[101] Fight Of The Ages (FOTA): Types of Heroes

by Trung

Aether is the ultimate source of energy that creates all problems in the FOTA universe. Today, the place it once lived is called Greenland, inhabited by the Omni and the Dragon. The whole universe is yearning to protect the Aether from the onslaught of Nightmare, with the evil Ogre army led by Demons. It was in that moment, when all hope was slowly fading, that the Omni came to Earth to ally with the Elves and Humans to create a war of protection – fighting for the Aether more fiercely than ever.

It is from this war that each of the above races has formed Heroes with different abilities and powers representing each of those races/classes! So in the chaotic world of FOTA, what types of Heroes are there?

I’m Harry – Let’s learn about FOTA’s Heroes from AZ!

Key Takeaways:

  • An overview and details of more than 20 types of Heroes currently appearing and can be owned and used in FOTA: Eira, Tigris, Amaltheus, Orson, Octonus, Aprum, Zel, Kekor, Keisha, Aedus , Malhela, Alva, Farrer, Kyla, Gideon, Cyril, Ciara, Grimm, Godwyn, and Eryk.

1. Eira – The White Hunter


Race: Human

Character Class: Hunter

When it comes to her skill set, Eira has the ability to manipulate ice and demonstrate archery expertise. During battles, Eira demonstrates three main skills:

Skill 1: Frost Arrow

Eira uses the power of ice on her arrows, then fires Frost Arrows at the target enemy dealing damage and freezing them. within a certain period of time.

Skill 2: Eira Blessing

Eira focuses energy, then uses her passive power to restore MP for each ally.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Triple Shot

Eira summons the strongest form of icy power, creating 3 Ice Arrows and shooting at enemies. This ultimately deals AOE damage.

2. Tigris – The King of The Jungle 


Race: Beast

Character Class: Warrior

Speaking of skill sets, Tigris shows expertise in combat and a pinnacle in overall strength. During battles, Tigris displays three main skills

Skill 1: Triumphant Roar

With his power, Tigris roars then restores HP to an ally.

Skill 2: Outburst

Tigris becomes enraged and strengthens himself by dealing damage equal to the amount of HP he has lost, when HP is restored his rage decreases then this ability disappears .

Skill 3 (Ultimate): End Of All Hope

His hunting instincts take over. Tigris dashes towards his target enemy and both lose 50% HP.

3. Amaltheus – The Wise Beast of Greece


Race: Beast

Character Class: Assassin

In battles, Amaltheus displays 3 main skills:

Skill 1: Yin Yang Horn

Amaltheus uses Yin and Yang Horns to deal damage and do damage. Stun your target.

Skill 2: Great Cleave Justice

Amaltheus attacks and critically damages all enemies in a line, dealing damage to the first enemy and 50% to the others.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Battle Trance

Amaltheus becomes enraged and increases his basic attack damage.

4. Orson – The Beast Warrior


Large and formidable, Orson’s size does not prevent him from being able to move quickly with incredible agility thanks to his effective armor design. With a pair of forged steel claws, the great Beast general is now even more formidable thanks to his enhanced melee ability. With powerful roars that make enemies lose consciousness and sharp claws that can pierce any armor; Orson proves himself a supreme ruler of nature.

Race: Beast

Character Class: Warrior

Orson’s Skill System:

Skill 1: Holy Shield

ORSON stomps on the ground and summons a sacred shield to protect himself or an allied hero from being targeted by enemies’ skills and items.

Skill 2: Blight Claw

ORSON focuses the energy of nature into the palm of his hand and unleashes a powerful claw punch. This skill’s passive will reduce the enemy’s movement speed after each attack.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Lesion Metabolism

ORSON smashes the ground to pieces and unleashes almighty power within himself, empowering a marked ally, turning damage taken into extra HP.

5. Octonus – The Scorpion King 


Race: Beast

Character Class: Warrior

Octonus is a Beast of Eurypterid that resides in the barren desert of Destiny. Each Eurypterid is a unique and separate individual because each has its own territory and defends it against any intruders.

When it comes to his skill set, Octonus shows expertise in manipulating various elements and casting healing spells. During battles, Octonus displays three main skills:

Skill 1: Healing Gale

A sandstorm that spreads Healing Potion across allies and helps them recover HP.

Skill 2: Prey Amusement

Octonus takes advantage of the death of an ally to restore HP to the rest.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Till Death

Those who dare to challenge Octonus and his allies will be forced to engage in a death war with him.

6. Aprum – Beast Sentinel 


Race: Beast

Character Class: Warrior

Aprum is Orson’s most skilled warrior. He has super strength and extraordinary stamina, as well as absolute loyalty to his master – Orson.

Skill 1: Ground Mash

Aprum smashes the ground, damaging and disarming enemies for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Retaliation

Aprum counters all attacks by reflecting a portion of damage dealt to enemies while ignoring their armor.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Toughen Up Aprum

The base health is increased at the beginning of battle.

7. Zel – The Banished Dragon 


Race: Beast

Character Class: Chemist

Zel was once one of the mighty Dragons on The Greenland. However, after the adventure of exploring the Forbidden Magical Lake, Zel was cursed to become the hideous Bell Cobra.

When it comes to his skill set, Zel has the ability to release poison that curses enemies. During battles, Zel displays three main skills:

Skill 1: Venomous Spit

Zel stomps on the ground, focuses energy, then releases venomous blasts that deal damage to all enemies and reduce speed by 50%. their movement speed for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Keratinization Zel

Strengthens herself, gaining armor when taking damage from skills.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Toxin Strike

Zel deals the enemy hero with his powerful poison, dispelling and preventing them from casting spells or using items, and dealing damage.

8. Kekor – The Barbarian Orge


Character Class: Warrior

Once upon a time, Kekor was the Lord of Middle Earth. Kekor is Cyril’s strongest right-hand man.

During battles, Kekor displays three main skills:

Skill 1: All Kneel

Kekor focuses and attacks a spell, dealing damage and disarming an enemy hero, stopping them from attacking for a certain time.

Skill 2: Taste of Blood

Kekor goes mad and is energized by his enemies’ wounds, recovering some health for % of the damage hit the enemy inflicted.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): Resurrection

After his death, Kekor will perform a Reincarnation Ritual himself to revive him with health based on his own maximum HP. (This can only be activated once per match).

9. Keisha – The Ghost of Middle Earth


No one really knows Keisha’s identity, it is rumored that no one ever lived to encounter him.

Race: Human

Character Class: Assassin

Skill 1: Fatal Flaw

Keisha’s attacks pierce enemy defenses, ignoring a percentage of their armor.

Skill 2: Counter Assault

Keisha resists all attacks, dealing damage to the attacker. Returns an amount and ignores the attacker’s armor based on Fatal Flaw’s level.

Skill 3 (Ultimate): True Nemesis

Keisha marks her enemies as her True Nemesis and activates her killing instincts by striking them repeatedly. The last hit deals more damage.

10. Aedus – The Master of Magic


Race: Human

Character Class: Priest

Aedus is one of the most powerful mages Earth has ever seen. He has been blessed with the power of the Aether from the moment he was born.

When it comes to his skill set, Aedus shows expertise in manipulating various elements and using healing magic. In battles, Aedus displays three main skills:

Skill 1: Sacred Flame

Aedus marks enemies, dealing damage and reducing their armor by 50% for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Oathsworn

Aedus swore an oath to the gods, increasing mana regeneration for all allies.

Skill 3: Immortality

Aedus grants the power of Immortality to a friendly unit, preventing their HP from dropping below a certain percentage for a certain amount of time.

11. Malhela – The Soul Snatcher


Race: Human

Character Class: Warlock

Malhela is Aedus’ twin sister. Aedus is blessed with an abundant source of Aether.

When it comes to her skill set, Malhela shows expertise in mind manipulation and dark magic. During battles, Malhela displays three main skills:

Skill 1: Raven Assault

Malhela launches a crow, damaging and stunning enemies for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Enfeeblement

Malhela marks the enemy for a certain amount of time. Marked enemies take increased magic damage.

Skill 3: Silent Flock

Malhela silences all enemy champions, preventing them from casting spells for a certain amount of time.

12. Alva – The Descendant of the Ancient Elves


Race: Elf

Character Class: Mage

Alva is the heir to the great Elfin bloodline Idril.

When it comes to her skill set, Alva is capable of using manifestation magic, mind control, and manipulating various types of divine energy. Alva has always used the Wand of the Elder Elves, which she inherited from her ancestors. During battles, Alva displays three main skills:

Skill 1: Blinding Light

Alva uses Orbs of Light on enemies, dealing damage and stunning them for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Dazzling Beam

Alva fires a beam of light that deals damage to enemies and another random target.

Skill 3: Swindling Mist

Alva surrounds herself and all allied heroes with an obscuring fog. Invisibility is broken when using a skill.

13. Farrer – The Elite Keen Warrior in Modern City


Race: Keen

Character Class: Mech

Farrer is an elite warrior of Keen in Modern City. It was created by materialists who believe that magic is the root of all evils, that only science is necessary for their lives and for the universe.

Skill 1: Power Shot

Farrer locks onto a target’s enemy champion and fires a devastating shot, damaging and stunning them for a set amount of time.

Skill 2: Power Up

Farrer increases his accuracy, giving him a chance to hit a critical hit.

Skill 3: KABOOM

Farrer fires a volley of rockets that explode on hit, dealing damage to all enemies.

14. Kyla – The Ancient Dragon from Snow Mountain Jade Dragon


Race: Dragon

Character Class: Mage

Skill 1: Crescent Moon

Kyla launches New Moon, dealing damage to all enemies.

Skill 2: Cleansing Ring

Kyla removes her protection, clearing all debuffs on an allied champion and granting them Magic Immunity for a certain amount of time.

Skill 3: Lullaby Tempest

Kyla unleashes a whirlwind of sleep, putting all enemies to sleep for a certain amount of time.

15. Gideon – The God of Strength


Race Omni

Character Class: Mage

Gideon is one of the strongest Omnis, known as the God of Strength because of the power of a hurricane.

Skill 1: Storm Bolt

Gideon smashes his opponent with a hammer, dealing damage and reducing their attack speed by 50% for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Thunder Clap

Gideon smashes the ground, creating a bolt of lightning that strikes two targets and provides realistic vision.

Skill 3: Thunder Wrath

Gideon summons the power of thunder, dealing damage to all enemy champions.

16. Cyril – The Fallen God


Race: Demon

Character Class: Assassin

Cyril – the brutal tyrant of The Nightmare – absorbed dark energy and became a Demon Lord. He was once an Omni, the most powerful being with god-like powers and abilities. After being banished by his own race, Cyril swore to destroy Greenland and destroy anyone who stood in his way.

Skill 1: Devil’s Bond

Cyril’s combat ability feeds on his own wounds. Cyril’s base damage increases every time he takes damage from enemy skills.

Skill 2: Devil Celerity

Cyril listens to Evil’s Whisper’s passive, increasing the enemy’s ability to dodge.

Skill 3: Total Annihilation

Cyril summons Flames of Destruction, dealing massive damage to all enemies based on his base damage.

17. Ciara – The Goddess of Death


Race: Demon

Character Class: Assassin

Ciara was once one of the most charming Goddesses on Greenland. After hours of pain and suffering, Ciara harbored a deep hatred for humanity. She swore to bring destruction to anyone who dared to oppose her.

Skill 1: Mana Strike

Ciara burns the opponent’s mana on each attack based on her base physical damage.

Skill 2: Dark Shield

Ciara wraps herself in a Shadow Shield, passively giving her a chance to gain Spell Immunity.

Skill 3: Void Smite

Ciara breaks the opponent’s energy core, dealing damage based on a percentage of their missing mana.

18. Grimm – The Executioner of Nightmare


Race: Demon

Character Class: Warlock

Unlike Cyril, who seeks revenge on the Omnis, Grimm only becomes one of the Lords of Nightmare to satisfy an irresistible desire. Your return is to cause pain to others. Grimm’s ultimate goal is to bring the world into a new Dark Age, where the sound of pain and misery never ends.

Skill 1: Hush

Grimm summons Dark Spirit, dealing damage and silencing enemies for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Soul Reaper

Grimm heals based on his maximum health every time an enemy champion is killed.

Skill 3: Reaper’s Sweep

Grimm swings his Death Scythe, sweeping through all enemies and linking them together, dealing full damage to the main target and sharing the damage to others.

19. Godwyn – The Supreme Goddess


Race: Omni

Character Class: Mage

Godwyn is one of the supreme gods with a great influence on the Earth. There are temples built under her protection, especially the Temple of Elpida, where she has bestowed the privilege of possessing a powerful scepter. Godwyn also taught magicians and nuns her knowledge of the arts of healing and protection.

Skill 1: God’s Blessing

Godwyn blesses an allied unit, recovering 8% of their maximum HP.

Skill 2: Serene Grace

Godwyn emits a divine grace, reducing the attack speed of all enemies.

Skill 3: Salvation

Godwyn invokes a Divine Protection that grants all allies immunity to damage.

20. Eryk – The Silver’s Loyal Bodyguard – The heir to the Crown Kingdom Londo


Eryk is known to be Silver’s most loyal protector. With Eryk’s support, Silver could easily suppress any opponent, any dominant force on Earth that dared to disobey orders from the Crown Kingdom of London.

Race: Human

Character Class: Warrior

Skill 1: In The Name Of Snjor

Eryk trains himself with courage, applying a basic dispel and recovering a percentage of his max HP for a certain amount of time.

Skill 2: Holy Armor

When attacked, Eryk will activate Holy Armor, giving him a chance to take less damage from enemies’ basic attacks.

Skill 3: Heavenly Strike

Eryk invokes the Power of Heaven, dealing real damage to enemies. When an enemy champion is killed with Heavenly Strike, its cooldown resets and restores Eryk’s mana. Otherwise, it will deal 50% damage.

In addition to the names mentioned above, FOTA also has Heroes: Caim, Abaddon, Lagan, Iona, Akoser with limited information so not listed in the list above. Readers can directly follow FOTA’s official media channels to get more information about these Heroes.

So we have gone through the most basic information about the types of Heroes NFT in the FOTA fantasy world. In the next part of the series of basic features, we will continue to learn other NFT systems such as: NFT items, Skin, FOTALand are integrated in FOTA, from which you will learn useful information. Please help optimize the game play!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

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