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ASPO World is a Play-and-Earn game, in the style of magic cards. To help players understand the various monetization mechanisms in this game, here GameAZ will detail the ways “How to earn money in ASPO WORLD” with the simplest and easiest way.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z through this article!

1. Overview of how to earn money in the game

Players participate in P2E mode and other activities in ASPO World to receive $ASPO. The reward received can be bought/sell for profit.

2. How to earn money in ASPO World

2.1. Daily login in game

This is considered the easiest way to get tokens in ASPO World. With daily login, the game timer calculates in-game time and distributes prizes when certain milestones are reached.

The reward will include many items and, obviously, the $ASPO token, although the amount is not much. Players can get from 0.2-2 tokens/day.

2.1. Daily quests

Daily missions require players to complete different tasks and challenges to receive $ASPO.

Every day, players can get 8 $ASPO and many other valuable items. So work hard on your daily tasks!

2.2. Main quests

Main quest is also known as the plot quest. In this mode, players will take turns to challenge opponents who are NPCs. Each NPC will guard a gate, which comes with challenges that players need to overcome.

After completing all the levels, the player will receive a large reward of $ASPO token corresponding to each chapter. The amount of $ASPO received in each chapter will also vary.

2.3. Sub-quests

With the third way “how to earn money in ASPO WORLD”, U have to finish Sub-quest. Sub-quests include Training, Equipment Supplement, and Patrol.

In this mode, players need to take attendance to be rewarded with 0.2 $ASPO tokens per day. Particularly on Saturday, the reward received will be 0.5 tokens.

If the player takes attendance for a full 30 days, then at the end of the month, the reward will be 2 $ASPO tokens.

Other quests:

  • Map quests: Players will receive 0.05 tokens for choosing Easy maps and 0.1 tokens for Large maps.
  • Village guard quests: Players participate 30 times to get 1 token.

These quests will be reset every day and players can only enter a certain number of times.

2.3. Competition mode

This mode includes 4 main ways to play, namely Challenge, Ranked, Duel, and Fair Play.

Depending on the type of arena, the scoring, ranking rules and rewards will be different.

Each player will deposit 0.5 tokens for 1 challenge. The winner will receive the loser’s deposit after deducting the transaction fee.

People who climb the TOP server monthly/quarterly/yearly will be randomly drawn to receive rewards. The reward depends on the time. It can be stone, hero, or token.

2.4. Ranking

Through participating in the battle in the arena, players will be honored in the rankings if they meet the conditions.

Standing in the rankings will bring players a lot of ASPO tokens.

3. How to earn money outside the game

3.1. NFT

Certainly, with an NFT game, the trading of NFT items helps to generate great profits.

Players can go to the Marketplace to participate in the exchange of NFT items. There are currently 4 items that players can trade, namely Hero, Soul Fragment, Equipment, and Box.

3.2. The Lucky One

The Lucky One is a function of the game available on the Marketplace. Similar to the lottery, players can put up 100$ASPO for each ticket to try their luck.

The lucky person will receive a reward distributed from the token pools, starting with a minimum of 10,000 $ASPO tokens, and 20 consolation prizes worth 100 $ASPO each.

Results of the winners will be announced every Sunday.

3.3. Staking

Information about staking packages on the Marketplace.

This is a feature that allows players to deposit their tokens in return for a profit.

The game offers staking packages in the form of Box or Lucky charm. Each package will have a different Staking limit (the number of tokens players can put in).

Players can buy Box to enable the staking feature.

So, I have finished instruction on how to earn money in the game ASPO World from A to Z. Hope the above sharing will help readers in their investment process in the future.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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