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Hero Blaze is a game based on the famous Three Kingdoms story and developed by WEMIX – a famous game publishing team in Korea. Through this article, GameAZ will share with you the experience of optimizing Hero Blaze profits when investing in this game as well as how to make money most effectively.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Instructions on how to use the lineup in the most reasonable way.
  • Routine: Complete the day’s activities and tasks for maximum rewards.

hero blaze three kingdom

1 How to receive rewards & withdraw tokens

1.1 How to receive rewards

Hero Blaze’s method of receiving rewards is very special and different from other games because when you reach the top of 3 Challenge mode activities, the rewards are divided by day to pay you.

For example: In 3 activities, I only reached the top 1001-1500 in 1 activity, which means that next week I will receive 315 Stone divided by 7 days. That is, 315:7=45 => Every day receive 45 Stones.

This way is to avoid that gamers receive rewards and are discharged continuously, causing the token to depreciate.

1.2 Preliminary calculation and withdrawal of tokens

withdraw tokens in hero blaze

After receiving the reward, you need to go to the page: Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms for MUDOL2 (heroblaze3kd.io) to change the Stone to $MUDOL2 and withdraw the token to your wallet.

The condition to withdraw tokens is also an anti-inflation mechanism of the game, which are:

  • You must have more than 500 Stones in your account.
  • Only 250 tokens can be exchanged for $MUDOL2/day per day.
  • Exchange Rate is 9.59 Stone = 1 $MUDOL2
  • Exchange Fee is 3%/transaction

Preliminary calculation based on the minimum reward at rank 1001-1500:

  • If we get 161 Stones a day, we need 4 days to exchange it once.
  • Each month we can exchange 8 times so the number 4560 Stone will not be used up because of the principle of 500 Stone in the wallet.
  • The table below is the number of tokens and USDT received in 1 exchange per day:


Exchange Rate

Exchange Fee


Token Price








NOTE: Calculations are for reference only and token prices are at the time of writing only.

2. Daily activities to maximize profits Hero Blaze

I have a routine table of activities I usually do every day in Hero Blaze to optimize play time as well as achieve the highest efficiency, please refer to:








Daily Mission

Daily Mission

– Login to the game

– Participate in Boss Fight 3 times

– Join the Arena 5 times

– Join Infinity Rush 1 time

– Complete Limited Incident 2 times

– Kill 500 enemies

– Complete the story level 3 times

– Consume 20 energy

– Use 5 experience books

– Complete the Supply Depot, Training Drill, Mines quest; 2 times for each

Keys, experience books,…

Unlock Special Mission

Special Mission

Special Mission for earning Stone

– Complete story quests with unique requirements

– Win opponents in the arena with its own requirements


Earn Stone everyday


  1. You will wonder where the challenge activities to earn Stone in Routine are. I would like to answer that those activities are already included in Daily Mission, so you don’t have to worry that Routine playing games every day will be complicated.

  2. The second note is that you should complete the tasks in the Adventure section first to start and activate your dodging ability, then do the quest from Challenge.

  3. Let’s combine formations to make the Team Bonus increase as many stats as possible.

-> For example: I use 4 champions of the Thuc family, Quan Vu, Quan Binh, Luu Be and Truong Phi, for up to 3 lines of hidden activation stats. I combine Lu Bu with 1 more Penetration-type champion for a total of 5 lines with only 6 champions activated. It is better if you have a VIP lineup, so it is not difficult to climb to the top in the Duel arena and receive huge rewards from Hero Blaze.

daily activities in hero blaze

Above is sharing about money making activities and things to note to help players maximize profits Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms. Hope the above information will help you on your investment journey.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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