[Basic] Naga Kingdom: How to earn

by Trung

Although the NFT game market is young, it has produced many games with countless genres, and the most common are probably MMORPGs, FPS and games of the Sandbox genre,… But Naga Kingdom chose to choose another approach as an IO Game on Blockchain under Solana platform!

I’m Drake, let’s learn how to earn money from Naga Kingdom from A to Z through the following article!

Key Takeaways:

  • Instructions for earning money through Arena mode.
  • Instructions for earning money through P2E mode.
  • In-game items used to earn money in Epic War.

Naga Kingdom

1. Earning in Nana Kingdom through Arena mode

Earning in Nana Kingdom through Arena mode

This is a mode that allows many players to participate in a short time. Players can get different rewards.


To participate in this mode, players need to have a MAGA token in their wallet. Additional character stats will not be counted in this mode to maintain the balance of the game. Players will have to try to survive as long as possible and eat as much food as possible.


The reward for the player is $MAGA tokens, the amount will depend on the quality of the snake and the achievements achieved by the player.

Reward in arena mode

Prize distribution ratio in Arena mode

If you are a player with good skills, it is completely easy to earn a large amount of $MAGA tokens in this mode.

2. Earning in Naga Kingdom through P2E mode

Earning in Naga Kingdom through P2E mode

P2E is a game mode in the NAGA Kingdom that allows players to obtain “Boxes”. The more “Boxes” collected, the higher the chance of opening valuable rewards.

The chests are divided into many different levels, from 1 to 7 equivalent to the reward value from low to high.

Different levels of crates and rewards

When completing P2E mode, players will receive keys to open lucky boxes and receive many random rewards such as: snakes, eggs, maps, skins, tree pieces or $MAGA tokens.

It takes 10 keys to open a chest. Special “Elemental Chests” will help players upgrade their crates to a higher level, for example from level 1 to level 3 and skip level 2.

However, the combination and leveling of the chest will have a certain success rate; if it fails, it will be considered lost and the player will not receive any reward.

box opening reward

Four-leaf clover represents good luck. They are used to increase item upgrade rate. Similar to other items, players can buy a 4-leaf clover (level 1) at the shop and combine the same levels to get to a higher level (levels 1 to 7).

3. Mechanism of “combine to upgrade”

The upgrade mechanism allows players to upgrade their characters, equipment, rewards, items… to help earn more tokens during the game.

There are items in NAGA Kingdom that can be combined to upgrade, such as: Snakes, Magic Eggs, Lucky Chests and Four-leaf Clovers.


To play P2E mode, players need to own snakes in the following ways: buy at the store (level 1) or open a lucky box. Opening the lucky box can randomly generate snakes with levels from 1 to 7, the higher the level of snakes, the greater the reward will be.

Here is a breakdown of snakes by $NAGA price:

solid price according to naga token

Each type of snake will have a different stat

Magic Eggs

Magical Eggs (level 1) can be found at the shop for an affordable price, or open the lucky chest and get random eggs.

Eggs of the same level can be combined to level up +1 (level 1 to 7).

When the incubation process is complete, the hatched snake will have a level equivalent to the level of the egg.

magic egg

Combine eggs of the same level to get a higher level

Combine eggs with lucky grass to increase luck

4. Joining Affiliate Program

Affiliate allows you to invite new players to join the game and receive rewards from referrals. You will send an Affiliate link to newcomers to register for the game and the reward will be NAGA token.

Affiliate program

5. Joining in Event activities

The way to make money from other Naga Kingdom games is that you should participate in Event activities organized by the publisher.

Events are one of the indispensable parts of every game and of course Naga Kingdom will also have its own events to give gamers the opportunity to profit in a short period of time.

Special events of NAGA Kingdom can be described as the recent “NFT NAGA MUSK release event”. This event allows players to purchase limited NFT NAGA MUSK, participate in the game to upgrade and can resell on Marketplace for profit.

participate in event activities

In addition, players can also earn extra income from the event by referring other players to buy NFT NAGA MUSK.

earn money by inviting others to buy nft naga musk

So I have finished guiding you guys on how to earn money in NAGA Kingdom. I hope the above sharing will help you in your investment process.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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