Through the basic tutorial articles about the STEPN, you probably know how to start this Move-to-Earn game, right? However, there are many gamers who still wonder what is the investment cost and calculate ROI Stepn? So let’s find out the details with 2Play to help you answer your questions.

1. Stats of NFT Sneakers in STEPN

Following the basic tutorial series about STEP, in this article 2Play game will still share information for you to understand and have an accurate way of calculating the investment cost and ROI of the game.

  • Walker: With a speed of 1 – 6 km/h, when consuming 1 energy, you will earn 4 GST.
  • Jogger: With a speed of 4 – 6 km/h when consuming 1 energy, you will earn 5 GST.
  • Runner: With a speed of 8 – 20 km/h when consuming 1 energy, you will earn 6 GST.
  • Trainer: With a speed of 1 – 20 km/h when consuming 1 energy, you will earn 4 – 6 GST.


2. Preparation to start playing STEPN

To start the game STEPN, you need to prepare a Smartphone running Android or iOS operating system equipped with GPS function and 4G connection.

Then, you need to prepare a minimum cost of 10 SOL (Solana) to own an NFT Sneaker item. At the time of writing, a pair of Sneakers has the lowest price of 9SOL and about 0.05 as a Gas fee on Solana’s network (each processing action on Solana network costs about 0.000005 Sol).

3. Practical playing STEPN

3.1. Calculate the amount of GST when running


formula for calculating GST obtained

Currently, this calculation formula is quite difficult for users because it depends on the System Value index. And the dev team will probably change this stat as needed.

In summary, the amount of GST obtained will depend on 5 main factors:

  • Amount of Energy in the account
  • Sustainable move speed at a good level.
  • Shoes (in terms of shoe type, quality, attributes and level)
  • Gem (be inserted into shoes with gem type, gem level and gem quality)
  • NFT badges (coming soon)
  • And Shoe durability (must be above 51/100) to not lose GST

There is a spreadsheet you can refer to calculate the amount of GST you can get:


For example, for Common Sneakers,  when running at the right speed range (first line index) with Eff = 9 and around level 1, players will earn 1.9 GST with 1 energy; for the Uncommon Sneakers with eff=19 and around level 1, they will earn 3 GST/e.

This is an approximate number because it also depends on the type of shoe, running speed and gem.

3.2. Calculate the amount of GST to repair shoes when slow durability


Table 2: Durability cost corresponds to Res when moving with 1 energy

For example, a Sneaker with a Res index (last line) = 5, it consumes 3 durability points when moving with 1 energy. It means after running, the durability decreases from 100/100 to 97/100.

So how is the GST repair cost calculated according to the durability ponts? Let’s take a look at the following table:


Table 3: GST corresponds to durability points at each level

For example, when a level 1 Sneaker has finished moving, the durability consumption point is 3 (97/100), the repair cost converted to GST is 3 x 0.36 = 1.08 GST.

3.3.  Actual experience about the amount of Tokens earned when participating in STEPN

Buy a pair of Walker shoes for 9 SOL (Sol price 100$ x 9 = 900$)

  • After 24 hours, the Energy will be full, 2 mana points are consumed, the durability is reduced by 5,  and Training for 10 minutes will give a maximum of 8 GST.

  • The cost of repairing a pair of shoes with 5 points of durability is 1.8 GST (Resilience index per shoe as well as its cost may vary).

  • You will need to upgrade your shoes to level 9 – or level 19 to maximize the amount of GST Tokens earned. A level at which EFF= 37 corresponds to 4.9 GST and the Level 19 with EFF=73.7 corresponds, following the  table 1 Uncommon, is 7.03 GST.

So if you keep your shoes at Level 1, the calculation will be as follows:

8 GST – 1.8 GST = 6.2 GST x 3.46 = $21.46 profit; in case you don’t upgrade your shoes, you don’t count 7 times of inserting item, and you own 2 pairs of shoes with only the cost of repairing and restoring the shoe’s durability.

Get the above profit every 24 hours to get back the capital of $ 836 and earn profit from the shoes. It can be temporarily calculated as follows: 836$ / 21.46$ = about 38 days.

All figures are provisional because SOL prices, GST prices, and NFT shoe prices are always changing. Besides, it is because shoe attributes affect reward levels and shoe repair costs can vary.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email via [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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