[Basic] Pegaxy: Instructions on how to play the game

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Starting with the game Pegaxy with many new gamers will not know how to perform basic actions in the game. Below, the GameAZ team will show you how to play basic Pegaxy.

I’m Steven – Let’s learn how to play from A to Z!.

Key Takeaways:

  • Guide new players through the basic steps to start the game
  • P2E mechanism makes money in Pegaxy through the following activities: Breeding; Participate in races; Trade NFT items.

1. Instructions on how to play basic Pegaxy

After buying a Pega that you like, the player will proceed to the game to race the horse, the player does the following:

Step 1: Select Racing to enter the game

how to play pegaxy step 1

Step 2: Select Pick a Pega to proceed to choose a rented or purchased Pega

how to play pegaxy step 2

Step 3: Select Pega to race, and press Start to start looking for a race

how to play pegaxy step 3

Step 4: When the match is found, the Metamask window will appear for the player to sign to participate in the match.

Note: If enough people have signed up, the system will take you back to find another match.

how to play pegaxy step 4

Step 5: See what number your horse is on the track by looking at the highlighted highlight line.

how to play pegaxy step 5

Step 6: Start racing, the system will let the horse run, the player will not do anything more.

Note: Identify which land horse is in the top 1, 2, 3 by looking at the color; gold is in the top 1, silver is in the top 2, copper is in the top 3.

how to play pegaxy step 6

Step 7: The match is completed, and the reward is paid.

how to play pegaxy step 7

2. Play To Earn mechanism from the game Pegaxy

Players earn money in Pegaxy in the following ways:

  • Breed Pegas together to create a new generation of Pega, players can sell Pega or rent Pega to earn money.
  • Conduct in-game races to earn VIS, then sell to the exchange to earn money.
  • During the game, if you receive a rare and valuable Item, you can also trade it on Marketplace to earn USDT.

play to earn mechanism from pegaxy

Hopefully through the basic knowledge of instructions on how to play Pegaxy and the above Play to earn mechanism will help you earn money in the game.

3. Instructions on how to buy Pega

How to rent Pega is one of the extremely basic instructions on how to play Pegaxy so that gamers can start the game. Steven will first guide the player to buy Pega.

Step 1: After accessing Pegasy’s marketplace as above, players choose Marketplace > Pegas

how to buy pega step 1

Step 2: Here there will be a lot of Pegas that other players are selling, the player will choose the most suitable Pega and click on it.

how to buy pega step 2

Step 3: After consulting Pega’s parameters, the player will make a buying decision by clicking Buy > and proceed to payment.

how to buy pega step 3

4. Instructions on how to hire Pega

Step 1: Similar to buying Pega, players will also visit Pegaxy’s Marketplace > and select Renting.

guide to rent pega step 1

Step 2: Here, players will choose the mode they want to rent.

  • Pay Rent Fee (pay to rent Pega for a few days)
  • Share Profit (percentage)

guide to rent pega step 2

Step 3: Players proceed to find a Pega suitable for themselves, and suitable for the rental mode and check the parameters and information.

guide to rent pega step 3

Step 4: When deciding to rent, the player clicks Rent to proceed to rent Pega, Rent > make a transaction.

guide to rent pega step 4

Above are the instructions on how to play Pegaxy compiled by GameAZ so that you can understand the basic features to make the game experience easier.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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