[Basic] Planet Sandbox: How to join the Testnet

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Planet Sandbox is in an active development phase. The developer gives players the opportunity to experience the Testnet version of the game to experience it early, as well as have an initial assessment of the game’s potential.

Harry from GameAZ will teach you how to buy a Box as well as how to join the Testnet to experience and access new changes to prepare to welcome Planet Sandbox Mainnet on September 5, 2022 from A-Z!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Guide new players to connect Metamask wallet by adding BSC Testnet network directly to wallet or using Chainlist to add network to wallet.
    • Guide players to receive $PSB Testnet to their wallet.
    • Instruct the player to buy the Mystery Box and deposit the $PSB/NFT item received into the game account.
  • Instructions to download Planet Sandbox game to PC via link https://app.planetsandbox.io/download
  • Basic operating instructions to access the Planet Sandbox Testnet.

planet sandbox

1. Instructions for buying Mystery Box on BSC Testnet

Players use the Metamask wallet to join Planet Sandbox. All information on how to use Metamask wallet and how to add BSC network, players refer to here.

Currently Planet Sandbox Testnet is still running. Players need to add BSC Testnet network to Metamask wallet to be able to experience the trial play and proceed to purchase Mystery Box.

Here are the details on how new players can proceed to purchase Planet Sandbox Mystery Box on BSC Testnet:

1.1. Instructions for connecting BSC Testnet network wallet

Step 1: Add BSC Testnet to Metamask wallet

When you go to Step 3 under “6.1.1. Connect Binance Smart Chain with Metamask” in the article https://gameaz.com/en-metamask-la-gi , please replace with the information of the BSC Testnet network below:

Network name: BSC Testnet

New RPC URL: https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545

ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

URL Block Explorer: https://explorer.binance.org/smart-testnet

Once you have copied and pasted all the information into your Metamask wallet, you can go ahead and click “Save”.

If the above method is too difficult for newbies, try the “Use Chainlist to add a BSC Testnet network” below:

=> Go to https://chainlist.org , login to your MetaMask wallet

=> Enable “Testnet” and click “Add to Meta Mask” button

instructions to connect bsc testnet network wallet step 1

Step 2: Get BNB Testnet as fee from Faucet

Now that you are connected to the BSC testnet, you need some BNB to make transactions on the BSC Testnet.

=> Visit the link https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart to start the process

=> Complete Captcha >> Enter your Metamask wallet address >> Click “Give me BNB” button.

instructions to connect bsc testnet network wallet step 2

1.2. Instructions for connecting to Planet Sandbox testnet

1.2.1. How to get Testnet $PSB 

=> Go to “https://faucet.planetsandbox.io/

=> Enter your Metamask wallet address then press “Submit” to receive Testnet $PSB.

how to get testnet psb

After confirmation, you will receive 10,000 $PSB, enough to buy Boxes on Marketplace.

1.2.2. How to buy Mystery Box and send NFT into the game

Step 1: Go to https://app.planetsandbox.io/ , then connect to the Metamask wallet running on the BSC Testnet.

Step 2: Currently in your testnet wallet there is 10,000 $PSB.

=> At the Mystery Box interface, select 1 Box you want, here I choose Champion/Weapon Premium Box, click on the Box to make a transaction.

how to buy mystery box and send nft into game step 2

Step 3: Click “Purchase” to make the transaction.

how to buy mystery box and send nft into game step 3

=> Metamask message appears, press “Confirm” to confirm the transaction

how to buy mystery box and send nft into game step 3ahow to buy mystery box and send nft into game step 3b

Step 4: After the purchase is complete, your $PSB will be deducted, and the Box will be returned to the player’s Inventory.

Click Tab “Inventory” => “Mystery Boxes

how to buy mystery box and send nft into game step 4

=> Enter the number of Boxes you want to open and select “Open” to open and discover what Champions/Weapon you get.

how to buy mystery box and send nft into game step 4a

Step 5: Click “Inventory” tab => Depending on how you want to send Champions/Weapon into the game and click it, then click “Deposit” to send NFT into the game to play.

how to buy mystery box and send nft into game step 5

Then proceed to download Planet Sandbox game to PC and start experiencing the game.


  • The way to buy Mystery Box and send NFT items to the game above can also be applied to Planet Sandbox Mainnet version on September 5th.
  • The difference is that the Mainnet version will run on the BNB Smart Chain Mainnet, so players do not need to receive BNB Testnet and receive $PSB Testnet.
  • It is necessary to have an available amount of $BNB and $PSB purchased through CEX/DEX exchanges stored in Metamask wallet to be able to buy Box on the upcoming September 5-7.

2. Instructions for participating in the Planet Sandbox Testnet experience

2.1. Instructions for downloading the game Planet Sandbox

Step 1: Visit https://app.planetsandbox.io/ download or click “DOWNLOAD GAME” at the interface in the step above.

Step 2: Select PC and click on Windows Installer to download the game.

Guide to download game planet sandbox step 2

Minimum configuration/requirements for playing Planet Sandbox on PC

Minimum configuration to play Planet Sandbox

The game publisher is planning to launch Planet Sandbox on the Mobile platform, which is expected to support both Android/IOS platforms in the near future.

2.2. Instructions for accessing the game

Step 1: After downloading the game and installing it successfully. Open “Planet Sandbox Launcher” and press “PLAY” to access the game

Instructions to access the game step 1

Step 2: At the login interface, select “LOGIN WITH PORTAL” to use Metamask wallet to log in to the game, and synchronize NFT information into the game.

Instructions to access the game step 2

Step 3: The browser interface appears, select “LOGIN WITH METAMASK” => select “Next“, “Sign” on the small interface of the Metamask wallet => to authenticate the connection to the wallet.

Instructions to access the game step 3

Step 4: When entering the game, you will need to set the account name in the game.

Instructions to access the game step 4

Step 5: At the main interface of the game, you can start participating in a Battle Royale match to experience the features of the testnet version by selecting “FIND MATCH

Instructions to access the game step 5

When 5 other players have been found, the match will begin.

Hopefully the above information will help you easily buy Mystery Box and connect to login to experience Planet Sandbox game more quickly.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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