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After the article Gods Unchained in action: Investment experience and ROI optimization, below I will talk about how to build gods unchained deck as well as tips to optimize “Earn” through my personal experience, and explain. some basic terms.

I’m Steven – let’s share the real battle experience from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Details how to build a set of cards that optimize the power of each God: God of War, God of Death, God of Nature, God of Magic, God of Deception, God of Light.
  • Some tips when playing the game such as: “If you just started playing, you should play all 6 Gods”, “Tips when meeting an opponent”, “Need to be familiar with at least 3 Gods”, “Don’t miss the opportunity to earn money.” get the Card Setcore”, “Tips to plow FLUX”, “Don’t waste Star to buy cards in the game market”…
  • 43 basic terms for beginners to play card games.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the game.

1. How to build the optimal set of Gods Unchained deck to “Earn”

1.1 Card

Correspondingly, each color belongs to which God’s Card, can’t use one God’s card to another except neutral, then all types of God can be used.

The rarity of the Card corresponds to the unique strength of the Card. The rarer the card, the more special points it has, if you know how to take advantage of it, it will maximize its power.

Detail information of 1 card

1.2 Build a set of Gods Unchained Deck according to each God

The game has 6 Gods, each god has its own strength and way of fighting, details on each way to build the perfect Card set to optimize the power for each God, you can see the attached articles. Follow the link of each article below.

  1. Building Card Sets – God of War
  2. Building Card Sets – God of Death
  3. Building Card Sets – God of Nature
  4. Building Card Sets – God of Magic
  5. Building Card Sets – God of Deception
  6. Building Card Sets – God of Light

2. Some tips for the Gods Unchained

  • At the beginning, you should play all 6 Gods to know the strengths and weaknesses of each Gods as well as find 1-2 of your favorite Gods. Then focus your investment capital on your favorite God.
  • Please read carefully the strength of each Card and the unique characteristics of each God to exploit its power.
  • Tip: when you meet a team > go to gudecks.com > search for your opponent’s name here > you will see all the details of your opponent’s game history and deck => From there, find the optimal match .
  • Investing in spreading all of God is a bit expensive, but it helps you to play a variety of gods without being removed from the Meta. With each update in Gods Unchained changing constantly, you need to know how to play a variety of Gods in case each Update changes the power of each Gods to balance the mechanics in the game. For example, this God’s card is too strong to make this God easy to win, so in the next Update the publisher will adjust to limit that God’s power, and at the same time adjust to increase other God’s strength => need to know how to play familiar with at least 3 Gods
  • Don’t ignore Set Core’s free set of cards => In this set of cards, there are many very strong cards, learn well enough for you to win easily. Work hard to level up to open the Pack to earn Card Set Core.
  • Tips for plowing FLUX: if you fight at 1 God and don’t win forever, don’t just focus on fighting those Gods to lose too much, causing you to drop in Rank and earn less FLUX. Go back to fighting Gods that you easily won to get back to the old Rank, then go back to fight Gods that you hardly won before.
  • Stars should not be charged to buy Cards in the game market, because those open Cards will be leveled up, only bought when you need to upgrade quality. Please keep all Stars in case you use them in other modes later.

3. 43 basic terms to know in the game

  • ABILITY: active or automatic, can use 1 ability (damage, health buff, strength buff, …) at the beginning or end of the turn
  • ARGO: fast-paced fighting style
  • AFTERLIFE: After death activate the attached function/effect.
  • ARMOR: Players must have a higher attack stat than armor to deal damage. VD. Your opponent has 2 armor, your card attack 4, you will deal 2 damage.
  • BLESSED: Choose 1 of 3 cards with effects related to Favor and Sanctum.
  • BACKLINE: Belonging to the rear cards, you can use Spells to kill, or if your creature wants to kill the backline, you must kill all the creature cards that are not in the backline first.
  • BURN: Health subtraction effect at the end of each turn (roughly understood as burning minus health at the end of each turn). If the Burn effect is applied to you, your health will be deducted at the end of your turn. If the Burn effect is on an enemy, the enemy’s health will be deducted at the end of the turn.
  • BLITZ: cast as soon as cards are issued (only hits enemy champions, not GOD)
  • BOARD: The cards on the table
  • CONFUSED: has a chance to hit the wrong target (50%)
  • CREATURE: all creatures have Dame and HP
  • CONTROL: Control style
  • DRAW: draw/draw more Cards from yourself or from the opponent’s GOD (if there is a stealing function)
  • DECK: A Deck of 30 Cards
  • DESTROY: Destroy your opponent’s cards, killing any cards it targets. If it is “Destroy all”, then no target, even Hide will be destroyed, destroy his cards on the table. Cards with Ward can stop Destroy.
  • DELVE: Excavating, like foreshadowing, will see a certain number of cards in advance but choose one of those cards to return to the hand.
  • DEADLY: hitting any card dies that card, conversely, any card that hits it will also die regardless of 1 billion health.
  • FLANK: After another card of your creature attacks, Cards with Flank effects are allowed to bypass Frontline and Backline to attack other targets.
  • FAVOR: Points/money earned each time a player kills 1 enemy card, while your card is alive, Favor points are used to buy additional cards in the Sanctum:
  • Turn 1 gets points, Turn 2 gets 2 points, similarly calculate the points gradually up => Meaning in the first turn you hit the enemy with 1 move, you will get 1 Favor, the second hit will get 2 Favor (1 turn counts as +1 Favor). How to beat to get Favor points:
  • Using your own Creature card (or Relic, Spells) to kill an enemy Creature will grant Favor (provided the player’s Creature card is still alive).
  • Use a Creature or Relic card to damage God to gain Favor.
  • FORESEE: the ability to see the cards in the deck in advance. For example, Foresee 1 will see 1 card first, Foresee 2 will see 2 cards.
  • FRONTLINE: refers to defensive Cards, preventing their cards from being attacked.
  • FRENZIED: On the turn you deal damage to the opponent’s God, you will activate frenzied (rage)
  • GOD BLITZ: Same as BLITZ but can beat GOD
  • GOD POWER: choose 1 of 3 God’s skills from the beginning of the game and place it to the right of God (each God will have a different skill).
  • HAND: Card in hand/Card in hand
  • HIDE – HIDDEN: Card is hidden, can’t target it, only wide-area spells that deal damage to all cards on the table will deal damage to it, or random damage-type Ability will also can hit it, the rest can’t target it, if there is a burn card, you can burn it.
  • LEECH: Lifesteal, hit or hit all heal GOD according to the amount of damage dealt or taken. Using a spell to hit a Leech card will not heal.
  • MIDRANGE: a balance between ARGO fast speed and Control
  • OBLITERATE: remove that card from the Deck or VOID (meaning you won’t be able to get it again)
  • ORDER: Locked, can’t attack until order is exhausted
  • OVERKILL: if the damage you deal is greater than the health of the Card you destroy, the remaining damage will be randomly distributed to GOD and other enemy creature cards.
  • PROTECTED: Protected, immune to the first damage taken regardless of whether it is physical or magic damage, if that damage or magic is accompanied by Deadly, Hide, Burn or Destroy, Protected cannot be stopped, still received normally
  • RELIC: is a weapon or relic card installed next to GOD, causing damage to increase health and many other functions.
  • REGGEN: self-heal at the end of the turn
  • ROAR: ability to activate the accompanying effect function as well
  • SPELLS: Magic card
  • SANCTUM: where additional cards appear, up to 3 cards can be purchased/turn with Favor, can be purchased and turned into another card that does not overlap. Special cards can be purchased using the Favor points earned above.
  • SPELLBOOST: strengthens spell cards
  • TRIGGER: Action that activates the Afterlife effect
  • TWIN STRIKE: Attacked twice, taking care not to attack both times on GOD, but attack twice on the same or 2 different opponent’s cards, or 1 time on god 1 times up the card.
  • TOP CARD: The card is on the top of the deck that the next turn will go to HAND.
  • VOID: the area for destroyed Cards will fly into here, you can revive, summon from VOID.
  • WARD: Immune the first damage from a spell attack, deal damage from creatures and destroy.

4. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What steps do I need to take to start playing the game?

  • You access https://godsunchained.com/account/login, create an account, click Create a new account, when you have an account you can download the game and play
  • For starters, you have 70 free cards (140 cards in total) for 6 decks, it’s a so-called welcome set designed with new gameplay for each god in terms of how it works. You will be given the cards allocated to the core set

This is all about how to build Gods Unchained deck for Newbie by GameAZ.

If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: This website’s content is offered as a general market overview and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ recommends you to conduct additional research before to investing.

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