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After a detailed review of Golden Bros, this article GameAz will explain the details of the Golds Bros character system in the most detail.

I’m Drake, let’s learn from A to Z!

Key Takeaways:

  • System of 8 characters with different highlights.
  • Explain detailed biographies and skills of each character including: Basic Attack, Dodge and Ultimate.

golden bros

1. Gregory

He is the boss of the largest criminal organization operating in Liverpool.


  • Basic Attack: Fires 3 bullets in a row.
  • Dodge: Dashes to the front and is immune for the duration of the cast.
  • Ultimate Skill: Rushes towards the enemy dealing massive damage.


2. Lady Thunder

As the queen of bars, Lady Thunder can attract everyone around her.


  • Basic Attack: Creates a chain attack on enemies in range. The attack will link and affect enemies in the radius, each link equals 10% damage.
  • Dodge: Dashes forward, immune to damage while dashing.
  • Ultimate: Creates a storm of charge from the cannon and deals damage to nearby enemies.

Lady Thunder

3. Margaret

She used to be a police officer; but because she didn’t get a promotion after a long time, she turned to detective.


  • Basic Attack: Fires a large bullet forward, enemies will be immobilized for 3 seconds if hit by 3 bullets in a row.
  • Dodge: Dashes and shoot 3 bullets backwards.
  • Ultimate: Unleashes a wide area attack with a drone that increases allied attack speed and slows enemies in the area.


4. Master Kung

Master Kung is the son of a Kung Fu champion, so his main strength is martial arts.


  • Basic Attack: Moves forward and deals 2 consecutive attacks.
  • Dodge: Moves and changes direction. Enemies will be pulled closer at the end of the spell.
  • Ultimate: Has a powerful slam that deals massive damage.

Master Kung

5. Braine Newey

As an ordinary engineering student, he creates golden ducks with his technique.


  • Basic Attack: Fires 1 bullet to the front, every 5 attacks will summon a Duck Tower.
  • Dodge: Dashes forward and is immune for that time.
  • Ultimate Skill: Creates a giant tower to attack enemies

Braine Newey

6. Sugar Sugar

Combination of his natural ability, hard work and passion for football has earned him a reputation as the best player.


  • Basic Attack: Fires 4 projectiles forward that fly through low terrain and deal damage in an area.
  • Dodge: Dashes forwards and knocks enemies back and stuns them.
  • Ultimate: Marks with a ball touch and stun nearby enemies

Sugar Sugar

7. Shooting Star CZK

She was an archer before debuting as a K-pop idol.


  • Basic Attack: Fires 1 projectile forward, the bullet can change the direction of the target 1 time.
  • Dodge: Creates a barrier in the current position. Barrier removes nearby projectiles.
  • Ultimate: Fires a blazing laser arrow with super-long range. This laser arrow can penetrate walls and deal damage

Shooting Star K

8. Jennifer

Her athletic skills are so impressive that she is known worldwide as the best gymnast.


  • Basic Attack: Fires 2 projectiles in front.
  • Dodge: Dashes forward, immune to damage while dashing.
  • Ultimate: Quickly fires the weapon from her position. Gain a barrier when she starts to attack.


Above, GameAZ has reviewed for you about the Golden Bros character system with champions with different strengths to help you choose according to your preferences to win the game. Hope this information will be useful to everyone.

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