[Basic] Hero Arena: Guide to participating in the Scholarship program (Scholarship)

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The Hero Arena Scholarship Program is a great opportunity to expand your income without losing your player’s initial investment, as well as an opportunity to build relationships and learn from players’ experiences with the Gaming Guilds. The following article from GameAZ team will guide you how to register to participate and details about service fees, revenue profit so that you can understand this feature better.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn how to join the A-Z Scholarship program!

Key Takeaways:

  • Instructions on how to apply for the Gaming Guild and Players Scholarship
  • Instructions on how to check transactions of Scholars for Gaming Guild
  • Instructions for players on how to receive Heroes NFT when successfully registering for the Scholarship program
  • Service Fee & Profit Sharing from the Scholarship Program

1.For Gaming Guild

There are 4 easy steps to sign up with the Guild Partner Section:

Step 1: Go to https://scholarship.heroarena.app/form/guild

Step 2: Submit the form, fill in all the information and submit PitchDesk, your Gaming Guild short BIO trailer.

Step 3: Hero Arena will contact directly via email, and Community Manager (CM) will directly schedule to speak directly with a representative of Guild Gaming through an online meeting. The content of the discussion includes rights, conditions, agreements and general information between Guild Gaming and Hero Arena.

Step 4: After closing the cooperation deal between the two parties and announcing the cooperation notice, the Gaming Guild will send a whitelist to Hero Arena (including players who are eligible to become Scholars).

Step 5: Hero Arena will transfer the Scholarship to the whitelist that the Gaming Guild has sent. The Gaming Guild will then have access to live tracking of the Scholarship’s earning status and activity at the Hero Arena Website.

1.1. How to check player transactions for Gaming Guild

Gaming Guilds that have players participating in the Scholarship program can check the member’s transactions at the link


Step 1: Select “My item”

Step 2: Select the “Transaction” tab to filter the information of each player wallet registered to participate in the Scholarship

2. For Players

To receive the Scholarship and get a starting lineup of 5 Heroes for free, you need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Go to https://scholarship.heroarena.app/form/user

Step 2: Submit the application form, fill in all information and send your CV/short introduction.

Step 3: Quick 5-10 Minute Interview (Meet/Chat Online) with Hero Arena’s scholarship staff to discuss the conditions to receive the Scholarship.

Step 4: Once approved, you will receive an email from Hero Arena and will be in the list of players receiving the Weekly/Monthly Scholarship (including account name and wallet address).

Step 5: Access Profile at website https://scholarship.heroarena.app , connect your registered wallet to receive the Scholarship and click “Claim” to receive 5-Hero lineup.

2.1. Important notes when applying for the Scholarship program

When you apply for a Scholarship program, it is very easy to make mistakes that may make it difficult for you to receive the Scholarship. So, before you sign up, pay attention to the following important things:

  • Follow the instructions: With any Scholarship, be sure to read the application instructions carefully and don’t forget to leave out any required information. If you do not complete the form, your application may be denied.
  • Pay attention to scholarship deadlines: In Hero Arena, the earlier you submit your application, the more likely you are to be accepted. Hero Arena adheres very closely to application deadlines, so if your application does not arrive on time it will be rejected – no exceptions.
  • Try to submit your application early: Even if you can write your application early, don’t wait until the last minute to apply. The sooner you apply, the better your chances of getting a scholarship.

2.2 How to get NFT Heroes from the Scholarship program

Step 1: Go to https://scholarship.heroarena.app and select “Connect Wallet” to connect to the wallet registered to receive the Scholarship

Step 2: After connecting the wallet, the user selects “My Item”

Step 3:Players who have been approved for the scholarship by Hero Arena, click “Claim” button to start Mint and get NFT

Step 4: The NFT has been granted and players can enter the game to play. Each wallet in each Pools will have 5 Heroes, but the quality of Heroes in each Pools is different.

When the transfer is complete, the system will send an email informing that the heroes have been granted and the user can enter the game to play.

2.3. Service fee & revenue profit when players withdraw $HEGEM of the Scholarship program

When a player withdraws $HEGEM from “Earn” through the Scholarship program, the withdrawal fee will be charged according to the formula:

  • 0-9999 $HEGEM = 40% of total $HEGEM withdrawal
  • 10,000-49999 $HEGEM = 20% of total $HEGEM withdrawal
  • 50,000-99999 $HEGEM = 5% of total $HEGEM withdrawal
  • 100,000 $HEGEM = 2% of total $HEGEM withdrawals

Players can withdraw up to 100,000 $HEGEM / day and withdraw the following profits by group. At the same time, the profit based on revenue will be shared with the Gaming Guild in the Pools according to the following table:

  Heroes NFT nhận được(Bậc Hiếm) Chia Lợi Nhuận$HEGEM(Người chơi/Gaming Guild) Thời Gian Chơi được phép Yêu cầu số trận chơi tối thiểu
Pool 1 3 Common – 2 Rare 80/20 (%) 60 phút 12 trận hoặc hơn
Pool 2 2 Common – 2 Rare – 1 Elite 70/30 (%) 75 phút 12 trận hoặc hơn
Pool 3 2 Common – 2 Elite – 1 Legendary 60/40 (%) 90 phút 15 trận hoặc hơn
Pool 4 1 Common – 1 Rare – 1 Elite – 1 Legendary – 1 Immortal 50/50 (%) 120 phút 15 trận hoặc hơn

2.4 How to withdraw $HEGEM

Step 1: Visit the link https://nft.heroarena.app

Step 2: Players choose “Withdraw”, enter the amount of $HEGEM you want to withdraw and confirm the information. The system will automatically calculate the Service Fee and Revenue Profit according to the table above

Step 3: Player successfully withdraws money. At that time, the player’s wallet also receives $HEGEM.

2.5 Notes when using Heroes NFT Scholarship program

  • Users only use Heroes on the game, not allowed to transfer, trade, heroes on the market or directly on BSC Scan.
  • Hero Arena’s support team will keep track of the player’s minimum online time and minimum battle (information taken from the game page). If players do not meet the conditions within 2 days in a row, they will be alerted.
  • Each Pool will have a different number of time and battle regulations. If a player does not meet 1 of the 2 conditions above for 2 days in a row, he will be put on the warning list.
  • Form of Warning: Hero Arena Support Team is entitled to revoke by burning the player’s existing Heroes.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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