How to Optimize Daily ROI to 170% in Skyweaver

Meta Description: GameAZ will reveal to you the experience of how to make money Skyweaver with the secret of 170% ROI every day to help you both play and earn extra income

Skyweaver is one of the famous Card Battle games Free to play that helps players have both interesting entertainment moments and can earn a lot of money during the game. So how to earn more money from Skyweaver? Learn immediately from GameAZ gamers’ real experiences!


  • Skyweaver has an ROI of up to 170% if it has a 20% win rate
  • Players can earn a minimum of 10 – 15 USDC per day with low investment costs
  • Share your gaming experience with 170% ROI

1. ROI ( Return on Investment)

You need a certain rank and a strategic vision if you want to play and make money from this game.

As mentioned, this game is using the Skyweaver web-based exchange and trading in USDC, making buying and selling NFTs here as tokens simpler than ever. For more clarification, you can see the following table.

Playing duration   10 hours
Ticket 34 tickets( 51 USDC)
Quantity of games played in 10 hours 63 games
No-winning rate  50%
1-round winning rate 14.7%
2-round winning rate 14.7%
3-round winning rate 20.6% 
Quantity of golden cards earned (15 USDC/thẻ) 7 cards(105 USDC)
Quantity of silver cards earned(1,5 USDC/thẻ)  22 cards( 33 USDC)
Profit 87 USDC 
ROI: Profit/Tickets 170%


2. How to make money Skyweaver for beginners

2.1. RANK Battles

This is a tactical skill game. If you achieve a high rank in Sky Weaver, you will receive silver cards every week. Get more or less depending on your “try hard”. Here is the reward table.


1ST 7 silver cards 
2ND & 3RD 6 silver cards
4TH – 6TH 5 silver cards
7TH – 12TH  4 silver cards
13TH – 22ND 3 silver cards
23RD – 50TH 2 silver cards
51ST – 250TH 1 silver card

Currently, each silver card has a market price of 1.5 USDC or more. If you have some luck, you can sell at a better price.


This is where you can make money in the game. To participate in this mode as mentioned, you must achieve the level of APPRENTICE. Tickets to participate in the conquest are purchased for 1.5 USDC or 1 silver card.

2.3. CWIN TO EARN mechanism 

Conquest mode when participating here you need to fight 3 matches and need to win all 3 if you want to receive the full rewards of the game and of course more money.

0 WIN -1,5 USDC
1 WIN 1 silver card ( no profit)
2 WIN  2 silver cards ( +1,5 USDC)
3 WIN  1 golden card + 1 silver card ( +15 USDC)

If you win all 3 matches, you will get 4 silver cards and 1 yellow card. You can use those cards to sell in the market and make a profit or use them to strengthen your deck from there to earn more wins.

2.4 Experience to achieve such ROI

  • The first thing we need to do is choose a Hero for ourselves and practice playing that Hero’s deck smoothly. It is recommended that newcomers play the first Hero (Strength) because the cards of this Hero are familiar to you from the beginning, leading to the use of better cards than other Heroes.
  • In the match, you should choose a card system to play right from the start, and pay attention to choose the cards that lose as little energy as possible, in order to poke the enemy’s blood.
  • Next is to prioritize cards with high attack power to attack the opponent’s Hero. Calculate carefully because attacking the enemy’s card will also lose health equal to the attack power of the target card.


3.1. GAMEPLAY: 7/10

In my opinion, Skyweaver is a game that requires a high level of strategy as well as the “BRAIN” of the player, if you are a hard fan of card games, it is definitely impossible to ignore this game. Okay

  • Graphics: With eye-catching shapes, good visual effects and many other interesting things in Sky that I want you to discover for yourself.
  •   m Thanh: Sky always brings “relaxing” sounds in intense matches so that you can hack your opponent’s brain more easily.

3.2. FINANCE: 7/10

For Skyweaver, all transactions on the market are in USDC, so trading and making profits are very convenient and fast.

  • ROI:

In my personal opinion, the ROI of Skyweaver is GOOD for those who have played card games and MEDI for those who are still practicing to play this game, because it takes quite a while. little.

TOTAL: 7/10

Above are the shares from the GameAZ team of gamers on how to make money Skyweaver helps you gain more knowledge from which to optimize your income when playing games. What are you waiting for without joining this game and generating income today?

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about the project please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAz encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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