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After the tutorial article “How to create an account in Metabot”, you also understand how to start participating in the game. Below, the GameAZ team will show you how to play Metabot, specifically the main operations in 2 modes PvE and PvP for beginners.

Mình là Harry – Cùng mình đi tìm hiểu cách chơi cơ bản trong Metabot nhé!

I’m Harry – Let’s learn how to play the basics in Metabot!

Key Takeaways

  • Guide beginners on the basic actions to enter the PvP mode and PvE mode of the game Metabot.
  • An overview of the gameplay in Metabot, specifically: how to control, move, attack and communicate with other players in the game.
  • Guide the player to access the Robot customization menu to equip Weapons/Armor/Pylon/Personnel or change to another type of Robot according to their preferences.

1. Instructions on how to play Metabot – PvP Mode

After logging in to the game, select “Player vs Player Arena” => Players will be taken to a custom screen before playing.

how to play Metabot

In this mode customization screen, players can choose different modes such as: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Custom TDM, Custom CTF, Football.

There are 2 default game modes, specifying the number of players that cannot be changed: Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag:

  • The default Team Deathmatch mode is 2v2v2v2 (It can be understood that 2 players on the same team will fight with 6 players from 3 different teams).
  • The default Capture the Flag mode is 3v3.

Besides, there are 3 optional game modes: Custom TDM, Custom CTF, Football. In these Custom modes, players can customize the number of players in the match according to their preferences by simply clicking on “Custom Mode” and selecting the appropriate mode:

  • Custom TDM can customize the number of players like 1v1, 2v2, 1v1v1v1, 2v2v2v2.

  • Custom CTF can customize the number of players like 2v2, 4v4.

  • Football mode customizes the number of players like 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, 6v6.

After choosing the game mode and customizing the appropriate number of players, the player needs to choose the battle terrain map.

After selecting the Map, press “Queue” to move to the Matchmaking stage.

It will take a little while for the system to find enough people with the same settings to join the match, the game will start when everyone is ready.

2. Instructions on how to play Metabot – PvE Mode

At the main menu interface, select “Player vs Enemies Challenges” to enter PvE (Play with Bot) mode.

Players will be taken to a pre-match custom screen with an interface similar to the PvP mode but with a slight difference.

You can choose from game modes such as: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Football, Boss Challenge, Random Challenge and can also choose the appropriate Terrain Map. Currently, the game has 3 Terrain Maps for players to choose.

After making the right choices, press “Queue” to enter the battle.

At this point, the game will bring you into the game and the battle will begin.

With just the above simple operations, you can enjoy the game in PvE mode already.

3. Gameplay in Metabot

  • Players use the left button to move (Trackpad) to move like other mobile games.
  • On the right is the skill set of the Robot and the button to use the Skill suitable for each type of Metabot (Tank, Assault, Controller, Healer, Sniper).
  • There is also a message button in the upper right corner that allows you to send messages to exchange tactics with your teammates, or you can make friends with players who are present in the room.

4. Robot Customization Guide

At the main menu interface, select the item “SELECT ROBOT”.

In this section, you can choose the Robots you own, as well as change the Weapons that the robot has to be able to create a “unique” Robot of your own.

  • If you want to change the current Robot, just click on that Robot’s avatar in the “Select Robot” section.
  • Similar to changing Weapons/Armor, just click on the Weapon/Armor image displayed under “Weapon/Armor” => press “Add” => Robot will be equipped with Weapons/Armor like brothers would like.
  • Besides, if you have bought Pylon/Personnel, do the same thing to equip the Robot to increase its strength and improve the win rate.

Hopefully through the basic knowledge of the instructions on how to play Metabot above will help you experience the game more easily.

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