[Basic] Cyball: Guide for Newbie

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Cyball is an interesting NFT football game with a unique story-building plot. However, the gameplay is still quite new, so many gamers still do not know how to play Cyball? So let’s analyze with GameAZ how to play and make money in Cyball with the article below.

I’m Drake – let’s learn how to play from A to Z!

Key Takeaways

  • Detailed instructions on how to play the game through: How to choose players to compete; How to participate in events and tournaments.
  • Instructions on how to make money in Cyball through the following activities: Trade NFT CyBlocs and Spread Packs; Rent and Leasing NFT; Win battles in Exhibition mode.

1. Instructions on how to play Cyball

Access the game with the newly downloaded app

1.1 Choose players to play

To select Cybloc to compete, players choose Collection to select players to play > Apply to save the lineup

1.2 Join the competition

Step 1: Players choose Exhibition 3vs3 to find a match

Step 2: Wait for the matchmaking system, find a suitable opponent

Step 3: Find the opponent, at this step the player should take a look at the opponent’s squad to make the right strategies.

Step 4: Choose the strategy players want to use and start playing

Step 5: Each game, a Key Event will appear for players to play based on the Key Event

Step 6: Choose a player that fits the given Key Event to play

Step 7: Choose the right card to fight the opponent

Step 8: Wait for the players to play and wait for the result to win or lose

Note: Follow the above steps to go to the end of the match, players need to read the game features clearly to understand the player’s effects, key events, tactics to have higher win rate.

In the case of a penalty shootout (tie) it will be as follows:

For goal keeper, just click to choose left, straight, right to catch the ball

For shooters, also click to select the shooting side.

In the event of a tie in 5 penalty shootouts, a decisive kick will be added i.e first to score wins.

2. P2E mechanics in Cyball – How to make money in the game

Knowing how to play the basic Cyball, and knowing how the P2E mechanism in Cyball are both important. Below, GameAz suggests some ways to generate income from games:

  • Profit from arbitrage trading NFT CyBlocs and Packs

  • Win Exhibition battles including League and Tournament

  • Rent out NFTs and get a percentage return when tenants win matches with your NFT CyBlocs

  • Hire other players’ NFTs to join battles and win rewards for winning

Economic model & monetization mechanism in CyBall

In addition, players can join the Gaming Guild to receive enthusiastic support from other players in the Guild thereby increasing win rate and also getting a good profit sharing.

Hopefully, through the basic knowledge on how to play Cyball above, it will help you enjoy the game more.

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Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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