[Basic] Guide to play Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict

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The game can only be converted from Titanium to WEMIX when reaching HQ level 18, so the game can be divided into two basic stages: Before reaching HQ LV 18 and after reaching HQ LV 18. In this article, we will discuss mainly to level 18 for players to unlock the token exchange feature

1. EARLY GAME (HQ LV1 => 10)

  • The first stage is quite simple, players will be fully guided by the game, players just need to follow and can reach HQ level 5 quickly. Then the player can freely control in the game
  • Players should prioritize daily missions because these are easy tasks to do and gain many valuable resources.

Tip: (applies to mobile players only): Daily tasks for players to exchange mission points, players should not change immediately, but should accumulate a sufficient amount (10 missions), choose to watch ads to get the advantage of x2 rewards and then exchange them at once, thus maximizing the amount of resources collected much more.

  • Besides doing daily tasks, players need to perform Quest list. Quests are usually more difficult and take longer to complete, but when done will reward the player with a lot of resources.
  • Always produce enough missiles and AFVs to ensure the combat formation is always ready for duty.
  • Log in to the game daily to receive rewards, for mobile players can watch ads to increase x2 rewards.

The biggest problem players face at this stage will be the production of fleets and home upgrades that take a lot of materials and time. Players need:

  • Pay attention to upgrade the mines to mine resources faster
  • Produce enough ships in the formation, do not overproduce because of the waste of resources. Instead, focus on upgrading ships because a ship can be used by the player for 3 levels until a new ship is unlocked.
  • Focus on upgrading in the lab: Focus on upgrading the Economy part to reduce the cost of upgrading the house, increase the productivity of resource exploitation.
  • Joining an alliance: Joining an alliance gives players a lot of advantages such as: Get free resources, do daily tasks faster, get help with resources from people in the alliance, get Alliance points can be converted to titanium when certain conditions are met, … and most importantly, players can unlock an additional squad to do tasks quickly and efficiently exploit resources.


During this stage, leveling up HQ will become more difficult due to consuming a lot of resources, players should note the following instructions:

  • Upgrade in the laboratory: It is necessary to upgrade the parameters of the battleship in the “Ship” section to be able to do higher level quests.
  • Upgrade House: Focus on upgrading important buildings such as: HQ, Ship Yard, Armory, Missle Factory, resource factories, Workshop, Research Lab. Other buildings can be upgraded later if the game requires.

Above, GameAZ has analyzed for you how to play Gunship Battle in stages so that you can go through the difficulties of starting in and progressing to the stage where you can make money every day.

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Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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