[101] Heroum (Pt.3): Rise of Imperia and Domination basic features

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In the 2nd Series about the basic features of Heroum, GameAZ will analyze in detail the game Rise of Imperia of the Heroum ecosystem. The information is for the purpose of providing you with more information to better understand this game.

I’m Harry, let’s learn Rise of Imperia from A-Z with me!

Key Takeaways:

  • Rise of Imperia (RoI) belongs to the genre of War-Simulation-MMO. A strategy game by Heroum inspired by the game Clash of Clans (COC).
  • Gameplay of RoI will be continuously researched and designed in a new, creative and unique direction so that players do not get bored. The game is towards a sustainable development game with top notch in-game strategy system; Easy access to get used to for new players;
  • Rise of Imperia has 4 game modes and a variety of ways to earn money: PvP, 1v1 Betting, PvE Challenge, and Guild War.
  • Rise of Imperia is still built based on 2 tokens $HRUM and $AGORA with different applicability depending on the needs of players. The game combines with Burning mechanics and multiple applications to minimize in-game inflation.
  • Inspired by the popular game “Clash Royale”, Domination is a massively multiplayer online battle arena, tower defense and strategy game.
  • In the early stages of formation, Domination will build 3 game modes: Clan War, 1v1 Betting and Tournament Tournament.

tieu diem chinh ve tinh nang co ban cua tua game riseofimperia

1. What is Rise of Imperia (RoI)?

  • Rise of Imperia (RoI) belongs to the genre of War-Simulation-MMO. A strategy game by Heroum designed to elevate the fun and entertaining experiences for players in the ecosystem.
  • Inspired by the game Clash of Clans (COC), the gameplay is designed with tournaments in mind and is expected to attract more than 50 million potential COC enthusiasts who will join the RoI in the future in this global GameFi marketplace.
  • Rise of Imperia (RoI) offers players a game with enhanced combat strategy, freight calculation and resource management in their kingdom.
  • Players will use $HRUM tokens to own NFTs and items needed to build bases and troops. After that, players will participate in wars or quests to get rewards.
  • This game has many modes for multiplayer, including Singleplayer, Multiplayer, PvP, PvE, and MMO mode.
  • In addition, by leveraging NFT blockchain technology, the game allows players to own the game’s assets, helping players leverage their investment and time.

what is riseofimperia

2. Gameplay

  • Tactical system in the top game

Coming to RoI, players will play the role of a Landlord to build and develop an army, upgrade his land, defend the kingdom against the invasion of rivals, summon Hero, open Expand the kingdom, fight with other players to regain valuable resources for the prosperity of the kingdom.

  • Easy access to get used to for new players

With simple gameplay like Clash of Clans and friendly features that are easy to use, RoI is suitable for a large number of players. RoI is built with both Singleplayer and Multiplayer mechanics so players can experience flexibility over time.

  • Target towards a sustainable development game

RoI is designed to be able to participate in the tournament, or beyond can organize a tournament of its own. This is a great opportunity for players to challenge themselves to receive valuable rewards. RoI will update more assets and resources in the game based on its long-term development plan. In particular, RoI will be expanded further depending on the needs of the gamer community.

gameplay of riseofimperia game

3. Game modes in RoI

3.1. PvP Mode

  • Explore, Expand, Mining, Destroy: Players can fight other players to protect their resources and territories.
  • Players can use their treasure items in battle to increase minions and use debuff skills against enemy castles.
  • In the future, more PvP content will be introduced to enrich the game experience in PvP mode.

3.2. 1v1 Betting Mode

  • This mode is open to both members and free players.

  • The game mode is designed for two players who can earn extra income in USDT and beyond, they will be mapped for a 1V1 battle.
  • The winner will win from 97% – 99% of the total bet value.
  • The remaining 1% – 3% will be the system cost.

3.3. Challenge Mode (PvE)

  • This mode is designed for everyone in the world including members and free players, or who want an interactive and innovative web 3.0 gaming experience.
  • Every week, RoI will release 1 series of maps (1 to 7, depending on the weekly schedule/plan) with limited resources.
  • Players register (with a registration fee paid in $HRUM or USDT tokens) to pass the Challenge.
  • The top 10 or 20 players that win (win the Challenge) with the best strategy (less resources spent on troops) will receive a shared cumulative bonus.

In addition, there are other money-earning mechanisms that help players increase their chances of earning money such as:

  • Guild War: Form a guild to fight for resources; the winner will get all the resources.

pve mode in riseofimperia

  • Daily Missions: Complete daily updated quests to get valuable rewards.
  • Sell/Rent NFT: Players can sell NFTs received in the game for $HRUM, or rent out that NFT to other players for passive income.

sell and rent nft in riseofimperia

3.4. Earning money with Land NFT 

Players can earn money through Land NFT in the following ways:

  • Buy/Sell Land NFT

Land NFT can be sold on the Marketplace for $HRUM. The value of Land NFT will grow based on the amount of resources you have invested in that Land. However, because the number of Land NFTs is limited, the Land NFT value will always grow.

  • Leasing Land NFT on Marketplace to generate passive income

Players can rent Land NFT on the marketplace to generate income. Full ownership of Land NFT will belong to the lessee. Obviously, they do not have the right to sell that Land NFT, but rent them out and use them in combat to earn NFTs. The owner will have full rights to use this land, except to sell it while it is being rented to someone else.

make money with land in riseofimperia

4. Tokenomics in Rise of Imperia

  • $HRUM
    • Governance Token
    • Used as currency to buy and sell NFT
    • As a reward when Staking $HRUM and Staking NFT
    • Players can earn $HRUM in-game through winning battles
  • $AGORA – Agora Fragment
    • Reward Tokens
    • Used in-game to strengthen NFT
    • Can be deposited/withdrawn from game to personal wallet and can be exchanged for $HRUM
    • Agora used in the game will be burned automatically.

tokenomics in riseofimperia

How to get Agora Fragment

How to get Agora Fragment

5. Overview of Domination Game

domination game overview

Inspired by the popular game “Clash Royale”, Domination is a multiplayer online battle arena, tower defense and strategy game using the same assets in the Heroum ecosystem.

5.1. Gameplay

  • Like other strategy games, players will build a team with up to 5 NFTs as heroes to conquer the land.
  • Players can recruit new Heroes, combine equipment and collect resources to increase the team’s power as much as possible.
  • Rare NFTs will have better stats, skills and appearance, giving more benefits in battle.
  • Players also plan their tactics and strategies carefully when engaging in battle with other players in PVP or attacking Bosses in PVE. If they are the winners, they have the opportunity to receive many valuable rewards and Agora Fragments.

5.2. Game Modes

  • Clan War Mode
    • One of the best features of this game is that Domination offers players the opportunity to join or form a Clan.
    • Joining or forming a Clan allows players to participate in friendly battles and Clan Wars.
    • It also unlocks NFT trading with Clan friends.
    • Clans will also receive high-quality benefits through Clan Wars.
  • 1v1 Betting Mode
    • This mode is available to both players with or without NFT.
    • In this mode, 2 players can choose their income level in USDT. Moreover, they will be mapped for a 1v1 battle.
    • The winner will receive from 97% – 99% of the total bet value.
    • The rest of 1% to 3% is used as a system cost.
    • Note: In this mode, NFT-owning players can only fight other NFT-owning players; they cannot compete with players who do not own NFT and vice versa.
  • Domination is also designed for Tournaments.
    • In the future, the Domination Championship will be held internationally.
    • Based on tournament performance, players are rewarded with a tournament bonus, if this is only a Domination championship, or $Hrum if this is a multi-game championship.

That’s all you need to know about the other 2 games in the Heroum ecosystem – Rise of Imperia and Domination! After Series 3 of analysis about basic features and detailed information of 3 games Go: Duel, Rise of Imperia, Domination of the Heroum ecosystem provided by GameAZ, it can be seen that Heroum has a very clear and specific plan to build a Blockchain Game platform suitable for a variety of players with 3 outstanding gameplays that attract a large number of global players.

Are you ready to join GameAZ in participating in the Heroum ecosystem? Hopefully, through these articles, you have been able to grasp the outstanding features and titles of the Heroum ecosystem.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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