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Mones is one of the extremely interesting Fantasy-style adventure games. However, for newbies, how to play Mones is still quite new, many of gamer don’t know how to start the game. Read this article together with GameAZ to know about the gameplay of this game.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A-Z with me!

Key Takeaways:

  • Instructions for basic actions when playing Mones such as Setting up a squad, Joining Adventure and Arena modes in the game.
  • Detailed information about interface and how to play the game modes including Adventure, Arena, Twin Towers, Dungeon.

1. Instructions on how to set up a lineup

The first thing you need to know is that each team will have a maximum of 5 battle positions equivalent to 5 heroes.

  • When participating in Adventure Mode, you can set up to 3 heroes.
  • But when playing Twin Tower, Dungeon and Arena Mode, you can only place 1 hero.

In Mones there will be 4 different types of lineups including Basic, Balanced, Upgraded and Guard.

Each lineup of users will have a maximum level of 80. The higher levels are, the better stats are. Obviously, anyone may completely upgrade the level with the Enhance function which requires you to spend your copper (The higher the level, the more coppers it requires).

To set up your lineup, everyone will need to drag the Heroes into the position you want. However, when participating in Adventure mode, you can completely choose Auto Arrange to automatically arrange the positions of Heroes in the most reasonable way.

2. Adventure Mode

2.1. Introduction

To understand how to play Mones, you need to know about Adventure Modes.

In this mode you will be able to get rewards for facing various enemies. When you explore longer, it is certain that stronger enemies appear with more precious rewards.

You can enter Adventure Mode by consuming the stamina you have (The higher the chapter is, the greater the amount of stamina required).

There are currently 3 chapters on each continent and you can explore from stage 1-1 to 7-10 for each chapter. For the Tillien Continent, there will be up to 8-9 chapters, and can start from stage 8-1 to stage 9-10.

When participating in Adventure Mode, you will have a chance to meet Epic Monsters. After receiving all the rewards of the current chapter, the spawn rate of these types of monsters will increase for each level. When the Probability of Epic Monsters reaches 100%, Epic Monsters will spawn during that phase.

When you have completed a chapter, you will have a chance to receive an achievement reward equivalent to the number of stars obtained for passing a level.

2.2. Preparation steps

  • Select troops: You can choose and manage your troops as I instructed above and continue the adventure.
  • Combat Power: This will be a stat that reflects your squad’s fighting strength, everyone’s army’s current Combat Strength will be displayed and table difficulty will be displayed based on the battle strength of your lineup.
  • Auto Repeat Battle: It can be used after you complete stages 1-5. You can set the end of consecutive matches, set the number of consecutive matches, and set the notification of the end of the match.
  • Clear Ticket: Instead of choosing to play, you can also choose to pass the chapter immediately by using a ticket.
  • Enter: After consuming the specified amount of stamina, you can enter the adventure.

2.3. Beginning the game

When participating in the battle, there are a few things you need to know:

  • Progress bar: The progress of the chapter (monster wave) will be displayed here.
  • Power saving mode: Can only be used after passing stages 1-10.
  • Auto skill: When activated, the hero will automatically use his skill.
  • Double speed setting: When activated, the speed of the chapter will double.
  • Pause: You can pause, set options, and quit while the adventure is happening.
  • Advanced strategy: During the adventure, you can move heroes randomly or use skills through advanced strategy.
  • Strategy points: This point will be used for Advanced Strategy. 500 points are paid as standard and 4 points are increased for each account level. (Points reset every time you join a battle)
  • 8 points are deducted for moving the hero.
  • 3 points are deducted for attacking heroes.
  • 5 points are deducted for using skills.
  • 10 points deducted for using the ultimate skill.
  • Combat Command: You can select each hero and give commands like move, use skills or wait to move.

3. Arena Mode in Mones

This will be a PvP mode that allows people to fight with other players. Each arena season will last 2 weeks; and after the season ends, rewards will be collected based on the rank of each season you have entered.

In addition, $MONES Tokens and Trophies can be awarded as rewards for winning.

Some notes for you to participate in Arena are:

  • The first match is played by bots, not users.
  • You can store up to 5 daggers, one entry item and charge every 30 minutes if the quantity is less.

Currently in this mode there are 6 groups of tiers and 24 tiers divided according to your score as follows:

Your ranking points will be summed up based on the results of each PvP match. When starting to participate in Arena, everyone will have a starting score of 800 corresponding to Bronze 5.

After each victory in PvP, you will receive points and vice versa, when you lose, you will lose points. However, your points will never be deducted below 800 (The number of points added or deducted after each match depends on the tier difference between you and your opponent).

Duels take place between 5 members of your army and 5 members of the enemy army in which players cannot use Advanced Strategy.

During the match, the skill is used automatically and you will win if you kill 5 enemy champions first or if the ally’s HP is higher after the timeout.

After entering the arena, the match will last 10 minutes from the start.

4. Twin Towers Mode

You will be able to start participating in this mode when you have passed [Adventure Starsiz Chapter 1] 1 -10

For this mode, each tower has 10 floors and Quartz will be used to enter the towers. When the Twin Towers are reset, new attributes will be given to the towers.

Some things you need to know when participating in Twin Towers mode:

  • Choosing Tower: You can choose to enter the Angel Tower or the Dragon Tower.
  • Angel Tower: All heroes can enter the tower unlimitedly. When choosing this tower, players can obtain craft stones, magic stones and skill stones after passing the tower.
  • Dragon Tower: All heroes can enter the tower with no limit, but the tower’s attributes and other heroes’ stats will be reduced by 50% if the element doesn’t match.

You can get items like Monster Soul Stones, Magic Stones, and metal fragments with the same properties as the tower.

5. Dungeon Mode in Mones

Everyone can enter this mode once they have passed [Adventure Starsiz Chapter 1] 3-10

For Dungeon mode, you will have one participation per day. When you pass 1 Dungeon, everyone will have the opportunity to receive Elemental cores or Super cores to support upgrading their Heroes.

When participating in the Dungeon, you will need to know the following information:

  • Materials required: Elemental stones used as entry materials are charged once per day.
  • Elemental Info: You can earn cores with different elements every day, and the elements that can be earned that day can be checked here.
  • Difficulty levels:

Difficulty levels of Normal and Hell where you can get Elemental cores

Difficulty levels of Normal and Hell where you can get Super Cores.

  • You can enter one dungeon for free every day.
  • Rewards: Core information can be obtained when players clear the selected dungeon and time.
  • Dungeon Entry: You will be able to enter for free once, but if you want to participate more than once, you can also use rubies or tickets to the elemental dungeon.

Hopefully, the above basic knowledge of how to play Mones will help you experience the game more easily.

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