[Basic] Hero Arena: Ways to earn money

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With the instructions from GameAZ, you will be able to know the ways to earn money to optimize profits from Hero Arena.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A to Z how to make money in Hero Arena!

Key Takeaways:

  • Sharing ways to “Earn” in the game that helps players increase profits through activities: Perform daily tasks,  Selling Heroes NFT, Heroes NFT Rental, Trade transactions on CEX exchanges, Staking, Farming.

1. Play-to-Earn

Players do daily quests, train Heras and get $HERA Token.

2. NFT Marketplace

Buy new Heras with $HERA to expand your collection and sell Heras to increase your income.

3. Free-to-Play & Free-to-Earn

Instead of spending money to buy in-game characters, players can play the game for free and receive a little reward for completing the in-game mission progress.

4. Rent-to-Play (Not released yet)

With rare and high-priced Heras, instead of players having to spend a lot of money to buy, they can go to the Marketplace to rent these Heras at a cheaper price for a certain period of time. Owners of Heras will make a profit from the rental.

5. Transactions

Players are allowed to use $HERA to trade on e-commerce platforms such as Gate, PancakeSwap, etc.

6. Staking

  • Some Staking Pools will be released for players to Stake $HERA, allowing players to earn passive income with multiple Stake integrated tokens.
  • At the end of each month, Pool participants have a chance to win Hero NFT shards through Lottery Tickets.
  • NFT Heroes can be Staked to gain experience for that Hero, and also gain passive $HERA. The longer the Staking time is, the more experience the Hero gets!


Staking time is now over. In the near future, Hero Arena will organize many Staking sessions to meet the needs of players. Please follow the official information channels of the project to catch the latest news!

7. Farming

  • The Farming feature allows players to earn more $HERA. The rate of return will be adjusted according to the factors of the economy in the game.
  • The Farming rate will be encouraged by the publisher to keep high in the early stages of the game’s release because other features are still in development. As other features are released, the Farming rate will be adjusted down to create the right balance.

With detailed information on ways to earn money in Hero Arena from the GameAZ team, you will surely come up with your own strategies to optimize your income from playing games.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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