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If you like a different mischievous gameplay, you should immediately learn how to build a set of God Of Deception cards. This is one of those decks whose gameplay with the ability to trap and steal cards from the opponent makes them feel extremely uncomfortable. Let’s analyze with GameAZ how to play this extremely interesting deck of cards.

1. The outstanding power of God of Deception – Ludia

Ludia is the Goddess of Deception. This god’s disciple cards have the ability to set traps and steal cards from other players’ decks.

  • Grant an opponent’s creature card Hidden effect for 1 turn and deal 1 damage to it.
  • Your God Power becomes a clone of your opponent. Ability to see 1 card on your opponent’s Deck’s head.
  • Add a random card from your opponent’s God to your hand.
  • +2 Dame for one creature’s card and goes to sleep at the end of your turn.

2. Overview strength of the card set

This is Steven’s own experience, so you can refer to it and not necessarily build it. However, I have tested many different squad combinations and found this to be the squad that can optimize the power of the Goddess of Deception’s card set.

  • Building this set of cards, we use the majority of cards with high Order index to be able to win on Rank Mythic.
  • This set of God’s Cards, you should invest a bit high capital around 70$ to have a perfect deck of cards to easily win, your total win 22/24 matches
  • This God’s strength is that he can copy the enemy’s strong cards for himself and have many Orders that can resist being destroyed.

3. How to build a set of God Of Deception cards

Here is information about the cards that you should choose to complete the God Of War card set:

3.1. 1 mana card

  • 2 Dark Knive cards: give your creature card +3 Dame. If the creature card is Hidden, it will gain a Flank effect (Card with Flank effect is allowed to ignore Frontline and Backline to attack other targets)
  • Makeshift Shiv: output cards that can hit your opponent’s God directly and have a Flank effect.
  • Orfeo, Champion of Deception: card in the Backline position and has Deadly effect (can destroy any card, conversely, any card that hits it is destroyed immediately regardless of 1 billion). blood)
  • 2 Patient Pickpocket cards: Flank effect and Order 3 (locked for 3 turns), after Order reaches 0, will copy 1 random enemy card to your hand.
  • Piercing Bolt: remove Amor (Defense Armor) from an enemy champion and inflict 2 Dame on that card.
  • 2 Switch Duelist cards: The effect is hidden for 1 turn and after each turn will be switched between health and damage


3.2. 2 mana card

  • 2 Armor Lurker cards: Hidden effect and has 2 Armor. When you lose Hidden, -1 Armor will be deducted.
  • 2 Hunting Trap cards: Deal Dame to 1 enemy Creature card, which will equal the amount of Dame of that Creature card.
  • Satyr Hypnotist: at the end of your turn, 1 random Creature card will go to sleep (Immovable)
  • 2 Shackled Acolyte cards: Has Order 3 stat, when Order reaches 0 will give this card +2 HP and +2 Dame.
  • The Hollow: standing in the backline of the Backline with the Ward ability (first damage immunity to card attacks, deal damage from creatures and destruction) after any of your Creatures has an Order of 0, you will receive 1 Guild Creature card to your hand, randomly giving you 1 Creature card of stat 2, 3, 4.


3.3. 3 mana card

  • Counterfeit: If your opponent has a Relic equipped and you don’t, this card destroys it and equips you with a copy of that Relic. Or if your opponent does not have a Relic, you will have the right to draw 1 card.
  • Lady Marcella: has the Roar ability (which activates the accompanying effect function as soon as the card is dealt) that will summon 2 Deadly Rogue Skulkers cards. There is also the possibility that Afterlife after death will summon 2 Rogue Skulkers cards to the opponent
  • 2 cards Ludia’s Dedicant: blessed: after you use God Power, you will randomly copy 1 card from your opponent’s Deck and return that card to your hand.

3.4. 4 mana card

  • 2 Uncanny Rogue cards: Roar Ability: give 1 of your Creatures the effect of Deadly

3.5. 5 mana card

  • Lantern – Bound Fae: Has Order 3 stat. If any of your Creatures are Order = 0, that Order 0 card will be returned to your hand, and it will cost 1 Mana when released. Has a Roar ability to deal 3 Dame as soon as cards are dealt.

  • You can choose to add other cards that are Creature cards with additional good stats.

4. Tips to win

Tip 1: Use the Switch Duelist vs Dark Knives card, it gives you 6 attack power. After the turn, it will be converted to 6 HP. With the cards in the first turn there are few cards with such high Dame, only 2 attacks deal 12 damage.

Tip 2: If you have a Patient Pickpocket, get out as soon as necessary to get the enemy’s strong cards

Tip 3: Be careful of Lady Marcella because when you die, you will give the enemy 2 Rogue Skullers to destroy you.

Through the analysis of how to build the God of Deception card set, you have gained more knowledge about how to choose cards and how to win when playing this deck in rank, right? Immediately change your fighting style to surprise the enemy.

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