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There are many features launched in the official version of Orbitau for players to experience and play for money. In this article, we will learn about the highlights of the Hero Orbitau system, namely the 5 Elemental Heroes; Detailed characteristics information of each Hero; Heroes upgrade feature and Information about the in-game NFT Eggs.

I’m Harry – Let’s learn from A to Z about Orbitau’s Heroes System!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn 5 Elemental Heroes: Ore, Forest, Earth, Ocean, and Ember.
  • Details of the characteristics of each Elemental Heroes and the story of the Kings representing each of the Elementals that players will take the role and battle in the game in PvE mode.
  • Learn about Upgrade Heroes: How to Upgrade Heroes, Equipment, and SoulStones.
  • Learn about what NFT Eggs are and the odds of them hatching Heroes of different Rarity.

1. Five Elemental Heroes in Orbitau

Although inspired by Norse mythology and the Seven Deadly Sins, Orbitau also incorporates Eastern Five Elements principles in the gameplay so that players can easily assemble a PvE battle lineup to upgrade as well as reasonable equipment for the Heroes.

  • Orbitau has 5 main elements: Ore, Forest, Earth, Ocean, and Ember
  • The contrast of the Elements: Forest counter Ore, Forest counter Earth, Earth counter Ocean, Ocean counter Ember, Ore counter Ember.
  • Countering stat: 25% (when meeting an enemy with an countering element, +-25% of Heroes’ strength)

5 heroes element in orbitau

2. Character information of each Elemental Heroes in Orbitau

In this game, the developer has built the Hero Orbitau system into 5 different types of elements including:

2.1 Monarch of Ore

monarch of ore

Heroes Ore, is a balanced solution for all lineups as it can be used to protect other types of Heroes, as well as deal damage to enemy Heroes, depending on the player’s formation and the strength of the opposing Heroes.

Due to their dual effectiveness in combat, Ore Heroes are quite popular and can be used for all strategies in Orbitau.

Ivory – King of the Kingdom of Ore

It would not be an exaggeration to call Ivory as the God of War because he always appeared with deadly weapons.

During the War, Ivory’s entire body was filled with powerful divine weapons that directly slaughtered other Elemental Heroes. It’s no surprise that Ore Elemental Heroes are the last Heroes to survive on the battlefield.


Boss Ivory Stage 10 Chapter 3

boss ivory stage 10 chapter 3

2.2 Monarch of Forest

monarch of forest

Forest Elemental Heroes possess high speed to avoid direct damage from the enemy and the ability to quickly recover from damage, quite useful in maintaining formation in teamfights with another team.

Daffodil – King of the Jungle

Legend has it that Daffodil is the only King who has never fought and still claims his absolute position in the respect of all the other Kings.

Daffodil – the only King with healing energy and a generous heart – thus won without a fight, cementing his place as a necessary force of nature.


Boss Daffodil Stage 10 Chapter 2

boss daffodil stage 10 chapter 2

2.3 Monarch of Earth

monarch of earth

Given their high energy levels and probability in their combat skills, Earth Elemental Heroes can be a good choice for a long battle strategy in Orbitau, despite their low damage.

Players who choose Earth Elemental Heroes will have high resistance and the ability to self-heal. As the source of all creation, the souls of the Heroes are given to the Earth Elemental God who is almost the most powerful.

Aaron – King of the Earth

At the end of the war in Heaven, Lucifer and hundreds of millions of fallen angels were banished from heaven and directly banished to hell. Together the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael created a powerful ban to imprison the rebels underground. Aaron has since been tasked with keeping the rioters at bay and serving as a permanent ban.

Over hundreds of thousands of years, Lucifer tried countless times to break the ban, but was defeated by Demonslayer’s Godshield – Aaron’s giant shield with the power to destroy any created weapon.


Boss Aaron Stage 10 Chapter 1

boss aaron stage 10 chapter 1

2.4 Monarch of Ocean

monarch of ocean

If you are looking for a Hero with high defense and attack, don’t forget the Heroes of the Ocean Element.

They possess High Level not only of Shield but also have good damage ability when attacking the enemy. The possibility that Heroes Ocean will become one of the most difficult characters to defeat in Orbitau battles.

Ginevra – King of the Ocean

Ginevra, the King who represents the power of the Water Element – embodies all seven oceans, and all the rivers and streams on the continent. During the tumultuous times of Creation, the King of the Oceans, along with the Kings of Light, Wind, Thunder, Fire, Earth, Jungle, and Earth Ore acted as one of the dark forces that exists in many universes.


Boss Ginevra Stage 10 Chapter 5

boss ginevra stage 10 chapter 5

2.5 Monarch of Ember

monarch of ember

The Fire Elemental Heroes will unleash the world’s greatest destructive power, causing everything to burn to ashes with his flames.

With high Damage and high Crit, they will become top fighters in all skirmishes.

However, due to the focus on attack, the energy and healing ability of Ember Heroes will be limited and players need to consider setting up auxiliary heroes to maximize the effectiveness of team combat and maintain win rate.

Kai – King of the Coal Kingdom

Ember – one of the few powerful Elements with the most violent outbursts proven to be necessary for the existence of the universe. Kai is Ginevra’s twin brother, the true embodiment of this Elemental.

Contrary to Ginevra’s gentleness and composure, Kai has always been known for his unruly, domineering and aggressive appearance. The appearance of Kai, clad in a dazzling cloak, frequently brings destruction to all creatures.


Boss Kai Stage 10 Chapter 4

boss kai stage 10 chapter 4

3. Upgrade Features of Hero Orbitau System 

You can strengthen Heroes by upgrading equipment, increasing power stats and increasing Stars (increasing stars will change the appearance of Heroes). The level of equipment cannot exceed the level of Heroes.

It will not be easy to defeat super powerful Bosses in intense battles. So we need to strengthen our Heroes.

Materials needed: SoulStone and $ORI are the ingredients needed for this process that can be earned by participating in PvE and daily quests.

Upgrade feature of the hero system in Orbitau

3.1. How to Upgrade Heroes

Step 1: Click on the “Heroes” button.

how to upgrade heroes in orbitau step 1

Step 2: Click “Level Up” at the bottom right (The number and Level of SoulStones required to upgrade depends on the Hero’s Level and Rarity).

how to upgrade heroes in orbitau step 2

Step 3: When you have enough levels to upgrade Stars, click “Rank Up”.

how to upgrade heroes in orbitau step 3

Step 4: On the pop-up screen will display detailed information about the upgraded Heroes for you to review, then you can click “Rank Up” to upgrade (the amount of $ORI and SoulStones to upgrade) will change according to the Hero’s Level and Rarity.

how to upgrade heroes in orbitau step 4

3.2. How to upgrade equipment – Upgrade Equipments

Step 1: Select the equipment you want to upgrade.

how to upgrade equipment in orbitau step 1

Step 2: When the pop-up appears, click “Level Up” (The amount and Level of Soulstone needed to upgrade depends on the level of the equipment. The level of the equipment cannot exceed the level of the hero)

Note: Locked equipment will be unlocked when Heroes are Upgraded.

3.3. How to upgrade SoulStones

Step 1: Click on “Inventory”

how to upgrade soulstones in orbitau step 1

Step 2: Select the type of SoulStones you want to upgrade.

how to upgrade soulstones in orbitau step 2

Step 3: Choose the amount of SoulStones upgrade by adjusting the combo bar made. 2 SoulStones of the same type when upgrading you will receive 1 new SoulStones with higher Level.

how to upgrade soulstones in orbitau step 3

Step 4: Click “Combine” and then “Congratulation” window will appear, click “Confirm” to complete.

how to upgrade soulstones in orbitau step 4

4. Eggs NFT

nft eggs

The Egg of the Elements is crystallized from a colossal core of energy with the ability to manipulate the forces of nature. To own a Myth, Legend or even Immortal level egg in Orbitau, players will need a lot of luck. When an egg hatches, you get a valuable NFT that any Orbitau player would love to have.

NFT eggs according to the hatching rate of the Elements:

hatch rate of egg elements nft

If you open a 5-Star Egg (Immortal), you are extremely lucky because:

  • Heroes 5 Stars has extremely high ROI: guaranteed payback within 48h.
  • Meanwhile, other types of Heroes have an average ROI of 15 – 28 days.

Based on the information about the basic features of the Hero Orbitau system provided by GameAZ, hopefully through this article you have gained knowledge about this NFT Game. Stay tuned for the next article on “Gameplay Mechanics and Game Modes” in Orbitau on GameAZ!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected] 

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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