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In the previous article, GameAZ reviewed the content related to the detailed information about the characteristics of the NFT Heroes system (Heras). In the 2nd Series of Hero Arena basic features, GameAZ will continue to analyze in detail the game’s Combat Mechanism specifically about Squad, Rule, Missions and Rewards, Game modes in the game PvE, PvP, Arena, Dungeon, and Individual Boss to give you more information to earn money from this game.

I’m Harry – let’s learn the next features of Hero Arena from A – Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hero Arena gives players a turn-based P2E Game experience. Players can earn money through many different game modes: PvE, PvP, Arena, Dungeon, Individual Boss.
    • PvE mode is where players will use their Heras to explore the story of the game and fight against Monsters, Bosses. Gameplay is still turn-based and the difficulty will gradually increase.
    • The Arena Arena mode is a PVP mode that takes place on a seasonal basis. An Arena season lasts for 14 days, requiring a $HEGEM fee to wager on finding a match against an opponent. The reward is Rank Points and the opponent’s $HEGEM bets
    • Players explore Dungeons (coming soon) daily with Gold to earn rewards based on Dungeon difficulty to win Tokens & valuable items.
  • Players can build a squad of up to 5 Heroes from their Hera collection to join the fight and will have the flexibility to use the appropriate formation for each game mode.
  • There will be multiple Quests and Activities in a day and reset daily/weekly depending on the mission type, allowing the player to earn Gold, Upgrade Potions, Ascend Potions, Increase idle rewards by completing them.

1. General battle mechanics in Hero Arena – Battles

Hero Arena gives players turn-based P2E Game experience. Players can earn money through various game modes with competitive gameplay and a wide range of in-game activities.

The Battles mechanism is 1vs1 turn-based combat. In this type of game, players take turns controlling their Heras to defeat the opponent’s Heras and win the battle. Therefore strong Heras, a combination of Class & Race, and clever Skill use are essential to gain an edge over other players in this type of game.

1.1. Line-up 

Players can build a squad of up to 5 Heras from their Hera collection to join the fight.

Players have a maximum of 4 Slots to save 4 different lineups to flexibly change depending on the appropriate time.

*Note: Only 1 squad can be active at a time.

1.2. Rules of Battle

Players will enter combat with their active squad and cannot change lineup during combat.

Attack order will be determined by lineup battle formation.

There is a time and turn limit for each battle. When the timer runs out, whoever has more Heras in the match than the other one wins. In case both sides have the same amount of Heras at the end of the turns and the time, victory is determined by the total % of the remaining Heras Health of each team.

1.3. Resources 

  • Gold is the in-game currency used to pay for non-commercial features like Training or Heras Ranks.
  • When Training for Heras requires Silver to upgrade, and every 20 levels, Ascend Potions are required for Heras to reach the next level of power.
  • You can earn Gold, Silver, and Ascend Potions by completing quests and participating in game events (Dungeon, World Boss, etc.)
  • Gold, Silver, and Ascend Potions are non-commercial in-game units and cannot be converted to Tokens of any kind.

1.4. Quests & Rewards

  • Mission
  • Quests will be reset daily/weekly depending on mission type.
  • Quests are generated based on ongoing in-game activities and will reward players based on the difficulty of the mission.
  • Rewards from quests can include: Gold, Evolution Stone or even $HERA

  • Daily Rewards and Idle Rewards
  • The game also offers players Idle Rewards that players can claim without actually playing the game.
  • Or players can log into the game to get Daily Rewards.
  • After completing all daily missions, players are eligible for hourly Idle Rewards.
  • The value of Idle Rewards will gradually increase as the player progresses into the following Chapters in PvE mode.

2. PvE Mode – Adventure Mode

In Adventure mode, players use their Heras to explore the game story and fight against Monsters and Bosses. Gameplay is still turn-based and the difficulty will gradually increase as the player goes deeper into the following levels.

Battle -> Challenge -> Combat

When the player completes the Stages and Chapters, the player is instantly rewarded and increases the Idle Rewards.

3. PvP Mode

In this mode, battles do not take place in real time, but operate in an Attack – Defense model.

  • Attack: Online players can engage other players within their PvP rank (+ – 50 PvP rank points) using their active lineup.
  • Defense: Players can choose 1 Squad Slot as their defense formation. When attacked by other players, this lineup will be put into battle and controlled on automatic mode. If no defensive lineup is selected, the active lineup will be the default formation.

Winning (both offensive and defensive) will increase PvP rank. If you lose, you will lose points.

If the player loses in the Defense pattern, the player will have the opportunity to “revenge” the attacker with the “Revenge” function.

4. Arena Mode

In Hero Arena, Arena mode is a seasonal PVP mode. An Arena season lasts for 14 days. The rules of this mode are as follows:

  • Players can challenge other players in real time to achieve higher rankings.
  • Players need to pay a $HEGEM fee to bet on finding matches with other players.
  • Once the bet is complete, the player can wage a battle with opponents within their Rank Points (+-50 points) on the Leaderboard. Matches are matched in a completely random manner.
  • The player has 10 challenges and resets after 2 hours/day, to continue the challenge needs to spend an amount of $HEGEM to buy turns.

City -> Arena -> Pick the enemy -> Combat


  • The winner will take the opponent’s Rank Points and $HERA bet.
  • The reward for winning each match is 10 $HEGEM; 5 times/day = 50 $ HEGEM.
  • Every day the system will send a player ranking reward.
  • Ranking rewards will be sent via in-game mail at 9:00pm daily.
  • Players also have a chance to get $HERA when they are in the TOP position of the leaderboard.

At the end of the season, the top 20% of players on the leaderboard will be eligible for seasonal rewards. Rewards are distributed according to Rank; Higher Rank players will get more valuable rewards.

5. Dungeon Mode (coming soon)

Players can explore Dungeons daily with Gold to earn rewards based on Dungeon difficulty. After winning, you will receive Tokens & valuable items.

Rewards that can be received when participating in Dungeon:

  • $HERA Token
  • Gold, Silver, and Ascend Potions
  • High value powerful upgraded items and item shards.
  • The new challenge will be more difficult but the reward will also be more.

6. Individual Boss Mode

  • Players will have 1 turn to challenge the Personal Boss every day.
  • When winning the Boss, players can receive HERA Key rewards that are used to open HERA Boxes in Treasure. Rewards include high value upgrade items.
  • Boss with new difficulties will be more difficult but the reward will also be more and more valuable.
  • In the new version 2.1, this mode will update more Bosses with Levels from 70-100.
  • Players with character level 20 will only be able to hit Boss level 30-60.
  • Players with level >100 will be able to beat all Bosses at all levels.

Based on the information about the basic features in Hero Arena provided by GameAZ in this article, it can be seen that Hero Arena is a game with turn-based combat gameplay, many game modes and activities in the game to help players. Diversify the way to earn money in the game. Hopefully, through this article, you have gained more necessary information about the gameplay of Hero Arena.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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