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The light deck is one of the most regenerative decks in the game, but it can be difficult to combine with other decks. So how to build a set of God of Light cards to maximize power? Let’s analyze with GameAZ through the article below

1. The outstanding power of God of Light – Thaeriel

  • Heal a character for a short time => if you heal a creature with full health, it will gain extra health +1
  • Reduces enemy creature’s strength by 2, but not less than 2
  • Summons an Acolyte card with HP 2 Dame 2
  • Ability to choose to draw a card with HP 2 Dame 2 and to choose 3 strong cards to bring to the top of the Deck to draw first.

2. Assess the strength of the card set overview

This is Steven’s own experience, so you can refer to it and not necessarily build it. However, I have tested many different squad combinations and found this to be the squad that can optimize the power of the God of Light’s card set.

  • God of Light in my opinion goes in the direction of fast attack, needs to destroy all enemies before hitting God and choose many cards that cost less Mana (Mainly the number of cards 1 Mana)
  • This set of God’s cards, you should invest a slightly high capital of about $ 60 to have the best deck to help you win high Ranks.

3. Instructions on how to build a set of God of Light cards

3.1. 1 mana card

  • 2 Blind Martyr: stand at the frontline position of Frontline. After dying will give +2 HP to your cards.
  • 2 Empyrean Pacifist: Stand in the Backline position, after you summon any Creature card, this card will gain +1 HP. At the end of your turn, send this card to Frontline position if this card has 10 HP or more.
  • Ritual Rod: As soon as a card is dealt +1 Durability to your Relic if you are controlling Mystic.
  • 2 Cardshark: Immediately summon 1 Bodyguard card with 1 HP 1 Dame on the Frontline position.
  • 2 Planetar Acolyte: Has Blessed effect. Once summoned, it will grant 3 Blesseds and can only be used once.
  • 2 Trial Spirit: stat good cards with 2 HP 2 Dame and instantly Roar +1 HP for 1 of her creature cards.
  • 2 Wild Hog: Because of the high Dame attack power, there are very few champions with 3 ATK that the card has only 1 mana but has Confused Confused effect. When confused, there is a 50% chance this card will attack its own random card.


3.2. 2 mana card

  • 2 Munossian Infiltrator: Once dealt, target enemy creature cards with 3 mana or less, making HP’s = equal to Dame’s.
  • 2 Skeleton Heavy: has good stats 2 HP 4 Dame. Upon death, inflict 1 Dame to 1 enemy’s strongest creature card.
  • 2 Wicked Fae: Immediately deal 1 Dame to the enemy creature card. Also summon an Impling card with 1 HP 1 Dame.

3.3. 3 mana card

  • 2 Light ‘s Levy: Convert an enemy creature card with 2 Dame or less into an Acolyte 2 HP 2 Dame card and take control of that card.
  • 2 Radiant Dawn: each of your creatures will +1 HP +1 Dame and destroy the sleep effect
  • 2 Watchful Hound: Immediately grant Order +10 to an enemy creature target card. Upon death Afterlife removes the order from that card.

3.4. 4 mana card

  • Holy Enchanter: Once dealt, +2 HP for each of your creature cards.
  • Protective Benediction: Give 2 of the following to a card of your creature: 2 Dame or less and +1 Armor and place in a Frontline position with a defensive shield. Or pick +2 HP for that creature card.
  • Sern, the Moderator: After one of your creature’s cards is healed, draw 1 more card. As soon as a card is dealt, give 1 opponent’s creature an Order 3 card, and heal each of your creatures.

3.5. 6 mana card

  • Asterius, Glittering One: Stand in the Frontline position. As soon as cards are issued, +2 HP +2 Dame will be given to creatures with Dame 2 or less.

4. Tips to win

How to play: I use cards with power buffs to power low mana cards and use Frontline cards to block damage from destroying my cards

1. This Deck should be careful with the cards that sweep the table.

2. After you make the creature cards, try to get the Radiant Dawn card to increase the power to hit the enemy card

3. Use more Protective Benediction to protect your creature from the sweeping cards

4. If the game game drags to the end of the game, it’s not good for you. Turn the tide of battle with Asterius, Glittering One, or cards with effects that increase your weak mana champions.

5. Planetar Acolyte: use this card to choose an effect that grants buffs or shields to your team

6. Draw cards with Frontline first to block damage to your large Dame creatures.

Above, GameAZ analyzed for you how to build a set of God of Light cards to help you know the advantages and disadvantages of this set of cards to maximize your strength when entering rank.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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