[Basic] Lime Odyssey M: How to play for Newbie

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Through the overview article about the Lime Odyssey M project, you must have had a detailed look at the extremely interesting NFT Game project that is attracting a large number of Users, right. Here are detailed instructions on how to play Lime Odyssey M to help you understand how to make money from this online MMORPG.

I’m Harry – let’s learn the features and how to play Lime Odyssey M from AZ.

Key Takeaways:

  • System of characters and pets PvE, PvP, Infinite Dungeon, World Boss, Raid Boss, Dessert Dreaming game modes are the main features to grasp of the game Lime Odyssey M.
  • Basic functions to know of ITAM Games ‘ NFT Marketplace .
  • Guide players using the BSC network Metamask wallet to start participating in Lime Odyssey M through https://itam.games/sign-in?redirect=/accounts/me/collection .
  • How to download the game to mobile devices (Android – ios) via the link https://lomwithitam.gitbook.io/limeodysseym/about/download
  • How to activate/verify the account, connect to the player’s wallet by going to https://itam.games/accounts/me/auth .

1. LimeOdyssey’s Features

1.1 Character and pet system

In the game, you can form many teams with a variety of tactics including your character and pets. Each character class will have a pet accompanying it to complement the advantages and disadvantages of that character class. The goal is to apply many different tactics to each different fierce battle.

Here are the character classes and pets you can own to build a diverse squad:

Karena & Mush Tanker

  • Character Name: Karena
  • Fighting style: Defense
  • Features: Balance between attack and defense
  • Description: Karena has the appearance of a girl that stands out for possessing a long spear with impressive attack damage. Along with her heavy armor, Karena has the highest defense in the game while also having a good balance between attack and defense.
  • Pet: Mush Tanker
  • Features: Assist Karena in the attack and provide emergency support to pump blood in battles against bosses.

Teddy & Bigdozer

  • Character Name: Teddy
  • Fighting style: Defense
  • Distinctive Trait: Special Defense Ability
  • Description: Teddy is a heavy cavalry that easily frustrates opponents with superb defensive skills coupled with a powerful damage attack. Teddy is a character with extremely high physical strength and attack power that can finish off enemies with just one hit.
  • Pet: Bigdozer
  • Features: Has a skill that increases Teddy’s defense and attack stats.

Tez & Pussinboots

  • Character Name: Tez
  • Fighting style: Attack
  • Special Features: Good solo combat ability
  • Description: Tez is an undefeated swordsman in 1 vs 1 singles, considered the best soloist.
  • Pets: Pussinboots
  • Feature: A skill that increases Tez’s attack stats and helps in boss fights

Ciara & Cutiphan

  • Character Name: Ciara
  • Fighting style: Defense 
  • Distinctive feature: High defense in single combat
  • Description: Ciara is a knight who has the ability to inflict physical + magical attacks on a single target at the same time, and can use support magic moves to increase his ability in battle.
  • Pet: Cutiphan
  • Feature: Skill increases Ciara’s attack ability & helps when dealing with bosses.

Recter & Desertfox

  • Character Name: Recter
  • Fighting style: Defense
  • Special Features: Self-healing ability & counterattack skill
  • Description: Recter is a hunter with a defensive fighting style that waits for the opponent’s opening to counter attack = fast and critical attack. Especially the ability to self-heal while defending makes Recter difficult to defeat.
  • Pet: Desertfox
  • Features: A skill that enhances Recter’s attack & defense at the same time.

Sonicat & Tipirybaby

  • Character Name: Sonicat
  • Fighting style: Attack
  • Special Features: Critical Kill Skill
  • Description: Sonicat is an assassin, stealthy body, the ability to assassinate opponents very quickly, dubbed the one who ends the war = a single fatal attack.
  • Pet: Tipirybaby
  • Feature: Sonicat’s ability to increase critical attack power and attack stats

Tania & Cutiphan

  • Character Name: Tania
  • Fighting style: Support 
  • Distinctive feature: Wide range of support skills
  • Description: Tania is a sorceress who specializes in using magic to control the mind of her enemies, stunning them/mistaking them for her allies. Tania’s magic has a wide range of effects on enemies
  • Pet: Cutiphan
  • Trait: A skill that increases Tania’s attack and helps in dealing with bosses.

Hetia & Redpig

  • Character Name: Hetia
  • Fighting style: Support
  • Distinctive feature: Continuous damage skill
  • Description: Hetia is an archer with continuous damage = continuous arrows at high speed
  • Pet: Redpig
  • Trait: A skill that increases Hetia’s attack and defense

Linda & Lesserpanda

  • Character Name: Linda
  • Fighting style: Attack
  • Special Features: Deals a wide range of physical damage
  • Description: Linda is a musketeer with extremely fast movement speed. It is possible to cause the opponent to fall into various abnormal states thanks to the skill of using magic bullets.
  • Pets: Lesserpanda
  • Trait: A skill that increases Linda’s attack and defense

Nanhee & Emperorpenguin

  • Character Name: Nanhee
  • Fighting style: Attack
  • Special Features: Powerful Magic Skills
  • Description: Nanhee has the ability to overwhelm opponents = powerful magic. Nanhee can select enemies to attack with powerful magic and inflict an abnormal state when hit.
  • Pet: Emperorpenguin
  • Trait: Skill that powers up critical hits and increases Nanhee’s attack stats

Sharon & Chartreux

  • Character Name: Sharon
  • Fighting style: Support
  • Distinctive feature: Skill that causes an abnormal state to the opponent
  • Description: Sharon is a beautiful princess who puts enemies in a state of bewilderment with her musical instrument
  • Pet: Chartreux
  • Trait: A skill that increases attack power and helps when dealing with bosses

Flora & Waterfairy

  • Character Name: Flora
  • Fighting style: Support 
  • Salient feature: Support skills for teammates
  • Description: Flora is a goddess with the ability to restore blood, heal wounds, and buffs to raise stats for teammates.
  • Pet: Waterfairy
  • Feature: The skill increases Flora’s attack & defense at the same time.

1.2 Game modes

There are a total of 6 game modes: Campaign, Infinite Dungeon, Dual Battle, World Boss, Raid Boss, Dreaming Dessert with various challenges and missions ranging from easy to difficult corresponding to different valuable rewards.

1.2.1 Campaign (PvE)

There are a total of 24 chapters and 280 different levels, the more you win and continue to participate in the following screens, the stronger the monsters, the more valuable the items received.


  • Move the battle in the pre-installed map, adventure through the levels in each different map.

  • Flexible coordination of character skills and pets in the team you have chosen before entering the Campaign.

  • Conquer, complete all levels in this mode.


Get valuable materials to upgrade characters, equipment and items

1.2.2 Dual Battle (PvP)

It can be said that this is a mode for you to compare your fighting skills as well as show your character level in the game with other players.

This is LOM’s PvP arena, which will definitely bring fierce competition to gamers.

Players with good tactics will be more likely to win.

The ranking system will be reset weekly. Rewards are given to players after each reset..


  • Fight, destroy other players to win

  • Won 2 innings out of 3 in total.

  • Get ranked in the top weekly


Support items and materials to enhance existing weapons

1.2.3 Infinite Dungeon (Dungeon Mode – Tower Climbing)

There are 2 types of towers in this mode: The Infinite Tower & The Temple of the Moon, each tower will have 100 floors for you to test your character’s strength, this is where you can collect different skill cards for character skill upgrade.


  • Kill all the monsters on each floor

  • Optionally, set up the character in the team in accordance with the advantages and disadvantages of the monsters on each floor to win


Skill cards used to upgrade character skills are obtained immediately after winning the floor.

1.2.4 World Boss

This is a solo PvE boss battle mode, conquering the boss 3 times / day. In this mode, you will have to overcome many waves of monsters and keep your team until the last wave to fight the boss to receive the reward.


  • Research the characteristics of the boss and arrange a lineup of characters with the right skill set to last to the end

  • Conquer and destroy the boss 3 times / day


Winning gets Soul Stones that can be used to summon new characters and pets.

1.2.5 Raid Boss

Unlike World Boss which is a solo PvE mode, Raid Boss is a Co-Op mode (co-op with other players). This mode is only open at certain times of the day. The biggest boss battle takes place 3 times a day. Each time frame will have a boss with different characteristics, stats, and difficulty.

This is the event with the largest number of players with special rare value rewards. A Raid Boss battle allows up to 4 players to participate at the same time.


Total damage to the boss more than other players will be counted as the winner in this mode.


Optional Stones (used to inlay equipment, weapons to increase stats) and special rare Runes.

1.2.6 Dessert Dreaming

This mode is probably the most unique in LimeOdysseyM. This is like a fun game mode with extra rewards.


Defeat the boss from the 1st to the 3rd floor and collect all the treasure chests to get rewards. In particular, you are not counted as winning if you intentionally pass through the floor without collecting the treasure chest and have not defeated the boss of that floor.


Get Optional Stones (used to inlay on equipment, weapons to increase stats)

1.3 In-game NFT Market

LimeOdysseyM is released by ITAM Games, so NFT items such as characters, character skills, keys … when participating in game modes you accumulate can be traded at ITAM Games’ NFT Marketplace

To start trading here you need to own $ITAM token for transaction fees. Because of the brand name change, from January 7, 2022 all transactions on NFT Marketplace will use the $ITAMCUBE token instead of the $ITAM token.

Functions available on NFT Marketplace:

  • Market: Market for buying and selling items NFT = $ITAMCUBE
  • Shop: Used to buy and sell in-game items = $LOM
  • Stake: Use NFT items to send to stake to receive ITAM tokens after 10 days
  • INO: Used to exchange NFT items purchased at the previous NFT sale event for in-game NFT equipment
  • Vote: Put the stake token $ITAMCUBE in exchange for the right to vote to contribute to the development of the game.

2. Instructions to download and connect Metamask wallet

Players can use the BSC network Metamask wallet to join LimeOdysseyM. For all information on how to use Metamask wallet and how to add BSC network, players can refer ( here ).

Step 1: Visit https://itam.games/sign-in?redirect=/accounts/me/collection page and connect Metamask wallet to ITAM Cube platform

Step 2: Download the game to your mobile device (Android – ios)


Step 3: Go to the game interface and click Game Option on the main screen interface

Step 4: Click “Register Wallet” button

Step 5: Enter the Metamask wallet address connected to the NFT Marketplace in Step 1.

Step 6: Access to https://itam.games/accounts/me/auth will see the account you have registered to download games on your phone.

You need to authenticate this account associated with the Metamask wallet address to be able to start playing the game by clicking the Authentication button.

Return to the mobile game interface and start experiencing LOM.

3. Community

  • ITAM Cube Website: https://cube.store
  • Gitbook LOM: https://lomwithitam.gitbook.io/limeodysseym
  • Twitter LOM: https://twitter.com/LimeOdysseyM
  • Twitter ITAM Cube: https://twitter.com/itamcube
  • Telegram: https://t.me/LimeOdysseyMOfficial
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/EeAwkBBf
  • Medium: https://limeodysseym.medium.com
  • Youtube: https://t.co/A3XZUisN6a

This is information of Guide about How to play Lime Odyssey M for newbie need to read.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas please email: [email protected].

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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