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Following the article [101] Tap Fantasy: Token Mechanic, certainly you can easily imagine the overview of the economic mechanism in this game. To complete the sharing, this article from GameAz will provide detailed instructions on the activities that help you how to earn money in Tap Fantasy directly.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z!

how to make money with tap fantasy

1. Eliminating monsters on the map

This is the most frequent activity in the game. Players will destroy the monster fields and win to receive rewards.

monster slaying mission in tap fantasy 1monster slaying mission in tap fantasy 2

The reward is usually weapons, food, etc. Although these will not be sold immediately, they must be combined to create more powerful weapons, thereby giving the player a power advantage or sell at the market and earn $Gold.

Monsters will have different power stats. The stronger the monster, the rarer items are produced and the higher the power are.

rewards for fighting monsters in tap fantasy

2. Boss fight

Bosses in Tap Fantasy are arranged along the map and encountering Bosses will be completely random. When defeating the Boss will give a lot of valuable items, but beating the Boss is not an easy job. If you lose, you will not lose the item but will lose a lot of energy.

Bosses can be encountered as Bosses in maps when the player fights alone or World Boss (or server boss) when players and other players fight together with Boss (co-op).

boss fight in tap fantasy

The reward for fighting the world boss will usually be more valuable than the map boss. Players can obtain treasure chest keys when hunting bosses and receive $TAP tokens or NFT skins from those chests.

boss fight reward

3. Defeat other hero groups (NPCs) in the game.

pk mode in tap fantasy

In the game will appear other groups of heroes, and players can challenge these groups with the goal of winning and collecting loot.

Hero groups are often harder to defeat but will give more valuable loot.

reward when pk wins

4. Open random crates

Random chests will appear along the way, the player can choose to open it or not.

In chests, there are a basic amount of items, usually not of high value. Each time you open the chest, you will lose 1 mana.

However, sometimes there will be a probability of appearing in boxes with high stats that can bring players a certain amount of valuable items.

Open random chests in tap fantasy

5. Participate in ranking

5.1. Weekly ranking 

  • As mentioned in the TAP token section.
  • The number of TAP tokens obtained in the weekly ranking for players in the top 1 to 10 will range from 2600 to 12000 tokens.

5.2. Season ranking 

  • As mentioned in the TAP token section.
  • The number of TAP tokens obtained in the season ranking for players in the top 1 to 10 will range from 2600 to 12000 tokens.

6. Treasure Map

True to the nature of an adventure, finding hidden treasures around the map will be an indispensable activity.

Each map will have a different treasure quest. Players will be given hints then go around the map and find scattered pieces of the map, putting them together into a complete map.

find treasure in tap fantasyvaluable rewards when players find treasure

When finding treasure, players will receive valuable rewards.

Note: Players need to connect to the wallet to be able to receive the reward.

7. Mini game: Memory challenge 

As a mini-game in the game, players will encounter this mini-game along the map.

Memory test in tap fantasy

Just pick the same cards within a certain amount of time and when you win, you will have the opportunity to open a chest for valuable prizes. The total prize pool for the winners is up to 95000 $TAP tokens.

total prize in memory challenge

Players who race to rank up when participating in the mini-game will also receive prizes.

mini game rankings

8. Mini game: Fishing in the game 

In Tap Fantasy, there is a fishing competition that will help players get a lot of tokens in the game, namely gold, silver and copper.

fishing in tap fantasy game

To participate in this event players need to have bait – purchased with $Gold. 15% of the $Gold used to buy bait will be put into the prize fund for fishing participants, so the more people participate, the bigger the reward will be.

The heavier the fish, the more points you earn! The final score at the end of the event will be re-ranked. If the conditions are met, the player will receive a reward.

fishing rewards

And with fishes caught, the player can completely sell back to the organizer of the contest in exchange for $Gold.

redeem rewards after fishing event

9.  Other activities on how to earn money in Tap Fantasy

9.1. Third Party Developer

Tap Fantasy acts as a platform, allowing players to design buildings, houses, and mini-games to add content to the game.

Profits will be shared with developers who contribute to the development of the game.

You can find out more information on LINK

Third Party Developer

9.2. Future projects:  NFT city 

NFT city is a function in Tap Fantasy that allows players to own assets that are NFT lands, in which owners will be free to create their own mini games or challenges.

Other players participating in the NFT land will pay the landowner a part of their profits.

future nft city project

Players can build buildings such as cafes or gyms that restore the stamina of other players or increase their stats.

fitness center in tap fantasyincrease energy when participating in fitness in tap fantasy

So I have completed the guide on how to earn money in Tap Fantasy for you in the most detailed and easy to understand way. Hope this information will help in your investment process in the future.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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