[Basic] Elpis Battle: How To Play Basically

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After the explaining article about the features available In Elpis Battle, GameAZ will guide you on how to play this Game in the most basic way to help you grasp how to start the game effectively.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z through the following article!

1. Operation mechanism in Elpis Battle

Operation mechanism in Elpis Battle

The gameplay mechanism of the game is also quite simple. Each player only needs to build a squad with at least 4 NFT generals to be able to start the battle.

In Elpis’ character system, each NFT will be given a different combat role (attack ability, defense, …).

A character will include:

  • Human: NFT is characterized by fast learning, intelligence and adaptability in many environments. Besides, there are also clear and clever tactics.
  • Elves: This is a race living in the wild with human form but much smaller and faster. The mission of the elves is to fight the invaders to protect their territory.
  • Naga: A hybrid race of humans and snakes that often appear in myths. This character possesses a charming appearance with an enchanting voice and special fighting abilities that can distract and defeat enemies in battles.
  • Orcs: As the race with the tallest and strongest body, this is a race with an extremely aggressive temper and difficulty to get along with other people. However, thanks to the advantage of appearance, Orcs are warriors who can fight persistently in all battlefields, even the harshest environments.
  • Angel: Considered a symbol of light and life, representing creativity and energy in the group. Angel is also the tribe with the least population among the tribes.
  • Dwarf: The main territory of the Trolls on the continent is the areas located in the cliffs and the snowy underground. They had a knack for forging weapons thanks to the heat of the volcanoes in the ground.

The territorial system in Elpis is extremely diverse with distinct environmental characteristics. Besides, environmental factors are also considered to be the main factors affecting the character, so you should choose the warriors to suit the arena as much as possible.

2. Upgrading NFT Items

Players can upgrade their NFT items such as: Pets, Heroes, Items and Skills by training and character training.

Trading System: The trading system for users in the unlimited Elpis space, the NFTs that you own can freely trade in Elpis’ NFT Marketplace or freely trade on other Marketplaces.

In addition, Elpis is also considered as a Multiplayer System – a gaming system that allows many players to experience a variety of game modes such as PvP, Adventure, Rental Hero.

3. Instructions on how to play basically in Elpis Battle

  • Step 1: Since this is a game played on the web, you can access the game through the following link:  https://elpis.game/play
  • Step 2: After accessing the, select Login to log in.

Instructions on how to play basically in Elpis Battle

The main interface of Elpis Battle will include the following main items:

  1. Daily quests.

  2. Summarize game currencies (EBA tokens, estone, MEG tokens).

  3. The amount of energy played in a day.

  4. Chests containing money, list of generals and battles.

Elpis battle main interface

In matches, each champion will have unique skills and engage in turn-based combat. When it’s their turn, players will need to choose the target that best suits their skills with the aim of defeating the opponent as soon as possible. The game will end when 1 of 2’s pieces are destroyed.

Up until now, Elpis Battle has only released one game mode, PVE (Fighting Monsters) and users will earn a reward of $MEG through winning levels.

Players can use $MEG to swap out other stablecoins and earn their profits or use it as a fee to continue summoning other NFT champions.

The Summoning mechanism in Elpis is similar to breeding in Axie Infinity or mentoring in Cyball. Users can use these summed characters to continue fighting and increase their $MEG earnings or sell them as an NFT on the game’s Marketplace area.

The cost of summoning will be used by the project publishing team to burn $MEG to ensure balance and reduce inflation in the game when players farm out too much $MEG.

4. Basic way of making money from Elpis Battle

Players can earn and own Token $EBA by the following ways:

  • Staking: use $EBA to participate in the stalking program to receive $EBA.
  • Play to Earn: players after completing tasks in the game will receive $EBA amount which will depend on each mission.
    • Elpis Battle will give you 20 energy / 1 day equivalent to 20 matches. Each win will earn 9-12 MEG/match. However, the maximum can only earn 200 MEG / 1 day.
  • Marketplace: Buy $EBA on supported exchanges.

Above are all instructions on how to play Elpis Battle as well as how players can earn money very simply.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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