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Hero is an indispensable feature of GaliXCity. To participate in PvE and PvP activities, you will need to own at least 5 Heroes and there will be initial free heroes when you join. These Heroes will assist you in city management, fighting in conquest mode and directly fighting in Campaign mode. This article GameAZ will give you a summary of the knowledge you need to know about Hero nft of GaliXcity so that you can confidently choose the right Hero for your gaming needs.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn the Hero system of GaliXCity from AZ!

Key Takeaways

  • Heroes in GaliXCity are special characters. Can be seen as powerful generals that help you dominate armies to participate in activities and conquer other cities. Hero is also a very valuable NFT in GaliXCity.
  • Based on combat characteristics, Hero is divided into 5 types with different advantages and disadvantages: Human, Cyborg, Construct, Monster, Spell.
  • According to battle strength and rarity, Heroes are classified into Rare Ranks from low to high: Common < Rare < Epic < Legendary.
  • All Heroes will carry a system of stats including: Morale, Physique, Support, Develop, Growth, Troops, Expedition Skill, Passive Skill.
  • Heroes can all be upgraded by leveling up Hero, increasing Hero stars, upgrading skills and using Equipment.
  • Each Hero will possess different active and passive skills that offer various production and combat benefits. The higher the quality of the hero, the more passive skills it has. The rarer the hero, the more skills they possess.
  • Players can own Hero through 3 ways: Summon Heroes at Mystery House; Buy Heroes through Marketplace and Get Heroes from combining hero shards during battle.

1. What is Hero NFT of GaliXcity?

Heroes in GaliXCity are special characters that can be seen as powerful champions that help you dominate armies to participate in activities and conquer other cities. The Hero is also a very valuable NFT in GaliXCity. You can mint Hero into NFT and sell it for a reasonable price on Marketplace. Hero also brings many benefits when in the squad.

Based on combat characteristics, there are 5 types of Heroes:

  • Human: Stable defense, balanced stats.
  • Cyborg: Possesses advanced equipment, great defense but low damage.
  • Construct: Strong with high defense, capable of blocking enemy attacks.
  • Monster: Extremely high attack power and speed.
  • Spell: Possesses useful wide-area skills, which can turn the game upside down if used at the right time.

hero trong galixcity nft la gi

2. Rare Tier of Heroes

Based on battle strength and rarity, Heroes are classified into Rare Ranks from low to high:

  • Legendary – S-Rank, SSS: Heroes with outstanding stats, Unique appearance and has many special abilities. 
  • Epic – Tier A: Heroes have some special abilities, the stats are pretty good.
  • Rare – B rank: Heroes have some special abilities, the stats are not too outstanding.
  • Common – D, C: Heroes have stats and skills that are not too outstanding.

The higher the Rarity Rank, the stronger the Hero’s skills, and the more effective the city management will be.

3. Basic stats of Heroes

cac chi so co ban hero trong galixcity

  • Morale: Increases the attack of all minions when dispatching.
  • Physique: Increases the defense of all minions when dispatching.
  • Support: When delegating in the military, greatly increases the effectiveness of delegations
  • Develop: When delegating in internal affairs, greatly increases the effectiveness of delegations
  • Growth: The higher the Growth Score, the higher the Level; increase the Rare Rank, increase the Stars only The higher the number of Heroes.
  • Troops: When the player dispatches troops, bringing along this Hero can increase the number of troops.
  • Expedition Skill: Supports armies in battle.

4. Leveling Up Heroes:

tang cap level hero galixcity

Increasing Hero’s Level helps increase Hero’s strength and stats. The maximum level that 1 Hero can reach is 100, but the limit needs to be unlocked through increasing Hero Star Levels.

Materials needed to level up: Experience Cards.

How to get the Experience Card:

  • Terrorist Attack
  • Campaign
  • Arena
  • Buy at Shop

5. Upgrading Hero

nang cap sao hero galixcity

Increasing Hero Stars will greatly increase the stats and improve the effectiveness of the Hero’s skills. Also increasing the Level cap can level up Hero

Materials used to level up: Heroes of different or same type.

6. Upgrading badges for Hero

Use materials to activate badges; when all 6 badges are activated, you can raise badges for Hero. The Hero after being upgraded badge will increase stats.

Where to get badge raising materials: Campaign mode.

7. Hero’s Skill

skill hero galixcity

A Hero possesses active and passive skills that offer many benefits in production and combat. The higher the quality of the hero, the more passive skills it has. The rarer the hero, the more skills they possess.

Hero possesses 2 main types of skills:

  • Expedition Skill: The skill is automatically used to support the army in battles.
  • Passive Skill: Increases soldiers’ stats and benefits when using Hero on buildings.

Leveling Up:

  • For Expedition Skill: Skill Effect is higher the more Hero’s Stars
  • For Passive Skill: Use Memory Shards to upgrade skill

Upgrading skill will increase the benefit that Hero bring, specifically:

  • Combat strength of the robot army
  • Speed ​​of harvesting, research,…
  • Strength in combat

to get Fragments of Memories:

  • Monster hunting activities on the map
  • Daily Mission

Wearing equipment will increase the stats for soldiers when going to battle. Each Hero has 6 equipment slots.

Players can earn equipment through activities:

  • Mortar Carrier Attack.
  • Some events in the game.

9. How to get Hero

9.1. Summon Heroes at Mystery House

If you own Land, you will be able to summon Heroes at Mystery House.

Cost per Summon: 18 $NEMO

The higher the Mystery House Level, the higher the chance of summoning high and rare NFT Heroes.

For more details: https://wiki.galixcity.io/en/get-benefits-from-land

trieu hoi hero tai mystery

9.2. Buy Heroes at GaliXCity Marketplace

You can directly buy Heroes that others are selling on Marketplace by visiting the website: https://marketplace.galixcity.io

9.3. Get Hero from Hero Fragments:

In-game activities that can earn hero shards include:

  • Limited Time Event, Wheel of Fortune event
  • Campaign mode

10. Benefits of owning a Hero

The benefits that a Hero brings when having a Hero in the squad, include:

  • Increases the maximum number of soldiers plus when going to battle.
  • Increases combat strength and other stats for minions
  • Helps to fight in battle thanks to its special skills
  • Increases marching speed
  • Increases maximum payload per resource collection
  • Increases resource collection speed

Also , some special activities require a Hero to participate in direct combat such as Peak Battle, Campaign…

The Hero level in these activities is determined by the number of Hero’s Stars. The higher the level will help increase the Hero’s stats and skill effects in battle

The above is an overview of the Hero NFT system in GaliXCity with basic information about Rare Rank, Stats, Level, Star Level, Badges, Skills, Equipment as well as Hero ownership benefits. Let’s read the next article, GameAZ will provide more information about other NFT items integrated in GaliXCity to help gamers be more convenient during the game!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about the project, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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