[Basic] 6 ways to earn money from Galaxy Survivor game for newbies

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With the instructions from GameAZ, you will be able to know the ways to earn money to maximize profits from Galaxy Survivor.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A to Z how to earn money Galaxy Survivor for Newbies!

Key Takeaways:

    • Introducing the basic ways to profit from the game: PvE mode (Campaign, Bounty Hunter, World Boss) and PvP – Arena mode.
    • Besides, players can earn extra income through NFT buying and selling.
  • Overview of how to make money in the game
    • There are two main types of tokens in the game: $SURV and $GLXY. In the game players can earn money through collecting $SURV.
    • Players earn $SURV through in-game activities such as daily attendance and playing in-game modes.

Here are the modes and activities that help players get more $SURV.

1. Campaign Mode

In the campaign mode, the player will fight the AI ​​on different planets. Each planet will give a different type of reward.

campaign mode

The game will give players special levels when the player meets the conditions (usually based on the player’s strength), conquering these levels will give special rewards.

Earn surv tokens by completing quests

Players can earn $SURV by completing main stages and special modes.

2. Bounty Hunter

One of the other ways to earn money from Galaxy Survivor that you can do while playing the game is to participate in the Bounty Hunter event.

Every weekend, players will be able to participate in levels in different maps. The rewards obtained from this mode are more often than the PvE mode, but also go with the higher difficulty.

bounty hunter

There will be many levels in this mode for players to try, the conditions to join the game screen will be updated when the game is completed.

Winning will give players many valuable prizes

Winning in this mode allows players to get many valuable prizes, including $SURV tokens.

3. World Boss

  • A mode that allows players or many players to join forces to fight difficult monsters.
  • The rewards for hard work are extremely valuable items. Boss is open on weekends.
  • Players will be ranked according to the number of damage dealt. The stronger the player’s lineup, the higher the damage caused.

4. Arena Mode – PvP

Competing against other players in Arena Ranked Mode is to claim your name and earn $SURV rewards.

Arena leaderboard will be awarded and reset seasonally (1 month).

5. NFT

The next way to earn money from Galaxy Survivor is to make NFT transactions on the game’s Marketplace.

  • Players can make a profit through trading NFT on the game’s Marketplace.
  • The NFTs in the game are very diverse, from pieces of ships (NFT SpaceShips) to an entire planet.
  • Since NFT SpaceShips are limited, players can bid their NFTs for a high profit while increasing the value of the game. The auction will be run by the seller and will end for a period of time. If time runs out and no one buys, the property will be returned to the seller.

6. NFT Renting (Not Launched)

With the goal of creating a sharing economy and giving new players access to the game regardless of the price of a spaceship, Galaxy Survivor will launch a Spaceship Rental system in the future.

This feature is great for players with spaceships to spare or limited gaming time. They will receive a proportional share of the passive profit from the rental of the spaceship.

With detailed information on how to earn money Galaxy Survivor from the GameAZ team, you will surely come up with your own strategies to optimize your income from playing games. Let’s follow GameAZ to follow the next outstanding information of the project to receive valuable opportunities!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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