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In the previous 2 articles, Steven shared with players about the project’s basic feature information and how to play the 9D NFT game.

In this article, Steven will share 5 ways to make money in 9D NFT that has experienced in the most detail, helping players better understand Gameplay and consider carefully before investing.

I’m Steven – let’s learn the real combat experience from A – Z!

1. Monster Farming

This is a money making mode for people who don’t have time to manipulate their hands.

Players just need to open the game, run to the monster field of their level (higher level monsters will easily kill the player), then the player chooses a monster field > to auto attack.

In addition, if there is no time, the player chooses 400 COD / 1 day mode so that the account can hang on its own without having to manipulate the PC.

ROI from monster farming: 

To create a new account, players need 6$ as a character creation cost. On average, it is necessary to hang from 10 to 30 accounts on 1 PC (depending on machine configuration). Players plug in a train, let the character fight monsters to earn rewards.

Profit: 1 account/1 day can earn about 1 $GOGI and 50-100 $COD.

2. Participating in the evaluation

One of the ways to make money 9D NFT that gamers can do is to fight with the Boss. There are 4 basic types of Boss:

  • Daily Boss (weak): Small amount of COD & GOGI Tokens, low drop rate of rare NFT items.
  • Boss server (average): 9 turns / 1 day, the reward is not significantly higher than the daily Boss.
  • Inter-sever boss (high): Require the player’s character is strong enough to avoid being killed by other players when participating in this boss fight; high drop rate of gold NFT items.
  • Diphtheria boss (highest): Open on Monday, 4, 5, 7 8 pm, the whole server will be involved. The top 3 people who deal the most damage to the boss will be rewarded with a diphtheria chest (equipment of oranges or more depends on the character’s level).

Participating in the evaluation

3. Fighting contest – PVP

Every day players will have 5 turns / 1 day; the higher the rank will be rewarded with more $COGI.

Fighting contest - PVP

4. Daily attendance

Besides the above 9D NFT ways of making money that GameAZ has shared. In the game, there is a mechanism to take attendance and receive Token rewards. Players will need to take attendance exactly 6 days to be rewarded with COD & COGI Tokens (not much).

5. Ranking 

The higher the account of the top player, the more Tokens and NFTs will receive.


The condition to race to the top is that the player needs to build a strong account (if the player knows how to build), or buy an account from another player. The cost to do this falls around 200$-300$/1 account.

Profit: Race to the top will receive rare NFT boxes, in these boxes will have orange equipment or more (range 500 – 4000 COGI / 1 orange equipment). In addition, orange equipment can also be used to upgrade to red and platinum equipment with a higher value.

Above is the real combat experience from GameAZ to help you understand how to make 9D NFT money very simply from the game that has attracted a large number of users over the past time.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about the project, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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