[101] Heroum (Pt.2): Basic features of the game Go: Duel

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In the 2nd Series about basic features of Heroum, GameAZ will analyze in detail about the game Go: Duel of the Heroum ecosystem. Specifically, the information is about: Growth potential; Gameplay; Monetization mechanism; Agora Vein Mechanism; Cross NFT feature; In-game rewards; The resources and Tokenomics in the game to provide you with more information to better understand this game.

I’m Harry, let’s learn Go: Duel from A-Z with me!

Key Takeaways:

  • Go: Duel is an NFT Game with turn-based combat, integrated with Metaverse AR technology, a strategic product of Heroum.
  • The gameplay is inspired by the engineering concept of the game “Pokémon GO” turn-based combat and Explore-to-Earn, along with the integration of AR technology for players to experience the most realistic move in the game; then travel together to explore the map regions, engage in battle and earn rewards with challenge modes, monster battle, World Boss (PvE) or duel other players in (PvP) modes.
  • While exploring the majestic world of Go: Duel, players can earn NFTs, Tokens, Discount Coupons through PvE, PvP, Daily Missions, Treasure Hunts, Challenges at Agora Vein.
  • Let’s find out what Agora Vein and Cross NFT are and information about the rewards players receive when you win.
  • Explore in-game tokenomics and resources to understand how the economy works in Go: Duel.

heroum key takeaways and go duel game basic features

Inspired by the technical concept of “Pokémon GO”, Go: Duel is a NFT turn-based strategy gameintegrated Metaverse AR technology, as Heroum’s strategic product to attract a large number of global users.

Players will use a smartphone with GPS mode to discover points for quests, challenges, and rewards from Heroum’s system and partner brands, called Agora Vein.

In Go: Duel, players can get various rewards for exploring unknown locations and completing challenges at Agora Vein.

Upon completion of all quests, Agora Vein will award the player with gifts and vouchers that the player can then exchange for goods or products from the Vein Owner.

In addition, this is a game with NFT technology called “Cross NFT” that is used throughout the Heroum ecosystem.

1. Growth potential

  • Go: Duel has easy and attractive gameplay. Moreover, it works like a market platform with a big funnel to attract a large number of users who can move/run from one place to another.
  • Go: Duel attracts not only gamers but also non-crypto players through partnerships with global brands.
    • Brands expect users to have to move around in search of digital collections in order to receive valuable rewards.
    • Brands will get good results from marketing campaigns. At the same time, they can track and analyze the exact metrics that attract the audience they want. Besides, players can earn healthy, fun and exciting things. Even top marketing channels like TV, billboards, and actual games can take advantage of this from Go: Duel.
  • Go: Duel maximizes the utility of NFTs by allowing special use cases for them.
    • Brands or users should hold Land NFT or Altar NFT to enable Agora Veins storage.
    • The feature to generate Agora Veins for owners is to automatically unlock Land NFT  and Altar NFT. It has fueled the global rise of Agora Veins and the geographical user base. NFT trading volume will see high market demand that is not only buying and selling but also renting on the marketplace.
  • The system also allows users to wager a certain amount to unlock the feature of owning Agora Veins.

Agora Veins are designed to have infinite scale and contribute valuable to the governance token. Thanks to this mechanism, Go: Duel brings enjoyment to players and maintains a stable economy for the ecosystem.

  • Go: Duel is a combination of Game, Technology, Finance, Health and Travel, Free-to-Play gameplay, and Explore-to-Earn, representing a seamless transition of gameplay mechanics from In-Game to Real life (Online to Offline) brings excitement to players and maintains a stable economy for the ecosystem.

go duel

  • Go: Duel will be the game project that opens the Exploration-to-Earn era.
    • P2E and Move-to-Earn are prominent trends among gamers. These advances have moral and monetary benefits. And the Go: Duel team combines these trends with innovation inspired by technological approach to Explore-to-Earn of “Pokémon GO”‘ which is to together Move to explore map regions, engage in battle and earn rewards.
    • Go: Duel uses augmented reality (AR) to display monsters and other players. GPS guides players to combat, goals and rewards.

The game modes offer a unique experience like Challenge mode, PvE , World Boss monsters, and PvP battles.

the growth potential of go duel

2. Gameplay

  • Players will use GPS technology to go to “Agora Vein” to perform missions, participate in challenge mode, fight monsters, World Boss (PvE) or duel other players (PvP).
  • The game will use the Heroum map to navigate players to certain locations to fight.
  • Players can see monsters or other players directly on their phone screen, thanks to augmented reality technology.
  • The match starts when the player is close enough to “Agora Vein” for a certain time.
  • Fight using turn-based tactics in both PvP and PvE modes to be the winner!

Go Duel's gameplay

3. Monetization mechanism

Go Duel's Monetization Mechanism

While exploring the majestic world of Go: Duel, players can earn NFTs, Tokens, Discount Coupons through in-game activities

  • PvP/PvE: Challenge mighty monsters and other players, defeat them to earn Soul Fragments and NFTs
  • Daily Quests: Complete daily, weekly, and monthly missions gives the player a bunch of NFTs and resources
  • Treasure: While exploring and fighting monsters, the player has a chance to receive treasure chests which contain many NFTs and resources.
  • Challenge at Agora Vein: A series of mighty Bosses with great prizes for players to challenge and destroy to become an Agora Vein Owner.

4. Agora Vein’s Mechanism

  • To be able to create Agora Vein, users need to unlock it by owning NFT  Land or Altar NFT or you can stake a certain amount of $HRUM/stablecoin to unlock this feature.
  • To set up Agora Vein, users need to stake in a Prize Pool on the system, create a task or challenge with a reward mechanism to reward players, and then become the Owner of Agora Vein.
  • Agora Vein and monsters are detected on the map via GPS as the user moves closer to the area where they are located.
  • Treasures, Bosses, and other players can all be found on the way to Vein locations. Players can choose to Face or Dodge when encountering the above situations.
  • At Agora Vein, the user can choose the quest or player to fight based on their level.

Player Ranking

  • Bronze: Complete 100 quests/challenge
  • Silver: Complete 200 quests/challenge
  • Gold: Complete 500 quests/challenge
  • Diamond: Complete 1,000 quests/challenge

go duel player ratings

5. Rewards

  • After the battle, the player will have a chance to get the Soul Fragment. Players must combine Soul Fragments together to get a new Hero NFT with random Rarity. Players can use that Hero or sell them for $HRUM.
  • Players can complete missions of brands to get rewards in return: Money, NFT Fragment, Agora Fragment, Coupon, Token, NFT and other in-game items.
  • After performing a simple task given by the server will be able to earn rewards: USDT, Coupon, Token, treasure.

go duel rewards

6. Cross NFT

The Cross NFT mechanism is a very special new method that optimizes the benefits for players both in terms of financial factors and increasing power in the game.

Cross NFT allows players to power up their Hero in Go: Duel with resources they earn from other games in the Heroum ecosystem. This gives players more opportunities to strengthen themselves and accumulate more advantages while maintaining a balanced playstyle.

go duel cross nft

7. Resources in the game

  • Item: Gear NFT is used as equipment to power up the player’s Hero.
  • Soul Fragments:
    • Increase Hero’s power
    • Combining 100 Soul Fragments can create a new Hero with random Rarity.
    • Can be used to exchange to other resources.
  • Agora Fragments:
    • Increase Hero’s power
    • Can be used to exchange to $HRUM
    • Buy in-game items
    • Buy Soul Fragment
  • Coupon:
    • In-game Coupon: Used to receive NFT and in-game resources.
    • Real Life Coupon: Use to receive various gifts from Agora Vein Owners in real life.

resources in go duel

8. Tokenomics in the game

Since Go: Duel is designed for both Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Earn, the utility of the in-game token will increase due to increasing overall market demand.

Heroum aims to provide stable and sustainable crypto assets through Burning.

This makes the value of the tokens increase continuously over time, making it an ideal investment for sponsors and investors.

Heroum tokens are periodically sent to Burn wallet addresses. These wallet addresses do not have a private key, which cannot be accessed by anyone.

tokenomics in game

That’s all you need to know about the first game on the Heroum ecosystem – Go: Duel! Are you ready for the exciting and dynamic Explore to Earn adventure in Go: Duel?

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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