[Basic] Infinite Arcade: Guide to Join & Check Tokens Earned in Scholarship

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Infinite Arcade is a blockchain platform built to launch the casual gaming industry into the metaverse. Infinite Arcade empowers players to Play & Earn from a wide range of games, and helps Guilds manage their teams with ease.

To unlock Play & Earn on any game, you need to own IA NFT on your wallet or link as a Scholar through the Scholarship program.

I’m Harry – let’s learn from A – Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • Detailed guide on how to participate in the Scholarship program through 6 steps:
    • Register to create a Guild on GAMONI via LINK
    • Register for GAMONI user via LINK
    • KYC and apply to join the Guild on the GAMONI system
    • Get a Scholarship account
    • Login wallet on PC/Phone
    • Connect your approved GAMONI wallet and play games on Infinite Arcade via https://hub.infinitearcade.com/games
  • Guide on how to check Earned Tokens via Control Center https://hub.infinitearcade.com

1. How to join the Scholarship

Step 1: Register for Guild to participate in Infinite Arcade games scholarship on GAMONI here (skip if you are not a CM)

how to join scholarship step 1

Step 2: Register for GAMONI user here (skip if you have successfully registered)

how to join scholarship step 2

Step 3: Successful KYC and apply to join Guild on GAMONI system here (skip if you have completed these steps)

Step 4: Get a Scholarship account

  • After 3 days from the time when CM agrees the player to become a member of the Guild on GAMoni, the player will receive the NFT character.
  • After receiving the NFT character, the player can start playing the game and earn Token.

Step 5: Login to NFT-attached wallet


  • Go to your GAMONI/Dashboard/Guilds/Game Account to get the Private Key.

how to join scholarship step 5

  • Login to Metamask Wallet
  • In the Import Account section, enter the Private Key

go to import account

enter private key

On the phone

  • Go to your GAMONI/Dashboard/Guilds/Game Account to get the Private Key.

get private key from phone

  • Login to Metamask Wallet
  • Go to Wallet/Import Account, enter Private Key

access to wallet

choose import on account

Step 6: Connect GAMONI wallet with NFTs and play INFINITE ARCADE games to earn Token

Download games on Infinite Arcade’s list at the following link: https://hub.infinitearcade.com/games

how to join scholarship step 6

  • Choose the right version for your device and download it
  • After downloading the game, the User finds and clicks on the game icon on his device.

finished downloading the game

  • Select the IA icon

select the ia icon

  • Click on Your Wallet

choose your wallet

  • Typical games and how to play see here
  • Select Connect in the screen with wallet

choose connect with wallet

  • After the screen navigates to the game, select the NFT provided in the Select Profile Image section.
  • Note:
  • This NFT is only available in Infinite Arcade Games (not in the GAMONI issued wallet).
  • User’s GAMONI Wallet (NFT-linked) only uses NFT in the game but does not own it, so it cannot be used for exchanging or trading.

successful link wallet

Screen of NFTs issued to GAMONI Wallet

screen is granted by nft

Screen of Ingame connection

  • Click Close and start playing to earn TIC (token)
  • Scholars have 120 minutes of play per day. Tokens earned and remaining playing time will be displayed as shown in the image. This playtime will be reset every day at 00:00 UTC (7am Vietnam time)
  • Token: TIC is a token in the game IA and can not be used in the game. So there will be no cases where users can sell or lose the amount of tokens they have earned.

Contract: https://thebittimes.com/token-TIC-POLY-0x46ab9e9153446d4016bcc3b6d4f6920d8b24e434.html



  • Users can play Infinite Arcade games on multiple devices (not recommended as errors may occur).
  • When connecting Metamask Wallet on iOS devices, it is not possible to open the connection between the wallet and IA’s game when using Safari browser (only using Chrome).

2. How to check Earned Tokens

Currently, the IA game has a daily $TIC withdrawal mechanism. So, when logging in, the gamer will not see the amount of $TIC earned in the previous day. To be able to track this TIC number and calculate the daily Reward, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to https://hub.infinitearcade.com/wallet-connect to connect the wallet

check the number of tokens da earned step 1

Step 2: Select the wallet you want to connect and click “Next

check the number of tokens da earned step 2

Step 3: Click “Connect” to continue and then select “Sign” to complete the wallet connection.

check the number of tokens da earned step 3

check the number of tokens da earned step 3

Step 4: The green checkmark indicates that the wallet has been connected successfully.

check the number of tokens da earned step 4

Step 5: Click on “Reports

check the number of tokens da earned step 5

As we can see in the picture, 0.06 TIC is a valid TIC number since the account started earning.

earn history

2.1 Conditions of Claim token

  • The time from the first earn token until the withdrawal is eligible for at least 14 days.
  • Total amount of tokens (TIC) after the split can be withdrawn is >=150 TIC
  • In the picture below, 108.65 TIC has been earned after sharing (50% share to DEV; 50% to GAMONI wallet) but it is not valid and must take a full day to become valid.

conditions for claiming tokens

2.2 Claim time

  • When the “Claim conditions” are met, after T+3 days (excluding Saturday – Sun), users will receive the token divided by % to his personal wallet.
  • The User’s personal wallet will be based on the Wallet information entered according to the account on GAMONI.net

2.3 Formula to calculate Token (TIC) received by User

TIC received by user  = (Total valid TICs X2 ) *40%

As in the picture above, on July 1, the player earns 14.62 TIC, then on July 15, this TIC number will be counted as a valid TIC. Next, July 2nd will be counted on July 16th,… So when there are enough valid TICs of 150, you will be able to withdraw.

Note: You must add the $TIC token to your wallet to know if you have received your salary!

Contract token $TIC (Polygon): 0x46ab9e9153446d4016bcc3b6d4f6920d8b24e434

Above are the steps for players to participate as well as to check the number of tokens earned in the Scholarship for this Infinite Arcade platform. Hopefully this will help newcomers not be surprised when getting acquainted with this platform and don’t forget Follow the next articles of GameAZ to learn more about Infinite Arcade.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or project ideas, please email: [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information on this Website is provided as an overview of the market and does not constitute financial advice. GameAZ encourages you to do more research before deciding to invest.

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