[Basic] Ninneko: How to play

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Intro: Many newbies starting with the game may not know how to perform basic operations in the game. Let’s analyze with GameAZ about how to play and earn money in Ninneko through the article below.

I’m Steven — let’s learn how to play from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Detailed instructions on how to play the game through: Joining Combat and Upgrading Ninneko
  • Instructions on how to earn money in the game through activities: Joinning PvP, PvE, and Arena mode to receive valuable rewards such as BUSDT, NINO Token, and $MATA.

1. How to play

1.1. Instructions to join the battle

Step 1: Go to the previously downloaded game launcher, fill in the registered information.

Step 2: After you log in, you enter the game interface.

Step 3: At the game interface, select Adventure, to enter Battle mode.

Step 4: Select Battle to enter the lineup interface.

Step 5: At this step, the player has the right to rearrange the lineup so that it is reasonable, by holding select Ninneko and dragging to the position to be arranged.

Step 6: After arranging the lineup, choose Fight (automatically, no further action).

Step 7: After winning, the system will send you a reward.

1.2. Instructions to upgrade Ninneko

Step 1: Select Ninneko to upgrade > click on Ninneko.

Step 2: Select the blue arrow > click to upgrade.

2. Instructions to earn money from games

The players join PvP, PvE, and Arena mode to receive valuable rewards such as BUSDT, NINO Token, and $MATA.

The players also breed Ninneko for trade on the marketplace to earn BNB.

Hopefully, the above basic knowledge of how to play Ninneko will help you experience the game more easily.

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