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With the basic information about Heroum in the previous article, the next content GameAZ experts will introduce the Basic Features of this platform, specifically detailed information related to NFTs and Utilities in the game Heroum; How Heroum eliminates the Zero-Sum Game problem; Heroum’s Cash Flow, Revenue, Flywheel; Explore-to-Earn and Heroum Tournaments to give you the basics from the platform.

I’m Harry, let’s learn from A-Z with me!

Key Takeaways:

  • Heroum, allowing gamers to use the same NFT in all games on the same system. For example: Any 1 NFT owned by players in the game Go: Duel can also be used in the game Rise of Imperia and Domination.
  • Several core NFTs make Heroum’s NFT system: Land, Hero, Altar, and Gear NFT.
  • Find out how Heroum came up with a solution to the Zero-Sum Game problem.
  • With cash flow and diversified revenue, Heroum is expected to attract a lot of venture capital firms. Heroum has several revenue generating mechanisms that will significantly increase investments. Besides, there are Heroum’s business development plan and Flywheel.
  • Learn about the “Explore-to-Earn” and Tournaments feature in the Heroum ecosystem.

heroum key takeaways

1. Cross NFT feature and Utilities in Heroum

Conventional blockchain games offer limited applicability to in-game NFTs. NFT is shared in games in the Heroum ecosystem. NFTs can be used to enter tournaments organized by the Heroum series of games.

The purpose of the above idea is to optimize the benefits for players both in terms of financial factors and developing strength in the game.

Thanks to Cross NFT, when players experience any game in the Heroum system. Players can use the resources they earn from other games with the Heroum system to develop HERO’s strength in the future. that game and vice versa.

This also contributes to a balance between the players, and gives them another way to increase their strength and earn more benefits.

Cross NFT of a publisher helps players to use NFT sustainably according to the publisher’s game release progress. Moreover, publishers can also build a continuous game plan by using the same set of NFTs.

Here are some of the core NFTs that make up Heroum’s NFT system:

1.1. NFT Hero 

hero nft heroum

This is a special unit that assists the player in leading the city’s legion to engage in skirmishes, attacks and defenses from other players.

  • NFT Hero is a collection of Heroums (including 24 Heroes; the number will be added with each season)
  • NFT Hero is a must-have NFT to participate in the Go-Duel game.
  • NFT Hero can be upgraded individually and all upgrades will stick with the NFT forever.
  • NFT Hero can be exchanged and can be rented for profit sharing between lenders and borrowers.
  • Multiple NFT Heroes can be deployed in the same Land.
  • During the battle, if the NFT Hero is defeated, players will need to wait a while to recover and cannot be used in the next few battles until respawn.
  • Each Hero will have independent skills and different interactions with different systems of units and buildings in combat.

1.2. NFT Land 

land in heroum

This is the first NFT needed to be able to start building and developing a city. The basic size and shape of this NFT are fixed and cannot be changed once the player chooses to use them.

Players who own NFT Land in the Heroum ecosystem will have the following benefits:

  • Land is where players build bases and develop their country, to support and recruit Heroes.
  • Land can be traded and can be loaned to split profits between borrowers and lenders. A player can manage multiple Lands at the same time.
  • Players are required to own or lend NFT Land as a basic condition to be able to start playing the game Rise of Imperia.
  • NFT Land conditions for players who want to participate in the “1v1 betting mode”
  • NFT Land unlocks the feature of owning “Agora Veins” in the game Go-Duel

1.3. NFT Altar 

heroum altar

The special type of construction is blessed and radiates various forms of mysterious power. It gives the city more stats and only affects the city where the Altar is built.

  • NFT Altar is a special & indestructible structure. There is a function to enhance the type of structure and other units in the Base where the Altar NFT is located.
  • The NFT Altar will be placed as an indestructible structure inside the NFT  Base and has several roles in defensive tactics.
  • NFT Altar can be placed multiple at once on Base NFT depending on the player’s strategy.
  • NFT Altar can mainly be found as a Tournament bonus, Challenge mode, or stored during special events.  Its value is very high because it is very rare.
  • NFT Altar unlocks the “Agora Veins” possession feature in the Go-Duel game.

1.4. NFT Gear 

heroum gear

A Gear system that gives players the ability to adjust the base stats, interactions, behavior patterns, and stats of a champion’s skills. The equipped hero can become stronger and in accordance with the desired strategy of the player. The gear is used to equip and upgrade the Heroum.

  • Gear can be connected from one Hero to another flexibly.
  • The Gear NFT itself can be enhanced.
  • NFT Gear can mainly be found as Tournament or Airdrop prizes. Its value is high as it is rare.
  • Gear NFT is designed to become rarer and increase the value of the entire system.

2. How does Heroum eliminate the problem of Zero-Sum games?

For those of you who don’t know what the definition of Zero-Sum game is, Zero Sum game or Ponzi trap occurs when the economy in the game, revenue comes solely from selling NFT.

It can be simply visualized: When the amount of Earning (and cashout) of a player is larger than the amount of NFT selling in the system => Earning of players gradually decreases, new players come in less => The in-game economy collapses..

So how to solve this Ponzi problem?

  • By creating other revenue streams that flow into the system to pay for players’ Earning and release new games that continuously attract newcomers.
  • As a second source of revenue, Go: Duel is the gift pool at the sponsor’s Agora Vein. For Rise of Imperia, it is the tournament sponsor.
  • In addition, the whole ecosystem also has betting money (1v1 wager, tournament betting), money from selling hard items, etc.
  • Heroum is a customer-centric game publisher that focuses not only on generating sales revenue, but also cares about validators, ecosystem participants, and players.
  • As Heroum games become more popular and attract more gamers than ever before, in-game assets and $HRUM will increase in price. Gamers can generate more of these assets by selling them on the open NFT marketplace or staking with $HRUM.
  • Most gaming corporations target consumers as drivers of network effects by exploiting them. Heroum uses web 3.0 and NFT’s shared networking effects to end the Zero-Sum game business.
  • Heroum offers revolutionary games where every player can be fairly rewarded for the time and money invested.
  • Heroum revolutionizes the entire blockchain gaming sector, including the extremely hot Explore-to-Earn, to incentivize users across the network.
  • The open game ecosystem gives Heroum the opportunity to benefit all participants, ending the Zero-Sum Game mindset.

3. Diversify cash flow, revenue

With cash flow and diversified revenue, Heroum is expected to attract a lot of venture capital firms. Heroum has several revenue generating mechanisms that will significantly increase investments.

Heroum generates a globally scalable revenue stream from fees paid by users/brands who want to attract new users to their flagship store, event or retail chain. The revenue streams are listed below:

  • Selling ​​NFT with many utilities with limited quantity
  • Token Sale
  • Sponsors and Partners: Heroum plans to cooperate with many brands (FnB and Fintech) to bring in a huge number of users
  • Physical items (Goods)
  • Collect fees when players place bets, participating in tournaments
  • Other game products

variety of coins herum

generate revenue herum

3.1. Heroum’s business development plan

  • Go Duel is the first part of Heroum’s GameFi ecosystem to be launched. This is a dedicated game with the goal of attracting global users and sparking the Explore-to-Earn trend.
  • Heroum works closely with respected partners to help Go Duel grow and diversify so that the game can scale rapidly through a unique Online to Offline (O2O) strategy.
  • Popular game guilds, KOLs, ambassadors, and influencers all contribute to the growth of Go Duel and share a common mission to spread the joy of playing and earning in-game.

herum development plan

3.2. Flywheel of Heroum system

flywheel of the herum system

Heroum aims to promote the sustainable movement of the Flywheel system by providing the world with a new vision of a leading Blockchain Game publisher.

Momentum will bring real value to both the end users, as well as benefits to all users inside the system. The result of this will be a positive feedback system, which will help regulate the comments of everyone in the system, and a token incentive will help push the system forward.

4. What is Explore-to-Earn?

Explore-to-Earn is integrated with GPS, NFTs, Blockchain and GameFi by tracking player movements, giving them benefits that are to enhance their passion for a healthier lifestyle and  to give a more active lifestyle with valuable rewards.

In Go: Duel, players can get various rewards when exploring unknown places and complete challenges at Agora Vein.

Upon completion of all quests, Agora Vein will give the player gifts and coupons, which the player can then exchange for goods or products from the Vein Owner.

  • It is a combination of Game, Technology, Finance, Fitness, Travel to explore Online to Offline;
  • Explore the unique Metaverse that interacts with real life;
  • Discover new places and experiences;
  • Discover SocialFi’s new daily lifestyle;
  • Explore the variety of games offering a playing strategy;
  • Explore the new era of ultimate power value and NFT;
  • Explore different earning rides in a series of games in one ecosystem;
  • Discover a pool of high value gifts from major brands around the world.

Discover what it is to make money

5. Heroum Tournament

  • There are many tournaments, the size of the tournament is usually determined by the number of participants and the size of the prize
  • With the aforementioned concept, the number of opponents can vary from 16 to infinite, and the tournament can last from 2 to 5 days.
  • On top of that, valuable ONLAN tournaments are possible to arrange

herum tournament

Based on the information about Heroum provided by GameAZ, hopefully through this article you will have a better understanding of this Blockchain Game platform. Stay tuned for the next article in the “Basic Features of Heroum” Series on GameAZ!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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