[101] Gods Unchained: Basic Features

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Gods Unchained is an NFT card game. Players can earn extra money by selling cards in the form of NFT that the player earns during the game. Gods Unchained allows players to experience the game for free, before spending money on this game.

I’m Steven – Let’s learn from A to Z about the basic features of Gods Unchained!

Key Takeaways:

  • The basic functions to grasp when playing the game are how to trade NFTs and buy/sell in-game goods.

  • The highlight of the project is that players can Forge (Forge-Mint) new NFT items and use them for in-game purposes or trade on the marketplace for profit.

1. Start playing and trading must craft NFT

Forging in Gods Unchained is a feature that players can use to mint new NFT items, which can be used to participate in the game or trade in the financial markets.

Essentially, the player owns two identical cards (non-NFT cards) to combine them together and create a Meteorite version of that card, which is a process that mixes content into Immutable L, creating a new card with real world value.

In the future, the project plans to introduce further upgrades to the process, providing options for creating more types of NFTs.

2. Participants can buy goods

The Shop of Gods Unchained is an important trading place that contributes to the diversity of the ecosystem of cards. These tokens will be traded on the Marketplace through Immutable X’s Layer 2 technology.

Trades/transaction fees are made, then GODS Tokens will go to the Staking Reward Pools, where they will be passed on to all eligible active Staking users.

Based on information about the basic features of Gods Unchained provided by GameAZ, hopefully through this article you will have a more general view of Gods Unchained.

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