much of this biome is covered in forests, ponds, and swamps, which means you can often find yourself running out of space to build. This though gives you an edge over others when it comes to getting industrial goods sooner.


  • Plains: is the choice for adventurous players who have an idea of ​​what they want to tackle their town looks like in Town Star.


  • Desert: Desert has no trees, no pond, but the player gets an oil reservoir. Excellent choice for mining sand used to produce glass bottles needed for wine production.


2.2. Basic operations in Town Star

  • Option

Left-click to select a tile in your town, open the in-game Menu, or make any other in-game selection, such as selecting a location on the world map or performing a building action.

When clicking on a tile in your town to select it, always point your click to the center of the ground in that tile. You will always see a marked border around the cell you selected, and action options will appear at the bottom of the screen.

  • Change the viewing position

Left click and drag to move sideways and see different areas of your town. This is especially important when zooming in.

Basic operations in townstar 1

Right click and drag to rotate the view. Use this to see your town from different angles.

Basic operations in townstar 2

Your mouse wheel will be for zooming in and out. Scroll it up to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out. Use this function to get a close-up view of your farm animals.

Basic operations in townstar 3

2.3 How to get started for beginners

Building strategies in the correct order are key to town success in Town Star. Players will want to focus on building their farm and farming first so they can start generating resources, then move on to industrial buildings and finally commercial buildings.

As for the order to build different types of farms, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have at least one of each type. However, it is recommended that players should build those things in this order:

  • Wheat farm
  • Windmill
  • Chicken farm
  • Bakery
  • Cake shop

3. Instructions for building basically in Town Star

There are two main building/construction icons and both are found in the lower right corner of the screen. Before clicking 1 of 2, you must first select the cell/slot that you want to build. Do it by simply clicking in the middle of any square on the land. Then open one of the building/building menus, you’ll be shown which buildings are eligible to be placed on that tile.

3.1. Store icon

shop icon

The in-game shop is where you’ll find all the standard in-game units that can only be purchased with in-game currency. Every player has access to the same options in this menu, and which building can be played depends on the specifics of the tile you selected outside of the menu.

Buildings that cannot currently be constructed will be GRAY in the shop. All buildings will always be displayed in 5 different categories (building types) in the image below:

Farm – Fields and all farm related structures are found here.


Ranch – All buildings and units related to the animal farm are found here.


Terrain – This is where you can change the appearance of the land where your town is located, including: roads, ponds, grasslands….


Industrial Plant – These are all buildings and units involved in industrial production.

Industrial Plant

Trade – These units will help you ship goods and collect cash.


3.2. How to build

To build on a plot location, simply select the building by clicking on the button with the cost of that building/building. Money will be deducted immediately and the building will begin to be built in your game.

Remember that building often requires time, energy from the Builder, and materials from your various storage units. Materials required to build each building are listed in the shop, below the image of each building.

How to build

3.3. NFT icon

nft icon

The NFT menu contains all the NFT items owned in your Town Star collection. These items can be placed, built, or used in-game just like standard in-game items, but with a few key differences.

nft collection

  • Free to build: Because you already own these items as NFTs, there is no need to pay with in-game currency to build.
  • Instant Construction: When using NFT items, you will get construction right on the land location immediately. Not only is there no construction cost, but also no time and materials.
  • Scarcity: Unlike standard in-game assets that can be built by all players in unlimited quantities, NFT items are limited by supply on the blockchain.

NFT items available in TOWN STAR STORE

3.4. Remove works

Removing buildings is easy, regardless of whether the removed construction is NFT or standard in the game. Simply click on the location with the construction you want to remove, then select “Remove” by clicking the bomb icon below.

Remove works

Most of the standard buildings in the game generate money when they are destroyed. You should be able to tell the cash value in green. Some locations contain obstacles such as Trees, Shrubs, Swamps and Rocks, which actually cost money to destroy, in which case the coins will appear red.

You are now an expert in the basic controls in Town Star. Hopefully through the basic knowledge of how to play Town Star above will help you experience the game more easily. Have fun enjoying this exciting game!

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