[Basic] The Parallel: How to play Ascension

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After the article [Basic] The Parallel: Instructions to connect the wallet, you also understand how to start participating in the game. Below, the GameAZ team will show you basically how to play, specifically some actions for beginners in The Parallel: Ascension.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn basically how to play in The Parallel: Ascension!

Key Takeaways:

  • Guide new players to start the basic action to log into the game by accessing the link https://game.theparallel.io/ or https://theparallel.io/ and select “Play now”
  • Instructions on the basic steps to connect and start playing Ascension through the following steps: Connecting the game to the Metamask wallet, Confirming wallet connection, Preparing Paragon character, and finally choosing Game Mode (Free to Play, Play to Earn, Custom).

Step 1: Log in to the game

  • The game loading screen appears:

Step 2: Connect the game to the Metamask wallet

After loading, the game will ask you to connect to the Metamask wallet; Click “Metamask”.

Step 3: Confirm the wallet connection with the game

Press: “Next, Connect, Sign” to connect

Step 4: Prepare the Paragon character

  • The game will now take you to the main screen; Click “select” to continue.

  • Choose the character you want; the game has 10 characters for players to choose from.
  • Press “Select” to complete the character selection and enter the game.

Step 5: Choose game mode

Here players can choose separate game modes

  • Free to Play mode: For players who want to experience the game for free without initial investment but can still experience the game and get Runic Energy.
  • Play to Earn mode: A mode that allows players to experience the game and receive tokens or NFTs. It requires players buying NFT to experience this mode.
  • Custom: Create your own match to play with friends.

You are now ready to play the game!

Hopefully, the above basic knowledge of how to play The Parallel: Ascension will help you experience the game more easily.

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