[Basic] The Parallel: How to earn money in Ascension?

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Metaverse, the dream of a digital world has always been a human desire since the era of computers began. That dream is getting closer than ever with the participation of Blockchain technology, and one of the virtual worlds that is stirring up the market recently is The Parallel.

There will be many questions surrounding a Metaverse project, and one of them is “How to earn. Understanding the need, GameAZ today will guide you how to Earn from the Metaverse: The Parallel project.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A to Z how to make money in The Parallel: Ascension!

Key Takeaways:

  • The Parallel: Ascension has many ways to Earn to suit each role of player, creator or investor.
  • Players can Earn through gameplay modes, in-game events, or NFT purchases through the Marketplace.
  • For those with abilities of creativity, they can Earn through the special Create to Earn feature to create Para-Arts/Paragons and trade on Marketplace for profit.
  • For investors with little spare time, they can trade NFTs on the marketplace or send PRL tokens to the project’s Defi system for Staking to earn income.


The Parallel is the name of the Metaverse project, in which there will be many different games developed on the project’s platform, and the first game in the project is Ascension.

1. Overview of how to Earn in the game.

  • Players will participate in activities in or out of the game to receive rewards such as PS tokens or NFTs. Then players can take the Earned rewards to trade or use in the game to increase character stats, which make you Earn more.
  • Players can trade tokens through DEX (Pancakeswap), trade NFT on Marketplace – LINK

Let’s go into details of the activities that allow players to Earn. Because the game is aimed at many targets, I would like to classify it into targets as below.

2. For players

Players will be the object of participation in the game play the most. Playing games will help gamers both entertain and earn tokens or NFTs, through the following activities:

2.1. Gameplay

With the game modes in the game, the player will win a reward of PS token when winning.

Current gameplay includes the following activities:

  • Solo mode
  • 3-play and 10-player modes
  • Daily Quest/Main Quest
  • Specific Event by Holiday
  • Tournament
  • Daily Quests

2.2. Marketplace

It is where players buy and sell items, NFTs, and auctions, etc., to be able to make a profit. Most of the profits from NFTs come in the Marketplace, so familiarization with the marketplace is an important part of the player’s earning.

2.3. Events

  • Like other games, The Parallel always has events that allow participants to receive rewards.
  • All events offer the opportunity to own cash, tokens, or NFT, etc. Please follow the information regularly to catch the events that will take place in the near future.

3. For creators

3.1. Create to Earn

Users can create Para-Arts (NFTs), game modes, characters, etc.; then creators can sell their creations on Marketplace or rent NFTs out for profit. .

  • Voxel Art Creator
  • Para-Art (NFT Design)
  • Game Developer
  • Entertainment Studio

3.2. Develop to Earn

  • The Parallel has a program to collaborate with other developers to develop games. It also provides opportunities for untapped talent in the field of game development.
  • Developers (DEVs) will benefit through:
    • In-game business model developed by Dev
    • Profit sharing from The Parallel
    • Rewards from developing The Parallel ecosystem

4. For investors

4.1. Marketplace

Similar to players, investors can buy and sell NFTs on the Marketplace for profit.

4.2. Stake

Players can put their own PRL tokens into the game’s Defi platform to Stake with an attractive APR rate (%). Readers can access this feature via LINK.

Participants can also be both game players as well as investors. Please refer to the many different ways to optimize profits when playing games!


The Parallel is based on a Metaverse platform in which the freedom of creativity is almost limitless. Combined with NFT ownership, the flexible and diverse ability of Earning is expected to pioneer the Creative-to-Earn feature.

With detailed information on how to make money in The Parallel: Ascension from the GameAZ team, you will surely come up with your own strategies to optimize your income from playing games. Let’s follow GameAZ to follow the next outstanding information of the project to receive valuable opportunities!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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